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  • [LOPFD2020] Grit & Guts Wrestling

    The Last Stand: WEEK ONE

    Note: The presentation of the show will mirror Lucha Underground, insofar as backstage and office segments are unseen by commentators and other wrestlers. They only exist for the fans.

    [Scene: Dario’s Office. Dario holds his ceramic red bull and paces his office as he speaks to an unseen listener, whom we only know by the cigar smoke puffing from off screen.]

    DARIO: You know that I… died once, yes? Strange experience. I feel that I saw things in that darkness. Things I can no longer remember. I saw my brother, I think. My brother as he was meant to be, not as he was. He told me… well, when I came back, I didn’t fight to regain this Temple. I tried to hide on the far ends of the world, to make a new place for myself. But wherever I went, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking… of violence. I would seek to instigate violence in others, in spite of my own desires, and it would manifest in the strangest ways.

    [Dario sits down at his desk thoughtfully, looking over the room which looks so much like his old office.]

    DARIO: I think I now understand what you were trying to tell me all along. Ever since the beauty that was Lucha Underground was done away with, the world itself has become worse and worse. It was an outlet, a release valve. A place for the worst of humanity to be let out to play, to fight, to bleed. It is my fate to watch over that vital function, for the sake of the world, isn’t it?

    [Only silence answers Dario. He sighs.]

    DARIO: Ah well. I sense we will not get another chance, so I am naming our show The Last Stand, to remind us that every week may be our final resting place. I will play my role once more. Lucky for you, for the world, for the gods… I still love violence. More than anything.

    [Dario smiles, a gleam returning to his eyes.]

    DARIO: Only three weeks before the big show. Time to ring the bell once more, don’t you think?

    *****Opening Credits*****

    [Scene: Dario’s Office. Sometime later. Dario sits behind his desk as Zack Sabre Jr is in the midst of speaking. Fred Yehi, and Tracy Williams stand at attention behind him. Sabre is in the midst of speaking. Dario occasionally tries to break in, but it’s impossible to do so.]

    SABRE: So I hope you’re prepared for some real wrestling in your new little Temple, because that’s all you’re going to get from the Iron Grip. That’s us, we’re the Iron Grip, and you’d better be ready for what we can do. You made the first good decision of your life bringing in the submission master, and you made the second good decision of your life when you put me in the world championship tournament. I hope you’re ready for me to win your title and hold it until the day that I die, because there isn’t a chance you’ve brought in anybody better than me, because there isn’t anything better than me. You think these two behind me are here to help me? Yehi, Williams, why are you here?

    YEHI & WILLIAMS: To learn the ways of ZSJ!

    SABRE: That’s right. If anything these two will slow me down, but I’m so great that I have to spread my greatness around. Who do you have for me tonight? First match of Grit & Guts Wrestling tonight, yes?

    DARIO: Well, I wanted Pentagon Jr in the first match, but he’s not here yet so-

    SABRE: A bloody creep like that would be high in your book, wouldn’t he? Naming your company Grit & Guts, horridly ugly name by the way, I know, well it doesn’t matter anyway you wanted what it’s going to be me tapping out the legend Rey Mysterio. Legend to you, maybe, he’s just another opponent hiding behind flashy masks and springing around the ring until I pin him to the mat and break something. Nothing to say to that? Good! Boys, we’re off!

    [Sabre spins around and throws the door open, only to be face to face with Orange Cassidy slouched against the wall in the hallway. Orange gives a lazy thumbs up, then slowly walks away. Sabre is frozen in shock. He spins back around and sputters at Dario.]

    DARIO: Something wrong, your greatness?

    SABRE: Is that- is that- is that the kind of person you have here? That joke? That piece of comedy garbage?? I can’t believe- I would never- how dare you-

    DARIO: I believe your match is next. Don’t be late.

    [Dario spins his chair around. Sabre gapes in rage before storming out of the office, Yehi and Williams following closely behind.]

    *****To the Ring*****

    Match: Rey Mysterio (2016) vs. Zack Sabre Jr (2018) – First Round GGW Championship Tournament

    Result: Rey Mysterio wins via pinfall in 13:00. Sabre fights well but seems thrown off his game from the start, driven even more than usual to show off and leave openings for his opponent, and ultimately Mysterio capitalizes. Sabre is furious past words after the match and stalks to the back without a word, past a smirking Dario Cueto.

    *****To the Locker Room*****

    [Scene: Mysterio returns to the back after the match and meets with Dragon Lee, El Barbaro Cavernario, and Black Taurus. Dragon Lee is attentive to Rey’s speech. Cavernario, wild caveman that he is, twitching and shifting around throughout. Taurus is impassive. Rey speaks to the gathering in Spanish, with subtitles:]

    MYSTERIO: You just saw out there the power of Lucha libre. You will learn many different styles in your careers, in fact you already have. I have learned in America, in Japan, in every country on earth, but I am always representing Lucha libre. But I won’t always be able to carry the standard. One day, the three of you will be the faces of Lucha libre.

    [Lee nods, but Cavernario’s twitching only increases until Rey has to address it.]

    MYSTERIO: Cavernario, do you want to say something?

    [Cavernario twitches a bit more, then bares his teeth in a grisly smile before punching Rey in the face!]

    CAVERNARIO: Why the F**K would we want to carry your standard, old man? We’ve got someone who will help us today, not hold us down until he’s old and wrinkled!

    [Cavernario continues the attack and Taurus quickly joins in. Dragon Lee is shocked and doesn’t know what to do for a moment. Taurus pins Rey against a locker as Cavernario turns to Lee.]

    CAVERNARIO: Join us, we can get this old man out of the way right now!

    [Lee hesitates, then shakes his head. A new voice rings out in English!]

    ???: He’s not with us, get him!

    [Taurus hurls Rey into Lee before he can react, and Cavernario and Taurus take advantage to beat down them down. Stokely Hathaway emerges from the shadows, applauding their actions.]

    STOKELY: That’s perfect, just perfect! This is just the beginning, boys. You’ve joined The Label, and we’re gonna be bigger than Jesus. Now come on, we’ve got our first match to win.

    *****To the Ring*****

    Match: El Barbaro Cavernario (2016) vs. Yuji Okabayashi (2019) – First Round GGW Championship Tournament

    Result: Cavernario wins via pinfall in 9:00. At only 22 years old, Cavernario is a phenom that has quickly risen as one of the best luchadors on the modern scene. His opponent, the thickly built and extremely powerful face of Big Japan Pro Wrestling, gives him a difficult fight, especially laying on chops that seem to be trying to exit the other side of Cavernario’s body. But with Stokely Hathaway at ringside to provide a few essential distractions, Cavernario is able to get the victory and advance in the tournament.

    *****To the Office*****

    [Scene: Dario looks out office window as Stokely leaves with his client.]

    DARIO: I may have trouble with this one…

    [Behind him, Eddie Kingston appears in the doorway and knocks on the frame.]

    KINGSTON: Hey, yeah, you wanted to see me?

    [Dario turns to greet the newest member of his roster.]

    DARIO: Ah, I was waiting for Pentagon Jr, but… Eddie Kingston, yes come in, sit down.

    [Both men sit. Dario pours himself a drink and offers one to Eddie, who waves it off.]

    DARIO: So, the Last of a Dying Breed, the War King, or is it the Mad King?

    KINGSTON: Ha, nah. Nah, I’m not mad partner, not right now. You can just call me Eddie, or whatever.

    DARIO: Eddie, most people who come into my Temple are quick to tell me what they want. Many of them tell me even if I don’t want to know. But you, you haven’t said anything to me. Do you just want to fight and not care who or why? I understand the love of violence, but I expected a deeper motivation.

    [Kingston exhales and leans back, looking around the office. He pours himself a drink after all.]

    KINGSTON: Here’s the thing, partner. I’m tired. I’ve been working this business for a long time. I built parts of this business, maybe not the biggest parts, but I built them just the same. I’ve walked around the world carrying weights around my neck, carrying the banner for promotions, carrying friends and enemies and people I don’t even give a damn about. I’ve seen people get hurt. Some because I hurt them, some who deserved it, some who didn’t. I’ve seen good people go down and bad people go up. I’ve seen the best people burned out and I’ve even watched friends die. I don’t… I don’t want to do this anymore. But I don’t know how to stop. What do I want? I want somebody to stop me. I want somebody to make me stop. I’m tired, but I don’t know how to do anything else. But… I don’t have it in me to quit, I just don’t, so anybody who comes at me, if they don’t put me down you better know for damn sure I’m gonna put them down. So if you send somebody at me, ah, they best not miss. I, uh… you still got that brother?

    DARIO: …no, not anymore.

    KINGSTON: Ah, yeah. Sorry. Well, anyway, you wanted to know… now you know.

    [Dario takes a slow drink and stands up. He offers his hand out to shake.]

    DARIO: Eddie Kingston, I don’t know if I should wish you luck or not, but I’ll be watching you closely.

    [Kingston shrugs and taps the hand with the back of his own instead of shaking it.]

    KINGSTON: Yeah, you do you, boss. I’ll be seeing you.

    [Dario sits back down, alone again to ponder what he’s just heard. ]

    *****To the Ring******

    Match: Eddie Kingston (2011) vs. Marty Martinez (2016)

    Result: Kingston wins via pinfall in 2:00. ­Marty the Moth, that ultimate creeper, spends time before the match acting creepy towards the ring announcer, the fans, everyone around, hardly paying attention to his opponent. When the bell rings, Kingston goes after him right away and Marty isn’t ready for it. Kingston blows him up with a barrage of strikes and suplexes and Marty can’t get out of the gate, he goes down quickly. After the match Kingston looks at him like he’s pathetic.

    *****To the Office*****

    [Scene: Dario turns around to find Kagetsu and Piper Niven have entered his office.]

    DARIO: Can I… help you ladies?

    [Kagetsu and Piper answer in a seamless combination of English and Japanese.]

    KAGETSU: Hey, he wants to help us.

    PIPER: We don’t need any help, now do we?

    KAGETSU: He doesn’t know about… Oedo Tai.

    PIPER: Only those who really know, know about Oedo Tai.

    DARIO: Well, you’ve got me ladies. What is Oedo Tai?

    KAGETSU: A way of life.

    PIPER: A way of living.

    KAGETSU: A way of dancing.

    PIPER: A way of being in charge.

    KAGETSU: A way of helping each other, and helping ourselves.

    DARIO: Ah, this is… a team? You are trying to work together?

    PIPER: Had a few more people back in Japan, we did.

    KAGETSU: But for now the two of us will do just fine.

    PIPER: For now, for now, of course love. Well, maybe one more.

    KAGETSU: Don’t give it away, Piper!

    PIPER: Sorry, love.

    [Dario holds up his hand in surrender.]

    DARIO: Ladies, please. If you want to work together, I don’t mind at all, that’s your business. In fact, I have a tag team match for you, it should only take a few moments to put together-

    [Suddenly the window on the door of the office shatters into a thousand pieces as Eddie Kingston’s head comes flying through it! It seems Marty Martinez is taking things a little more seriously with Kingston now. Piper and Kagetsu quickly exit the scene as Marty hurls Kingston onto the desk, sending everything on it flying around the room. Dario holds back, torn between his love of violence and his desire not have his office entirely destroyed on the very first night.]

    MARTY THE MOTH: So, you think you’re the King? You think you can embarrass me here?

    [Marty breathes heavily, grinning with Eddie’s blood smeared on his face and hands. He grabs Eddie’s jaw, forcing him to look in the eye.]

    MARTY THE MOTH: See, I think I can embarrass you too. I know what everybody knows King, you’ve got a knee that’s hanging by a thread. Shall we see how tough that thread is, King?

    [Marty rips Kingston’s gear to reveal his weak knee and grabs the ceramic bull, ready to smash the kneecap. Dario cries out, this is a step too far!]

    DARIO: Marty! Stop it right now, put that back!

    [Marty is distracted for just a moment, but Kingston is able to viciously rake his eyes in desperation. Marty stumbles back, blinded, and Kingston pushes off and sends him falling back into the hallway. Kingston lunges after him but Marty is now backing off. Dario calls for help and Willie Mack, AR Fox, Keith Lee, and Donovan Dijak show up to hold Kingston back so he doesn’t pursue The Moth. Kingston is still bleeding and woozy, but he calls out:

    KINGSTON: That’s more like it, you son of a bitch! But you shouldn’t of started something you can’t finish! You missed your shot, and now you’re gonna be done!

    *****To the Ring*****

    Match: Sara Del Rey (2010) & Heidi Lovelace FKA Ruby Riott (2016) vs. Piper Niven (2017) & Kagetsu (2017)

    Result: Kagetsu pins Lovelace in 9:00. Heidi is thrilled to be teaming with the legendary Sara Del Rey. Sara puts a good face on it but behind Heidi’s back seems unexcited by the prospect. Sara fights well enough in the early going but when Heidi gets caught in a heat segment, Sara gets more and more irritated at what she sees as rookie mistakes. Heidi finally makes the hot tag and Sara comes in for the fight, but at that moment Stokely Hathaway walks out to stand in Oedo Tai’s corner! Sara decides it’s not worth the trouble and tags an exhausted Heidi back in before walking out of the match very matter of factly. Heidi is hurt and bewildered, and quickly overcome by Oedo Tai. Stokely celebrates with The Label’s newest members after the match.

    *****To the Office*****

    [Scene: Dario is surveying the mess of his office. He’s looking at the damage to the desk when he hears the crunch of glass behind him. He turns to see Willie Mack has returned.]

    DARIO: What do you want? To tell me about some other disaster?

    MACK: Nothing like that, big man. We took Eddie to the doc, he needed a little stitching up but he’ll be ok in a week or two. Could have been a lot worse.

    [Dario sighs and leans back.]

    DARIO: That’s something. The last thing I need to do is go to jail. Again. But I hate people bleeding on my things. And Pentagon still isn’t here, and I can’t put off his match anymore!

    MACK: Things are rough all over, I guess.

    DARIO: You, Mack… you fought well in my Temple. You almost won the championship from that obnoxious Johnny Mundo, didn’t you?

    MACK: Went all night long with that sumbitch. Shoulda won too, but that’s the way it goes.

    DARIO: Well this is the way it goes tonight, Mack. You’re in the championship tournament, and your match is next!

    MACK: Woah, what?

    [Dario walks up to Mack and grabs him by the shoulders.]

    DARIO: Don’t waste this opportunity, Mack. You know I don’t give out opportunities lightly, and I don’t have time to think of some horrible catch. This is the best chance that you will get for a long, long time.

    [Mack nods slowly.]

    MACK: Just… just let me get my gear, I’ll head right to the ring.

    [Mack heads off down the hallway, first walking, then running for the locker room. Dario walks back to his desk, shaking his head. AR Fox suddenly appears at his doorway, looking pissed.]

    AR FOX: What the f**k did I just hear?

    *****To the Ring*****

    Match: Willie Mack (2015) vs. Shuji Ishikawa (2017) – First Round GGW Championship Tournament

    Result: Mack wins via pinfall in 12:00. Mack makes it to the ring at the last minute, still finishing putting his gear on. The Violent Giant of All Japan Pro Wrestling seems unimpressed by Mack in every way, and looks to bulldoze over him early in the match. But Mack relies on his unpredictably speed and agility, as well as his heart, to fight through and come back for what has to be considered a bit of an upset victory. Willie Mack is going to the semi-finals!

    *****To the Office*****

    [Scene: Dario is sitting down with WALTER. The mess has been somewhat tidied but the office is still in disarray, the window in the door still broken.]

    DARIO: Thank you for joining me WALTER. I know you’re an orderly man, but as you know it’s been a chaotic night. I’m looking forward to-

    [Suddenly Chris Jericho kicks the office door open, which dislodges the glass still hanging in the frame to crash on the floor.]

    JERICHO: Hey Mario, your office is a piece of shit!

    [Jericho barges into the room and pours himself a drink. Sammy Guevara is in tow, looking around the room without disdain.]

    JERICHO: I don’t know why you’re even wasting time talking to this freaking sasquatch, as if everybody didn’t know Chris Jericho is going to be the first champion of this shit hole. In every place I’ve ever gone, when I show up I change the game, and I’m doing the same thing here. I draw the ratings, I win the titles, I’m the main event, the man everybody wants to see, and why’s that Sammy?

    SAMMY: Cause he’s the greatest, boys!

    JERICHO: That’s right boys, I’m the greatest. I heard that Zack Sabre Jr was in here earlier, he’s an idiot, he lots anyway. Rey Mysterio? I’ve been beating that guy for more than 20 years. That other guy, Cavernario? I eat Lucha guys for breakfast, I’ll probably beat him in a loincloth match and send him home to his cave naked. And what’s a Willie Mack? I never even heard of the guy! And as for you Frankenstein, if I was you I’d quit right now because-

    [WALTER rises to his feet, towering over Jericho and staring a hole in him. Jericho’s patter dies off. He holds his glass out uncertainly.]

    JERICHO: Drink, big guy?

    [WALTER takes the glass and sets it down on the desk. He is as serious as the grave.]

    WALTER: I don’t drink.

    JERICHO: You must be real fun at parties.

    WALTER: I don’t go to parties.

    JERICHO: Yeah, I might of guessed that.

    WALTER: I will keep this brief. If you come to the ring and act like a clown, you will lose. To me, the ring is sacred, the mat is sacred. These are my places of worship. Where the world is pure and sanctified. You will come with respect, or I will not allow you to leave on your feet.

    [He turns to Dario.]

    WALTER: As for you, I have agreed to wrestle for your promotion, and that is what I will do. Nothing more is required.

    [WALTER departs without another word. Jericho picks up his drink and downs it.]

    DARIO: And it’s Dario Cueto. You may be a big star, Mr. Jericho, but you will show some respect to where you are.

    [Jericho recovers himself a little and sneers.]

    JERICHO: Shut up, idiot! Come on, Sammy.

    SAMMY: You don’t have to worry about that guy at all, boss! I’ve got a plan-

    JERICHO: Shut up, Sammy! We’re going!

    [Jericho and Sammy depart as well. Dario leans back in his chair.]

    DARIO: This is going to be even harder to control than the first time…

    ****To the Ring*****

    Match: WALTER (2017) vs. Chris Jericho (2019) – First Round GGW Championship Tournament

    Result: Chris Jericho wins via pinfall in 16:00. Jericho comes out with Sammy singing along to Judas in my Mind and despite WALTER’s warning, starts the match with his overconfident shtick, so WALTER starts brutalizing him. Jericho is forced to concentrate and fight back viciously, using every trick in his book and digging down to brawl wildly when in a corner. Even so, it seems WALTER is closing in on a victory, until Jericho pulls the referee in front of a WALTER big boot and he gets clobbered. Like a shot, Sammy is in the ring, and he wallops WALTER with a (hands protected) chair shot. WALTER staggers, but won’t go down! Sammy hits him again, but WALTER is still on his feet! Sammy tries to swing again but WALTER punches the chair away, and chops Sammy so hard he falls out of the ring! Jericho follows up quickly on the still staggered WALTER and hits the Codebreaker and then the Judas Effect, but WALTER is still on his feet, barely. WALTER tries to step forward and come after Jericho but stumbles to one knee, and Jericho knees WALTER in the head and then hits a second Judas Effect. WALTER finally slumps down. Sammy, still selling the tremendous chop, shakes the referee awake and Jericho is able to get the victory. Jericho and Sammy celebrate, but are quick to hit the road when WALTER starts to stir. WALTER glares daggers at them as he regains his feet.

    *****To the Roof*****

    [Scene: Pentagon crouches in the dark on the roof of the Temple. It seems he has been there for quite some time. He cocks his head to listen to the cheers coming from inside, then returns to his task, which appears to be sharpening something in the darkness.]


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