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  • Wrestling Headlines LAST MAN STANDING Competition Sign Up

    Last Man Standing.png

    It's a new year and with that comes a new tournament! The Wrestling Headlines LAST MAN STANDING!

    Five rounds.

    Only one columnist can survive!

    This year to kick off the year you are invited to take part in a new tournament here at LOP/WH. Last year Skulduggery won The Pond Invitational, in 2019 'Plan was named the King of the Columnists, in 2018 Mazza took out the Columnist Invitational. In 2021 who will be the Last Man Standing?

    The rules for this tournament are pretty straightforward: We will take all comers and no matter how many columnists there are over five rounds the field will be eliminated down to one sole survivor.

    Rounds one and two will be judged cumulatively so there are no first-round eliminations and everyone has a chance to come back before the first round of eliminations after rounds two.

    Rounds three, four and five will be judged independently with the lowest scorers each round being eliminated. The emphasis therefore will be on consistency.

    Each round will have a week of writing time, will have a broad topic and word limit, there will be no wild stipulations or teams ups, in this tournament, it will be every man for themself.

    Entrants will be scored out of 100 by each judge, that score will then be averaged into a score out of 100 for the round. We will have a criteria that we work off but will be able to apply it however we see fit. Editing, breaking word limits and not meeting deadlines will incur penalties.

    I will introduce the other three people involved in hosting this tournament.

    Joining me as judges are Mizfan and Maverick, both men have proved themselves as incredible writers and feedbackers over a number of years.

    The tournament referee will be Prime Time. He will ultimately be in charge of any judgement calls that go above me or the judges, he can also apply discretion when it comes to the rules if need be. I believe in these parts he is above reproach so is perfect for the role.

    The judges and referee's decision will be final.

    We will be kicking this tournament off on Monday the 18th of January, please post below if you would like to sign up for the tournament as well as your preferred method of contact for a reminder when the tournament starts.

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    Ah hello there, my old nemesis. It’s me, failure. Put up your dukes! I’m prepared to go down swinging.


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      They said last MAN standing. You're out.


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        I'm in, if there is one thing I can do it's be consistent.
        The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
        Send in your top 10 to help us find out what the worst PPV ever is.


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          I don't think I'll be back at work for a while so yeah I'm in too. And just message me on here for any reminders etc.


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            I'll give it a go.


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              I'm in!


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                  We have a tournament!


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                    Im in please.


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                      Looking forward to reading what people come up with!


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                        Its possible


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                          Im in.


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                            Oh I see how it is, Type!

                            You are banished from all future Christmas Wishlist columns.


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                              Twitter @4ATB_Joe