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  • If I had to put money on it my guess would be that the only character 'most people' know in Spiderman, is Spiderman.

    I mean I'm sure if you're into the movies you probably remember him from Spiderman 3 and most Marvel fans will obviously know the character - but at the same time I reckon I know a whole lot of people that I could ring up and ask them to name a villain, his girlfriend, or his aunt, and they probably wouldn't be able to do it. But we do tend to assume that stuff we like is better known than we think it is (it's why setting a quiz, especially a music quiz, can be difficult - it's really easy to make it too hard).

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    • I hear you with music, because there is good music, and great music, and some ok music, then there is complete shot called Country music.

      BUUUUUUT, I still cannot believe that they are giving Venom his own movie without Spidey. That is just wrong. It is like making a Batman origin without a killing his parents, or Superman without destroying Krypton, or Spider-Man without him getting bit by a spider. Venom was part of Spider-Man prior to becoming attached to Brock.


      • I think part of the issue is they already did the Venom story pretty poorly in that third spider-man movie and sony at this point wants to make a bunch of movies about Spidey characters but not another Spidey/Venom movie. It's also pretty easy to take an alien symboite and make it so its contained in a lab and doesn't just show up on Spider-Man like in the comics.


        • I completely agree that making venom a self contained Alien Symbiote, or a medical/military experiment gone wrong is easy to do, but that changes almost everything about Venom.

          What if Bruce Wayne's parents were strangled, not shot, would Batman then use guns?
          What if Superman landed in NY and not Kansas, would he still be a big blue boy scout, or would he be an asshole like Batman (an the rest of us New Yorkers)? (Or in Russia like in Red Son)
          What if instead of the spider being radiated it was another insect?

          See my point? it is easy to adapt and change the history, like Marvel did with Guardians of the Galaxy b/c they were all very minor players in the comic book world, but Venom is one of the top villains of all time, and Spidey's #1 villain (maybe #2 to Norman Osbourne). Venom ranks with the Joker, Luthor, and Magneto, and they changed his origin. The movie probably will be good, and entertaining, but I hate when they really deviate from the source material.
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          • No, I get the point and I would prefer a Venom origin a little bit closer to the source material. Its not something that keeps me from the movie though. As long as its a good story. The origin for me just doesn't hold impact anymore because Venom is never going to be that again.. so while its unfortunte, its something i can live with. You can't.


            • Kind of a shame they went with Brock instead of Flash Thompson. Could’ve gone Agent Venom and then we wouldn’t really need to argue about the origin or Spidey not being around.


              • Flash never had the symbiote though, right?


                • Given to him after he lost his legs in the Iraq War.


                  • Ok.. had no idea.


                    • Captain Marvel trailer is out. Looks like Marvel/Disney is about to start printing money yet again.


                      • Very intrigued by Captain Marvel. I know absolutely nothing about the character and want to go into it cold this time. I did some reading around Black Panther and Guardians, who I also knew nothing about. But I really like the idea of heading into one of these films with a blank slate. Also, the trailer won me over with the first shot of a Blockbuster video store! Man, the nostalgia there! Hopefully CGI'ing Jackson's face won't prove distracting. I am a little worried about that one.


                        • Saw Daredevil S3 trailer this morning. Looks like they’ve managed to take it even darker than the first two seasons.



                            The movie was good and entertaining. It was not light and fun like Deadpool or the MCU, but it had humor. They got most of Venom's origin correct with the entire LACK IF F'N SPIDER-MAN!!!! Also they made Eddie Brock, the stereotypical High School bully, turned into adult bully (which is THE reason that Venom finds it's true host with Brock) into a whiny, down on his luck loser who is a underlying nice guy who constantly makes poor life choices and can't get out of his own way.

                            I know I am usually overly hard on comic book movies/shows with their changes to the source material, but this one, to me is unforgivable. Venom and Eddie Brock are HUGE parts of Spider-man's history, and Fox threw that out the window.

                            The movie was fun, but very disappointing to this comic book fan.

                            Secondly, they showed a Captain Marvel trailer before the movie, and I have one gripe about it. The MCU has been really, really good about continuity and references to its own history throughout its entire 10 year, 20 film universe.

                            Now with the Captain Marvel trailer, we see a young Nick Fury clearly interacting and helping Capt. Marvel, fine, no problem. I have absolutely no issue with this, EXCEPT that in the Avengers, when Fury was questioned by Stark, Banner and Rogers about his development about the Phase 2 weapons he states it was because of Thor. see below

                            Bruce Banner: I'd like to know why SHIELD is using the Tesseract to build weapons of mass destruction.

                            Nick Fury: Because of him!

                            [points at Thor]

                            Thor: Me?

                            Nick Fury: Last year, Earth had a visit from another planet that had a grudge match that leveled a small town. We learned that only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously outgunned.

                            Thor: My people want nothing but peace with your planet!

                            Nick Fury: But you're not the only ones out there, are you? And you're not the only threat. The world is filling up with people that can't be matched, that can't be controlled!

                            Steve Rogers: Like you control the cube?
                            In this dialogue, we (the Audience) learn that SHIELD and Fury learn about Alien life from Thor's first visit to Earth. Now if almost 20 years earlier Fury had met/helped/trained Captain Marvel, and we see what she is capable of in the trailer, why would't SHIELD have learned about aliens then and have been making weapons in the 20 years since her visit? Why wouldn't SHIELD have called in Marvel when Loki attacked in Thor and then in the Avengers with the Chitauri, or in Ultorn to help out with Ulton?

                            Seems to me that if an Alien (Loki) is summoning an Alien army and leveling New York, he would have called Marvel to help.

                            The MCU, as I said, has been really good with its continuity, but this is a HUGE hole. The weapons comment in Avengers indicating that he had no idea about aliens prior to THOR makes no sense as of right now.
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                            • Just a theory, but maybe Captain Marvel is able to contain the Skrulls/Kree/whomever and keep them in space. Fury has no reason to suspect of any future attack on Earth because of Carol keeping things out there. Or maybe... Fury just shows up in the beginning while Carol is still an Air Force pilot and has no idea she ends up in space later. Just spit balling random thoughts... surely at this point, Marvel knows to go back and review everything before continuing with a new story so as not to contradict things. (Although... Guardians 1 claims Gamorra was the only survivor of her planet whereas IW states Thanos only killed half. So maybe they do let things slide through unnoticed.


                              • Regardless of keeping the Kree in space SHIELD had to know about aliens prior to THOR.

                                Also I completely forgot that Agents of SHIELD is cannon, and they had Colson being healed/brought back to life by a [dead] Kree. So SHIELD knew about aliens because they had some.