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LOP Columns Forum Hall of Fame Induction: 'Bear and Oliver

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  • LOP Columns Forum Hall of Fame Induction: 'Bear and Oliver

    Hello and welcome to the LOP Columns Forum Hall of Fame. My name is anonymous and I'd tell you a bit more about myself but that would make my name meaningless. Plus, this really isn't about me. This is about 2 people who have worked their arses off for these forums. After a long and painful process, which nearly caused me to leave LOP twice, I am delighted to finally be able to induct both Oliver and ‘Bear into the Columns Forum Hall of Fame.

    Now, back when I started this I requested an induction from one of the much loved colleagues of these two writers. Firstly I reached out to Mazza:

    Originally posted by Mazza
    I would write a whole bunch about the awesomeness of this fantastic duo, however I can't be arsed and it can all be summed up pretty easily anyway. Oli is awesome. Bear's a knob. It just works. Love you both. Welcome to the club. Can we gang up and get Plan kicked out?
    A fitting tribute, which I’m sure we all agree with. However, I was looking for something a little more in depth, so here’s a proper induction from SirSam:

    Originally posted by SirSam
    Many years ago now, on my exchange travels in Brazil I spent a lovely day hiking the famous Serra Do Mar mountains just outside Rio De Janeiro. Mid-way through the hike I met and befriended an english traveller who went by the name Harry. He was backpacking through South America alone and the pair of us immediately hit it off, trading stories of our travels through the continent.

    As we reached the summit of our hike we grabbed two coconuts, lopped off the top and relaxed back to drink the milk inside while overlooking the city of Rio De Janeiro. Both of us were sweaty and weary from a day hiking up the mountain so I didn’t quite realise that I had begun to nod off in the afternoon sun until I was woken abruptly by Harry nibbling on my ear.

    Shocked, I jolted back and looked Harry in the eyes, but he didn’t look concerned. Putting his hand on my cheek he looked at me deeply and softly spoke, “let it happen”. Gripping my face firmly, Harry pulled me into a passionate kiss. Initially I resisted, shutting my mouth but he wouldn’t let me go. Slowly as he worked his hungry tongue through my closed lips my protests began to relent, my hand went up behind his head pulling him in further and within no time the pair of us were entwined, his hand grasping at the fly on my pants and mine under his shirt feeling his chest.

    However just as Harry was pulling out my now semi-erect penis I glimpsed something in the distant sky. Off over the bay, the clouds had begun to darken and rapidly swirl around as they moved over to us. As Harry began to pump his hand up and down my shaft, the clouds quickly came over and I saw riding on them a figure of darkness. As it got closer I realised this was no normal figure but the skinny gnarled figure of Death himself.

    Harry must have noticed my sudden change in mood as he halted his feverish jerking and looked over at the clouds as the spectre of Death floated over to us. Under his dark hood I could see what looked like eyes glimpsing through as he inspected the scene at hand. Harry and I glanced at one another, if this was our time to go then so be it, what a way to leave.

    Slowly as he examined us, the figure came closer in, stopping his hooded head within inches of ours so that we could feel his icy breath on our skin. Then suddenly after a tense minute of silence his head fell with a sigh.

    “Fucking rugby boy. Fucking gay rugby boys.”

    And with that Death pulled himself up to his full height and with thunder and lightning crackling around him he departed on the clouds from which he came.

    And all of that to say that this story is far more interesting than whatever the sneary, leary quite contrary, racy, angsty, dicey, dodgy Bearly Boys have to say as they desecrate this illustrious Hall of Fame.

    Congratulations boys. Even though I got you mixed up when I first joined LOP, turns out when I took Bear’s advice and actually read what you wrote I found out that together you created an absolute monster. There is nothing else like it in the world of wrestling and I’m fairly certain that is a good thing.
    I’d like to echo Sam’s sentiments and also praise him on the creativity of the induction piece. A true, fitting tribute and much deserved.

    Now we’re onto the main event, which is each person’s individual induction. So firstly, we move to Oliver. As this is a unique induction, there was only one real candidate to induct him, so without further chat, here’s Oli’s induction, written by ‘Bear:

    Originally posted by ’Bear
    In 2011 the forums, in my humble opinion were fairly stagnant, Twitter had exploded and we had the same group of people writing day in, day out. Then 2012 hit and we had a whole new group explode to shake things up.

    One person really stood out, a person who could write straight away, he was main page ready and had a tonne of ideas twinned with the ability the get his point across like no other. That person was Maverick, but Oliver was there too.

    At a time when everyone had their own gimmick; we had Monkeys, Bears, Kings, Priests and fans of The Miz, an endless array of faceless characters clambering for our attention, but Oliver was there too. Unassuming, no gimmick needed, it was just Oli. No pretence, just him.

    That’s the beauty of Oli, the reason every single person has respect and love for him, you’ll never hear a bad word said about him (main page comments section aside) “Just” being Oli IS his gimmick.

    Writing under the title of “Toast Crumbs” Oli was quickly showing there was nothing he couldn’t do. Comedy, straight-up serious, personal touches, character writing, he’s one of a few people who have ever been able to make anything work. That versatility and talent is what lead to him absolutely dominating Maverick in the DaveyBoy Cup Final of 2013, it was during that tournament he found the title we all know and love “Olivers Twist”.

    Olivers Twist produced dozens of columns, and 75% of them were about Emma. It was around 2016 when Bearly Reviewing started up, and Oli was an instant fan, rumour has it that he only ever befriended me because I was living in Australia, and it was a step closer to meeting Emma.

    After Hijacking Bearly on a couple of occasions, Oli took over the concept soon afterwards and took it the next level, eventually being the catalyst to having it on the Main Page… But that’s not even the half of the story. See, Oli and I had only ever had fleeting interaction up until we started this together; two people that have never met, two complete opposites in many walks of life, two people on opposite sides of the world, bonding over a make believe sport, on a random internet page full of like-minded strangers.

    There’s genuine friendship, and it’s an honour for me to induct the greatest Vegan writer LOP has ever produced… Oliver
    Lovely stuff. And Oliver returned the favour by inducting ‘Bear:

    Originally posted by Oliver
    I’ve found that, as I try to write this, it’s remarkably hard for me to talk about ‘Bear without sounding like a huge twat. Sorry if I sound like a huge twat for the rest of this.

    There are a few writers around here that, over the years, I’ve nodded at sagely whilst pretending I knew what the hell I was doing myself and who have, in turn, returned that sage nod. From people that first gave me a kick in the right direction to even start this, judges in tournaments that gave me a kick in a different direction to change my approach, and people who’ve just kicked me out of spite but in doing so have made me better. I think ‘Bear falls into all three categories, to be honest with you, although maybe spite is the wrong word.

    The truth is that I don’t personally think there has been a single person on this forum underappreciated for as long as ‘Bear has. His writing, whether serious or humorous, has consistently made me wish I could be better at either approach since before I even started writing here and was just lurking and reading. He’s an incredibly gifted scribe, one that first grabbed me with Greetings Grapple Fans and taught me a metric fuckton of stuff about the history of wrestling and hasn’t let me go since.

    *pause for jokes and laughs*

    I mean, just for a moment, look back at the past HoF inductions that have been written here, look at the acceptance speeches, and see how many times his name comes up. See how he is spoken about by others. He’s held in tremendously high regard by people here, and yet seemingly underrated enough to get passed over without it being too much of a scene. But that he appears so much, and is discussed in such reverence, when other writers talk about their history here is a clear demonstration of just how important, and how integral, ‘Bear has been to this place over the years.

    Bearly Reviewing, and our subsequent four year (I think four year?) collaborative efforts on that has been a really fun experience. I’m not even sure where ‘Bear got the idea for it from, to be honest with you, and suspect there was more than a little bit of a dig at Tito in the original idea before it became something else entirely. When he reached out to me to stand in for him while he was away, I jumped at the opportunity because I had a fun idea for how to do it in my head. And from that little bit of interaction and collaboration, the rest of it was all born – but it would never have happened without ‘Bear’s creativity in the first place.

    And through that time I’ve been blessed to count ‘Bear among not just one of my writing peers, but also my friends as well. When he had a cub the other year, I felt oddly proud of him for a) having sex with a lady, and b) having functional testicles. Like a distant Uncle or something, watching his cousin grow up. Laughing at ‘Bear’s jokes, the many messages we’ve pinged between each other whilst working on, and not working on, Bearly have really made me feel like, although he’s half the world away, ‘Bear is truly a friend that I could talk to about anything, however difficult or complicated, and come out the other side feeling better.

    So it is with great pleasure that I can say, finally, rightfully, deservedly, ‘Bear is in the LoP Hall of Fame. Congratulations, my friend. You deserve to finally put your finger in a ring.

    I love these inductions. They sum up everything that’s special about these guys and why they deserve to finally go into the LOP Columns Forum Hall of Fame. They’re two phenomenal writers and also brilliant, entertaining people. They’ve made this place smile in ways very few have before them. And for that, I’m delighted that we can finally give them their induction and their recognition.

    So raise a glass and welcome ‘Bear and Oliver into the Hall of Fame!

    Congratulations to you both.

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    *Inserts Bear Emoji*

    *Inserts Little Mix Emoji*

    *Inserts Heart Emoji*


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      I love Bear.

      I love Sam.

      I love you all.


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        Oliver, you are genuinely one of the nicest and best people I think I've ever met. I think you're absolutely great and I love interacting with you.

        Bear, we have a weird anti-chemistry that makes me feel like crap sometimes, but at the end of the day I even love you too.

        Sam, perfect tribute to the beautiful overtones that Bearly Reviewing was best loved for.

        Congratulations to two great writers, bravo guys.

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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          Congrats to both! Anyone who can achieve anything and be "just" who/what they are has done a damn thing. Awesome, Oli! And Bear, you deserve this and I'm glad to see it. Two unique voices, and props to Sam as well.


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            Very humbled

            Very happy. This place means so much to me.

            Thank you Oli.

            Sam... I guess that was amazing and all, however my eldest is called Harry, so this fucked with me


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              I'm so glad this finally came to be. Congratulations guys this is so well deserved and props to Nony for his drive to get it done.

              No idea your kid is called Harry BEAR, kinda hilarious consequence, I was just thinking of a stereotypical English name.
              Last edited by SirSam; 04-10-2020, 08:33 AM.


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                Totally missed this. Congrats to both!


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                  Congrats guys


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                    Congratulations to an awesome 2012 classmate - was really an honour to share the CF and the MP with you Oli!

                    Big shout out to Bear as well - one of the most interesting guys to interact with in here for sure.