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  • That’s kind of what I was getting at. Since both those movies had been announced for in between Avengers 3 & 4, those characters shouldn’t have been dusted. Showing the trailer doesn’t spoil anything about End Game; it was already spoiled by announcing those movies ahead of time.


    • Wasn't a big fan of the trailer cause I feel Spider-man is being treated poorly as a superhero all to fit in the MCU the way they want. Homecoming I enjoyed but Spider-man is my favorite Marvel Character and don't like how it seems like he needs a mentor figure not just Homecoming but this too.. Have never agreed with the Tony Stark angle although admittdly it has its good moments.

      Also, Mysterio is clearly pulling a ruse on Spider-man but hopefully he doesn't actually have mystic powers. Kinda kills the character imo.


      • Originally posted by meandi
        That’s kind of what I was getting at. Since both those movies had been announced for in between Avengers 3 & 4, those characters shouldn’t have been dusted. Showing the trailer doesn’t spoil anything about End Game; it was already spoiled by announcing those movies ahead of time.
        Or they could just play along. We all know he'll be back but it'd be fun to play along. Does this movie need to be advertised right now for people to see it? Probably not.


        • Just finished episode 3 of Punisher S2. It’s fucking great. There’s humor. There’s a few tear jerking scenes. Lots of violence and wtfuck moments. Y’all need to get on this ASAP.


          • I concur. I also just watched ep 3 I think it is better than season 1.


            • It’s definitely better than season 1 so far. I made it through six episodes last night and will probably finish up tonight. Funny how all the shows are putting out their best seasons just to get cancelled a month later. Disney streaming needs to hurry up and be a thing so they can revive the street level heroes.


              • I heard that all the Netflix shows are not getting revived on Disney.

                I am on ep 7...and man they put so much into each episode.


                • Can’t see why they wouldn’t, though. If anything, it could open the door to even more shows, I would think.


                  • I agree...but according to the reports I read, they are done.

                    Unless it s all a ruse while they work out the rights and payment.


                    • I think it’s over for them too, unfortunately. It’s nice to hold out hope but at this point it seems the contract stuff won’t let it happen.


                      • I finished Punisher season 2 last night. Holy shit, best season of a Marvel Netflix show to date.


                        • Something came through my facebook or instagram or whatever earlier, and it was talking about the "real reason the netflix shows are getting cancelled". Of course, I clicked on the whole "show me more" banner. Apparently, with each passing season, the scores are getting lower and lower, plus there's less and less overall feedback on the shows. (With the exception of Iron Fist S2... which supposedly got a higher rating than S1, although less feeback...) Me being the half-drunk fucker that I am... I decided to start crunching numbers. I went to the most trusty IMDB. ('Cause I also ran the numbers against Rotten Tomatoes. Which is where this initial data came from.) Apparently, each season has been getting worse and worse reviews. (A few exceptions, though...) My findings after referring to both web pages and crunching my own numbers...

                          As far as DareDevil goes on IMDB... each season has increased in ratings. S1 did 8.89/10, S2 did 9.05/10, and S3 did 9.16/10. Funny thing, though... overall reviewers went WAY down. 94,091 (7,238 average/episode) S1. 78,498 (6,038/episode) for S2. 49,255 (3,789/episode for S3.) Seems casuals slowly faded out while the die-hard fans stayed around. This isn't the only time we'll see this. Rotten Tomatoes had S1 at: 96% (8159 reviews) for the audience and 99% with 70 reviews for the Tomotameter. S2 was 94% (6510 reviews) for the audience and only a paltry 80% with 55 reviews for the Tomotameter. S3 bounced back in both catagories... 95% (2457 reviews) for the audience and 96% Tomatometer with 55 reviews.

                          Moving on to Jessica Jones.... according to IMDB, the average episode of S1 was a respectable 8.52 (with an average of 4228 reviewers per episode.) You can already see a loss of 3000 people on average between S1 of DD and S1 of JJ. Why? DD was awesome... JJ is building up to be a bad-ass chick. Why the disparity? Who knows? I actually liked JJ S1more than DD S1. That's just me, though...

                          Jess Jones S2 did no favors for her inaugral season, though. According to the numbers on IMDB, S2 dropped to a 7.95 (with an average of 1920 reviews per episode.) Only the 11th episode managed to score better overall than any other episode versus S1. (According to IMDB)

                          Let's look at Rotten Tomatoes... Audience S1- 89% (6754 reviews on average per show)
                          Tomatometer: 93% (75 reviews)

                          Audience S2- 67% (1627 reviews on average per show)
                          Tomatometer: 83% (78 reviews)

                          So... the critics didn't hate the shift from season 1 to season 2 of Jessica Jones nearly as much as the masses.

                          Moving onto Luke Cage... in S1 he averaged an overall score on IMDB of 8.18 with a total of 35,757 reviews. (That averages to 2751 reviews per episode. I can break down that statistic for you later if you so desire.) In S2, the overall score drops to 7.7 with 1199 reviews. My personal opinion... Cage S2 was better than S1. Apparently people don't agree with me. Funny thing about Cage S2... the highest rated episode according to IMDB is episode 10... where one Danny Rand shows up. More on him in just a moment, though.

                          Rottentomatoes gave Cage S1 a 76% (with 2357 reviews) audience score, and a 94% tomatometer score. S2 got a 69% (with 986 reviews) audience score with a 84% tomatometer score. I personally don't agree with either of those. Cage S1 was great... S2 was way better. (Especially when he took over the club and stood in front of the portrait of Biggie with the crown...)

                          And now... Danny. Other than the final entry in this long ass post that my drunk ass is typing... Danny has been my favorite so far. (As far as the individual entries go... there is a reason I skipped The Defenders. Also, a reason I'm skipping The Punisher completely... 1) he doesn't really fit into this universe according to the writers/directors/Jon Bernthal and 2) this shit is way too long already) Danny Rand is a man without a home. He thought he knew what life was, and then it was ripped away from him and he had to learn a new life. However... he always knew there was something calling him back to a previous life. A life he <somewhat> remembered... but was never quite sure about. The end of S2 left us wondering why he had the guns summoning the "iron fist"...however, some data points....

                          Iron Fist S1 got a 7.82 on IMDB. Pretty acceptable, yet it was only out of an average of 2651 reviews. S2 (even though it was soooo much better) only got an average of 7.80 on IMDB with only 890 votes. Iron Fist has constantly been criticized as the worst show. Yet, according to RottenTomatoes, it's the only show to actually rise among the critics from S1 to S2. Rotten Tomato scores are S1: 19%; S2: 57%.

                          With all this said... um... typed... I always thought the Netflix shows were doing tremendous ratings despite some of their flaws. Especially the sequels that always seemed to come harder than the original season. Maybe these numbers are the real reason they're getting killed off and not just my belief it's all a big ordeal to get them to the Disney streaming service.

                          PS.... The Punisher dropped in RT, but slightly rose in IMDB from S1 to S2. But according to my stats, the reviews are way less than 1/4 of S1 thus far. (Which makes sense seeing as how S2 just came out a week or so ago.)


                          • Sounds like you guys were expecting it but the last Marvel shows on Netflix have officially been cancelled.

                            "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."


                            • Odd that they went ahead and announced Jess Jones being cancelled, though. They’ve been waiting about 6-8 weeks after releasing the latest season to announce the cancellations. Almost had me worried that S3 of JJ was just being scrapped entirely, but it’s apparently still on, and according to Kristen Ritter, she’s very excited for everybody to see how it ends.


                              • Maybe they will give it an actual ending since they announced it beforehand.

                                Also, the initial reviews for Captain Marvel seem to be fantastic.