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    You guys all have excellent tats. I especially dig Oli's colourful ones and T.O's floral ones.

    T.O. if you do like floral tats you may be interested in this blokes story:

    He is an older fella who has got a full body suit of Australian native flowers. He is actually planning on donating his skin to the National Museum once he dies.

    As for me, I have two, one is quite small and I don't actually have a photo but it is just some Dwavirsh Runes of my wife's name.

    The bigger one is this on my forearm:

    It's the Tree of Gondor from Lord of the Rings. Not the most original thing I know but very symbolic and meaningful to me.
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      You need to upload the photo to the board since your Instagram is private


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        Tattoo 12 done 2 days ago. It's an homage to my favorite movie ever and a major inspiration or catalyst for my transition.
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          This is hard to tell apart from the one that was already there, but started to fill in the gaps on my floral sleeve on my left arm. Just the elbow and upper arm left to go:

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            TO those are awesome!

            Nice Elle Woods.


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              17 days of healing time so far and here are the new tats; these ones are for my boy who died on May 4th - Pictures taken over a fuzzy cat belly

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                Most of mine are book references. This one pic has The Sigil of The Crimson King from The Dark Tower, The Blade Itself which is a double reference for Homer / Joe Abercrombie. The Dark Mark on my thumb which i might get covered since Rowling is crazy now.

                Some of ya will know what the CoLD is for.

                Cthulhu on the knee

                Smaug on my tits.
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                  Got some new ink yesterday afternoon... because, why not!



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                    Finished my left arm sleeve a few weeks ago. Now just need to finish the right arm...Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 4.15.11 PM.png
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                      More new ink yesterday. I let my tattoo guy decide and design this one since I've loved every piece he's done for me, just said I wanted a mandala

                      It's on my left upper arm



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                        My latest. I go back in a month to fill in a background for it:

                        Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 7.27.49 PM.png


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                          Looks great T.O.!

                          We came out of lockdown finally on the 19th, so I took the opportunity last week to get 7 new piercings to bring me to a total of 17

                          The new ones in this pic are the Flat, 3 Helix, the Conch, and the 3rd Lobe piercing


                          My right ear already had 2 Lobe piercings, 1 Conch, 3 Helix, and I had the 3rd Lobe added. I also have 2 piercings in my right nostril.


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                            Thanks! I want to get another piercing somewhere, but I have no clue where. So that's no help, lol.

                            I do have my next tattoo lined up already though: a tattoo of Prince. Almost feels like a prerequisite for being Minnesotan. Once that's done, I just fill in empty spaces on the right arm, then both sleeves are complete.


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                              And another one...

                              Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 8.02.22 PM.png
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                                Very nice TO

                                We're still in lockdown number 400234345 in Ontario, so unfortunately our tattoo shops are closed. I had an appt for May 17th, but we (currently) don't open back up again until at least the 20th. On a good note, I have an appt on Friday morning to get my first microchip... I mean covid vaccine