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  • Show me your Tats!

    (and piercings)

    It's an 'a' not an 'i'.. well unless you have piercings or tattoos on your chest I guess

    It's too quiet in The Hub.. get posting!

    Admittedly, I'm a weird old woman who thinks piercings and tattoos are art, and love seeing what people have.

    So show 'em.. if you can

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    I have ten, with more to come. Lemme see if I can fit them all in here...

    Wait I'm dumb. I can't seem to upload images here. Did they change things?

    EDIT: Never mind, they just changed how they show up. Ah well.

    Well I got them all uploaded, I THINK in reverse order. I ain't gonna go back and reorder them if so, I was too dumb to figure it out the first time.

    My left arm is a floral sleeve in progress, and my right arm is one with symbols regarding my gender identity and personal struggles. The small rose was on my back, my first one. To see if I could handle the pain of a tattoo. Dumb idea to have your first one on your damn spine.
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      Man, I suck at this suddenly.

      Maybe this one can show the placement on quite a few of them. I don't care about hiding my face any more...
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        Good stuff TO. I must say it's weird to remember who I posted with a decade ago, and the person you are today. But while you're a more obvious physically different person, we are all different from who we were 10-15 years ago.


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          Thank you. Well, two years on HRT will change anyone, ha.


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            Very nice!
            Colours seem to look great on others, but I don't actually like them on myself. I have 2 coverups that were done with the newest works I've had lately that were colour as I'm moving all to just blacks/greys/white. The largest would be my half sleeve done in sections.
            I have another 4 hourish session tomorrow to do the top of my left forearm from the back of my hand to my elbow, so I'll try to post that after it's wrapped


            And some piercings.. I have 10 currently - 6 in my right ear, 2 in my left (for now) and 2 in my left nostril. I have another 6 planned (getting them all done at once) in my left ear (forward helix x2, conch x2, helix x2)

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              I have my ears pierced. I had a navel piercing but my body rejected it.


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                Other than the nostril piercings, I've only wanted to have a variety of piercings in my ears. I always have these terrible thoughts of jewellery getting caught on things and ripping out :/


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                  It's funny. Fifteen years ago I would never say I'd end up with the tattoos I have now. I used to be SUPER conservative about my appearance. But I met my artist through my hair stylist, and he's done everything on me but the ear piercings. His work is awesome.

                  I tell myself I'll stop when my arm sleeves are done, but I question whether or not that's true.


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                    I honestly can't say when I'll be done because I'm always planning the next one in the days/weeks up to the latest appointments.

                    The owner does all the piercings at the shop I go to, and he did the initial back piece/cats (which was 4 hour session #1 for the half sleeve), but all the rest has been done by one of the artists there who I continue to book with. I just send him a message on Instagram at this point and he books me in. I'm there enough that they tell people I'm their 'regular'


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                      All in all I've spent probably almost 4 grand on these, including tips. Money well spent.

                      A coworker keeps asking me what my futire children will think of them. Ha, I don't care if this is TMI, but hormone therapy has made me sterile, and I hate kids anyways.


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                        I don't understand why people ask questions like that.

                        I raised my kids, put myself last all those years, and now that they are grown and on their own, it's Mom's turn!

                        I'm an old woman getting tattoos and piercings, so in my view, who gives a *uck what anyone else thinks, I'm doing this all for me.

                        Keep doing what's making you happy


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                          I have a small one planned for next week. A hummingbird to mix into the floral sleeve. Need to start filling gaps on that arm. Probably 65-70% done. A good 60-70% left to go on the other arm, though.

                          My bedroom is a GD mess but fuck it. This shows the space left to fill on the left arm.
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                            I told my regular artist to start something of her own design and creativity to turn the arm into a sleeve. My appointment is late March, so I have no idea what it'll be, but I'll post pics once it's done.

                            Be you TO. Be you KrazE. People who ask those questions generally don't understand you enough to know why the answer won't matter.


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                              Today's long session complete

                              Fresh outta the shop and bandaged.