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    Last two pieces. Back was end of last year, chest was end of 2019. Torso is almost done probably do a big Cthulhu on my stomach with some filler to close out the ribs

    Also have both arms sleeved, left arm is mostly old Paul Booth flash with some original filler that I pieced together starting when I was young. Right arm is all color Ghostbusters themed though original artist busted the faces and ended up finishing it with current guy. I have the sun and moon from the Ouija board on my hands, Vita and Mors on my knuckles. My uncle’s nickname on my throat. Type O Negative’s logo on the side of my neck.

    Legs are each about 80% covered from knee done. Left is random black and grey with a lot of original art from when a friend was working on his apprenticeship. Right leg is color Legend of Zelda pieces with a large Ninja Turtle tattoo on my right thigh.

    Yeah I have 1 or 2
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      Very nice, knoM! Which one(s) were the higher on a pain scale to you? I've been finding that what I've read online or heard from some people hasn't really held true for me at all (pain scale wise). So I'm always curious about other people's actual experience.

      I finally had my right hand done on Friday (fingers and top of hand)


      So far, the wrists and fingers were mostly a minor sting/burn sensation, but I wouldn't really call it 'painful' at all. The work directly on the knuckles of the fingers though were a bit sensitive, but again, not really on the pain scale. Not sure if I'm just super weird and have a higher tolerance of pain, but I am sure that others wouldn't call hand/wrists tattoos very painful either.
      All the others on my arms, front of shoulder and back of shoulder/upper back were a negative on the pain scale; they didn't bother me at all
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        Yeah to me I haven’t been bothered by some of the places that seem to be the “classic” painful areas. Elbows were nothing special. Chest had a few small areas near clavicle but wasn’t really to me wasn’t on a different level from most areas. Back probably surprised me the most. I feel asleep through most of my back sessions. Shins didn’t phase me either.

        For me the areas that got my attention were mostly the ditches. The knee ditch on the back of the leg. Arm ditch on my left arm. Which generally speaking I have noticed left vs right is not the same for me. For example right arm ditch didn’t do a thing. I would also say arm pit. I don’t even have my arm pits done but both of my sleeves have lines that crept into there and I definitely felt it.

        Curios about next tattoo as it’ll very likely be filling in my stomach. Been told a few times it can be rough for some people.

        I will co-sign wrists. Not so much painful but definitely as you said a burning sensation. For some reason my wrists both swelled like crazy after getting tattooed. That same burning feeling was how the side of my neck felt as well.

        Generally speaking I sit pretty well for tattoos but as I have gotten older really not trying to sit longer than 4 hours in one session. I usually end up doing back to back days to get 6-8 hours rather than a marathon session.
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          Additions to my Doctor Seuss homage on my arm. Now with Lorax and Sneetches. Going in to do some fill this Friday.
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            Just got this done yesterday. My wife has a rare disease, and the Peacock is the symbol of the fight against rare diseases. So I got this to honor her.IMG_2873.jpg


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