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  • LOP Columns Hall of Fame Induction- Maverick

    Hello and welcome to another addition of the LOP Column’s Forum Hall of Fame! My name is anonymous and I’d tell you a bit more about myself but that would make my name meaningless. Plus, this isn’t about me. This is about our latest exciting inductee into the Hall of Fame.

    Today’s inductee is someone who has been part of LOP since 2012 so is a relatively newbie to the forums. But he made a huge impact in both writing and with The Right Side of the Pond and fully deserves his place. His excellent Main Page stint, combined with his work within the Column’s Forum means I’m delighted to announce Maverick as the latest inductee. And obviously, I couldn’t induct Maverick without discussing his induction with some of his colleagues on The Right Side of the Pond so here’s a brief tribute from Shinobi:

    Originally posted by Shinobi
    There aren't many gaps in the Hall of Fame now; although he's only been around since 2012 (which, as it turns out, is a bloody long time now) Maverick has always felt like a question of when and not if. From earnest beginnings as Plan Jr., he has risen through the ranks to become a true legend of the CF. There is no one outside of the Hall of Fame who deserves this more, so congratulations sir.
    This referring to Maverick as “Plan Jr” came up in quite a few of my conversations and it’s a label that could be seen as an insult or a compliment. What it does do though, is pay testament to the writing ability of the man. With that in mind, it seemed fitting that when I asked who wanted to induct Maverick, it was ‘Plan who rushed at the opportunity. However, before we get to the main induction, it would be wrong leave out the final Ponder from having his say on the induction.

    Originally posted by Mazza
    This will probably never see the light of day, however when the words "Plan" and "induction speech" go together it sets off alarm bells and it is always good to have a backup plan. You know, a plan B. Or a Plan Jr if you prefer. Welcome to club. I've been waiting for this for a while. Mainly because I've needed someone to sit between me and Plan. Joey's meant to be in here somewhere but he has clearly had enough of our crap! I wonder who this makes us in wrestling terms. Evolution still not anywhere near us. The Kliq aren't even there yet. Maybe we can be the Heenan Family. Andre, Flair, Rude and Hennig would be good. That might be wishful thinking though. Let's settle on the Dream Team from Survivor Series 90 (bagsy not Koko). Anyway, congratulations. Certainly well deserved and this was definitely in the post. Enjoy my friend!
    Thanks for that Mazza. I’d like to echo the words that this is richly deserved. I must admit I would consider the J.O.B. Squad a more fitting comparison given the people involved. Joey would be Holly, Mazza would be Al Snow, 'Plan would naturally be The Blue Meanie which I guess makes Maverick Gillberg? Maybe not...

    So doing the main induction is everyone’s second favourite book publishing LOP Hall of Famer He’s one of the people who knows Maverick best and has worked with him many times over the years. So over to ‘Plan.

    Originally posted by Samuel Plan
    Back in 2014, Mazza became the first Ponder to be inducted into the Lords of Pain Columns Hall of Fame. I followed shortly afterwards, a member of that same class of inductees. Two years later, it was my honour to induct our third Ponder: Joey Shinobi.

    Gentlemen, today we finally complete the set.

    I should say first of all that I am immensely grateful for having the opportunity to induct my good friend, Maverick, into the Column Writing Hall of Fame here at Lords of Pain. Secretly, it has been something I have long held out hope I would be able to do, because I knew the day Mav would go in was inevitable and I knew I desperately wanted the opportunity to wax lyrical about this intelligent, witty, talented and compassionate man I have found myself lucky enough to call a friend in life. I am sure anonymous will tell you just how eagerly I snatched the opportunity.

    Maverick came to the Forums in 2012, a prominent member of a group of writers that all debuted within months of one another. He was an immediate standout from the pack, and that the group of writers he was standing out from was each immensely talented in their own right speaks to the towering nature of Maverick's abilities as a columnist. Indeed, the times at which I have turned to him for guidance in my own work are not few in number. If you've ever had the pleasure of reading any of his work, you will know for yourself how much of a surgeon he is with the written word. His love for and knowledge of literature runs deep, and his own work reflects that. To read a Maverick column is not just to read sharp prose and poetic turn of phrase. It is to read a lifetime of experience and knowledge about what makes our language such a powerful tool for those able to shape it to their purpose. Few manage that better than Mav.

    As a writer, Maverick has achieved a lot here at Lords of Pain. In the Forums he has made inevitably strong showings in a range of tournaments across the years. He was won no less than four Columnist of the Month Awards, and more impressively achieved this inside the span of a 12 month period. Think on that, on how impressive that is. At a time of immense competition that saw no shortage of talented writers in the Forums, Maverick took home more than a quarter of a year's COTM awards. That's a gargantuan achievement. He has had one of the longest and most consistent Main Page runs at LOP for many years, and certainly the most successful from among his fellow generation of writers. That, again, is no small achievement. And of course, nor was his run as one of the four core hosts of the longest running podcast in LOP Radio's history, The Right Side of the Pond, that ran every week for no fewer than seven years.

    But to appraise Maverick through his achievements, impressive and worthy of his new found company as they are, is to fall short of appraising all that he is.

    Maverick is a hipster. Make no mistake about it. Sure, he perhaps leans into that gimmick in the same way we all lean into our own on occasion, but in his heart Maverick is a man of deep learning, unafraid to call upon it whenever he deems the moment worthy of it. I have had the delight of hurtling many a time headlong into one of his obscure references that nobody outside of the giants of 19th Century English literature is likely to know! So too have I had the privilege of enduring many a conversation with him as he extols the virtues of some long forgotten relic of our chosen topic in an effort to share his experiences. But all these occurrences are examples of an inarguable truth, evident once you get to know Mav: really he isn't a hipster at all; he is just a deeply individualistic man, passionate and enthused, eager to converse. And these traits of his are infectious.

    Mav's passion for professional wrestling runs just as deep too. Though he rightly rejects any implication of being my clone, the reason behind his once tongue-in-cheek moniker of 'Plan Jr' is the same reason why we have built the friendship and respect for one another that we have: our tastes are almost entirely aligned, and it has been no small fortune on my part to have Maverick to discuss, debate and explore professional wrestling alongside. That his love for Dean Ambrose is as deep as mine for Seth Rollins is an odd but not uncherished quirk of fate, life imitating art in the curiously singular manner only pro wrestling seems capable of. For if there is such a thing, we are undoubtedly wrestling soulmates here at Lords of Pain, the Double Suicide Dive for life.

    For as I noted at the start of this induction, I have come to know Maverick not just as a writer but as a dear, dear friend. He is warm hearted, generously spirited and difficult not to feel inspired by – the perfect traits for the life of nurturing those around him he has chosen; itself, I think, a testament to his character. He is the Dean Ambrose to my Seth Rollins here at LOP and he is my guide when I need one. He is noble in reason and infinite in faculty. He is express and admirable in form and moving, in action he is like an angel and in comprehension like a god.

    And he is, it is my humbling privilege to say, at long last, my deserving fellow Hall of Famer too.

    Congratulations. I love you, man.

    Thanks ‘Plan. A really fitting induction and much deserved.

    So without any further digressing, I’d like you all to welcome our latest inductee into the Hall of Fame- Maverick!

    Congratulations from all of us.

    Thank you all for reading.
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    Standing ovation. Well deserved induction.

    Mav your work, particularly on The Pond has shaped the way I look at and enjoy wrestling. I sit you amongst the highest echelon of writers on this site, when I look up for the bar to reach as a writer, you are one of the two or three people I see holding it. One of the highlights of my time on this site so far has been writing our Top 10 Dean Ambrose Matches columns and I do hope we get to collaborate on more things down the line as well.

    Very well deserved and a great write up by 'Plan as well.


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      Thrilled for Mav. I've always enjoyed reading his columns and having conversation on Twitter. Great choice and totally deserved! Congratulations sir!


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        I remember when 'Rick first showed up here and started posting columns reviewing random matches from his DVD collection. He was good even then, and he just got better. Every now and then one of your takes drives me nuts, but that's all part of the package. Bravo to a great writer and well deserved induction!

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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          It's about damn time! Welcome to the club, homie.

          When I left the MP in 2014, I told Chrisss to give my spot to Mav because nobody deserved it more. He'd been Main Page ready for ages and I just remember thinking it was long overdue. I had no idea Mav would put together such a monster run up there but he was always a machine of consistency. I loved his passionate stances on certain topics no matter how polarizing they were. Congrats on the induction and great speech, Plan!


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            Yep, very very well deserved. Mav and I have had little interaction, which I think maybe is kinda strange...

            But always admired him, as a person, a writer, a top gun fan.

            So deserved


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              Maverick style has always been to me very clinical, very precise, like a wonderful clockwork of words strung together into a very meaningful and often thought provoking column. Well deserved and very happy for u


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                Thank you so much to everyone - when I found out last Friday I was shocked and humbled to say the least. LOP has been a huge part of my life over the past eight years and to be recognised by writing peers I admire so much as somebody deserving of HOF induction is an incredible feeling.

                To everyone who has left kind words and well wishes, a hearty thank you. The timing of this is even more special, having stepped down from the main page and come home to the CF, where I’ve learned to love writing about wrestling all over again.

                Thank you most of all to my fellow Ponders for a brilliant induction - the seven years of the show were the absolute coolest - and especially to ‘Plan. I really did shed a tear at those words. Right back at you my friend.

                Sir Sam - Sorry I was such a lousy collab partner for that project. I really hope we can work together on something else some day now I have some motivation back!

                Trips - thanks man. Always enjoyed our conversations in here and up top.

                Mizzie - most valuable bit of feedback I ever got was that the lucky dip was a crap idea, so you were more influential than you realise

                Skitz - I remember that well and have never forgotten that act of generosity. And don’t tell anyone, but I think you’re the most unique and talented writer I’ve read on this site. I am a big skitz mark! Skitzaholic?

                Bear - well, the world will soon see us collab-ing together down in the sports thread!

                JWG - Thanks pal!

                This has genuinely made my year, so thanks finally to Nony and the HOF committee for voting me in! Peace xo


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                  Ah, congrats Mav! Well deserved, and glad that we can sit alongside each other in the HoF. I'm not yet sure whether I'll allow you to claim we were inducted at the same time or if, like the older twin, I'll insist I was inducted first


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                    Ahhh thanks Oli! I am happy for you to be the older twin! Ha ha!