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    RWF Final Press Conference

    As we get ever closer to the launch show of RWF, the managers have organized a small press conference, including a couple of matches to tie into the upcoming PPV as well as announcements regarding the men’s world and tag team championships.

    We are live from the Kings Palace Arena in *undisclosed location*, fans are packing out the area. There is a stage setup with a long table along the back wall and a ring on the other side. At the table are General Manager Shane McMahon, commentators Zak *last name redacted* and Bongos O’Hoolihan.

    Shane takes the mic as fans settle into their seats.

    Shane: "Welcome everyone, to the final Royal Wrestling Force event before the Birth of a Kingdom PPV next month. I don’t want to take up too much of your time, just wanted to say thank you for being a part of this audience and hope you enjoy what we have in store for you."

    "Now without further ado, it’s time to unveil the title belts."

    The Silverweight belt is first, the belt strap is an emerald green (because it’s me, of course it is) with Silver plating the belt. The RWF logo front and centre on the belt.

    The tag titles are unveiled next, the belts are a shiny grey, the side plates are present but blank, and both belts only have one side plate, one left, one right. The centerplate is gold.

    The women’s and mens world titles are done at the same time. The belts are very similar in design, the Women’s belt being white and appearing slimmer than the other three belts, while the men’s is black leather and more the same size as the others. Both have gold front plates with the RWF logo front and centre.

    Shane grabs the mic again.

    Shane: I’m sure you all want a closer look at the belts, and in time you will, but right now it’s time to find out who’s going to be wearing these belts. So I’m happy to turn things over to our commentary team and the RWF Women’s Wrestlers.

    We cut to the commentary team

    Zak: Thanks Shane. I am really excited for this, it’s been great to watch the RWF roster sign so much top tier talent and I’m glad to have the opportunity to call their matches

    Bongos: I haven’t been this excited since I had Roman Reigns on my podcast … god what I wouldn’t give to have him here instead of you.

    Zak: Glad to hear you think so highly of me. We have a busy night ahead of us, and like Shane mentioned, we are kicking it off with our women’s division. To catch any new viewers up to speed, we are in the semi finals of a tournament to crown our inaugural champion, and one of these two will have the chance to be crowned the first ever RWF champion.
    Women’s title tournament round 2
    Bayley vs Nikki Cross

    Zak: Nikki Cross earnt her spot here with a win in a battle royal with a semi final spot up for grabs, the remaining six women had to go through one on one matches in the weeks leading up to the show, while Bayley would pick up a close win over Dakota Kai a couple weeks ago at an independent show

    Bayley makes her way down in her classic hugger persona. Nikki is as she has been.

    The bell rings and Nikki immediately charges with a Lou thesz press getting the surprise attack on Bayley. Nikki begins to work over Bayley, Nikki with an irish whip, Bayley comes back with a clothesline to take down Cross and it’s her turn to be in control. The two go back and forth for a while.

    4 minutes later

    Bayley with Shoulder thrusts in the corner, she puts Nikki up top and climbs up for a superplex, Cross begins to fight back, the two jostle for position and end up with both facing an apron, Nikki with a big headbutt sending Bayley onto the apron and to the floor. Nikki takes a second to recover, she climbs back to the second rope on Bayleys side, Bayley slowly gets to her feet only to be taken out by a cross body from Nikki.

    Nikki is back up at two and quickly gets Bayley up and rolls her in, Nikki covers for a 2 count. Nikki gets Bayley up for her neckbreaker but Bayley counters with a quick roll up for a two count of her own. The two separate and are back to their feet. The match continues

    7 minutes later

    Bayley has control and drops Cross with a big running knee strike in the corner. Cross falls to the mat, Bayley heads to the top rope and goes for the elbow drop but Cross rolls out the way, Nikki gets to her feet slowly and follows by getting Bayley up on her feet and grabs her for the Purge Neckbreaker, but Bayley counters out of it and grabs Nikki and nails a Bayley to belly suplex and covers for the three count.

    Winner: Bayley @ 15:34

    Bayley celebrates her win, she will be facing either Candice LeRae or Rhea Ripley in the finals at Birth of a Kingdom in a months time. The other semi-final will take place later tonight. Bayley celebrates with the fans as Cross recovers in the ring.

    We come back to Shane in the ring with a microphone in hands and the tag titles on a podium at his side.

    Shane: Allow me to introduce for the first time our RWF tag team champions, The Hardy Boys

    The Hardys come out to a huge pop from the audience. Both look to be their normal selves, no signs of broken about them.

    Shane steps out of the ring and the two enter the ring and grab the tag titles. And a mic

    Jeff: Thanks to Shane and everyone for giving us this opportunity. Me and Matt have been considered one of the best teams in the world for twenty years now, so we are excited to be the first official champions of RWF.

    Matt: It shall be Marvellous, a new world and new foes to face, dare I say it may be splendid.

    Speaking of new foes, Breezango’s music hits and the two appear on stage with microphones but before they get a chance to speak, Jurassic Express are out on the stage too.

    Jungle: oh no you don’t, if anyone is getting the first shot, it’s going to be us.

    Breeze: Care to prove it, there’s a wrestling ring right there

    The two teams exchange nods and head for the ring, looks like we have an impromptu number one contenders match.

    Jurassic Express vs Fashion Police
    #1 Contendership match.

    The Hardy’s are sat at ringside with their new tag titles.

    Jungle Boy and Fandango are starting us off here, JB quick with a flurry of offense but Fandango quickly takes control with an armdrag and headlock, he quickly gets to his corner and Tyler tags in for the quick double team. Breeze with a monkey flip but Perry lands on his feet and makes the tag to Luchasaurus, who runs Breeze over with a big boot. Breeze is back up quickly and begins to work over the legs of the bigger man.

    10 minutes of quality tag team action later.

    Luchasaurus nails a big clothesline sending both himself and Fandango to the outside. LS recovers and charges but Dango catches him with a drop toe hold into the ring post. Jungle Boy comes flying off the apron at Fandango to take him down. He helps Luchasaurus up only to be hit with a Tope Suicida from Tyler Breeze. All four are down at ringside as the ref reaches five

    The ref approaches ten but both teams are barely getting up. The Hardys at ringside slide into the ring, and request that the ref doesn’t let this stellar match end in a countout. The ref obliges as a few seconds later Luchasaurs and Fandango return to the ring as the Hardys exit and return to their seats. The match continues

    5 minutes later

    Breeze and JB exchange shots, both have been in the last few minutes, Breeze starts to gain control but Jungle Boy comes back with a big kick, Tyler goes for a superkick but Perry nails one of his own at the same time. Both are down as their partners reach for the tag. Breeze gets to Fandango and makes the tag, Dango is in quick but JB dives and makes the tag to Luchasaurus, Fandango ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard kick to stagger the big man.

    Fandango runs the ropes and charges but Luchasaurus catches him with a snap powerslam. Breeze has recovered and charges at Luchasaurus but he counters and sends him to the outside. Fandango dives at Luchasaurus but he is caught, LS lifts Dango onto his shoulders and nails him with the burning hammer, a quick tag to JB and he nails a springboard moonsault and covers




    Winner: Jurassic Express @ 18:58

    Marko Stunt runs down to the ring to celebrate with his team mates, Breezango have recovered and offer a handshake to their opponents. Lucha and Jungle accept the handshake and Breezango head to the back while JE continue to celebrate as the Hardy’s look on.

    (the freebird rule is in effect because why shouldn’t it be.)

    Ted DiBiase Jr. vs Jake Atlas

    DiBiase is out first; looking exactly like he did in early 2010 to boos. Atlas is out next to cheers. Atlas offers a handshake to DiBiase but he slaps it away. Atlas responds to this with a big right hand. And then another, staggering DiBiase, Atlas clotheslines DiBiase over the ropes sending him to the outside. Atlas taunts from the ring. Ted grabs his leg and is able to pull him under the ropes and starts a flurry of offense, even sending him into the announce table. DiBiase slides back in at a six count.



    Atlas is on the apron. Dibiase charges but Atlas with a springboard crossbody to take him down.

    4 minutes later

    DiBiase is up top, Atlas runs up and nails an enziguri, Ted falls to the mat, Jake quickly hops to the top rope signalling for his signature cartwheel DDT. DiBiase is back to his feet. Atlas with the cartwheel, he catches him for the DDT but Dibiase nails a shot to the groin unseen by the referee to escape the manuever. Dibiase quickly hits the Dream Street and covers for the win.

    Winner: Ted Dibiase @6:49

    Ted grabs the mic

    Ted: This is the beginning of my rise to the top, I am the best superstar money can buy and the RWF world title will be coming home with me.

    Ted’s promo is cut short as Finn Balor’ music hits to a big pop. Finn has a mic too

    Finn: You think you belong at the top, prove it. You and me, one on one at Birth of a Kingdom

    Finn drops the mic and walks away, in the ring Ted looks on nervous about the coming challenge.

    We go back to the commentary team

    Zak: Birth of a Kingdom is shaping up to be one hell of a card, Finn Balor vs Ted DiBiase has just been approved by Shane, along with so much more.

    We go to a promo video for the upcoming PPV. The announced card so far
    The Hardy’s vs Jurrassic Express
    RWF Tag Team Championship

    Lucha Dragons (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Osirian Portal

    The $10,000 battle royal

    Finn Balor vs Ted Dibiase

    Damien Priest vs Akira Tozawa vs Marko Stunt vs Dave Mastiff
    RWF Silverweight open title

    Zak: And ontop of that we still have our women’s title match and world title matches to be announced, it is going to be one hell of a card.

    Bongos: You said it, a lot of talented superstars once you get past all the vanilla.

    Zak: Back to tonights action and it’s time for our main event as Rhea Ripley takes on Candice LeRae in the semi-finals of the Women’s title tournament.
    Women’s Title Tournament Round 2
    Rhea Ripley vs Candice LeRae

    Zak: Candice LeRae got her spot in the semi-finals with a win over Tegan Nox a month ago, while Rhea won her spot over Eve Torres in decisive fashion, Eve has complained she wasn’t ready on Twitter but you need to be ready for anything in the dynamic world of wrestling.

    Candice is out first, followed by Rhea; both are as they would be on NXT right now.

    The bell rings and Rhea immediately goes for Candice but she ducks out the way and starts hitting kicks to the leg of Ripley, LeRae goes for a running forearm but Rhea dodges out the way and hits a knee to LeRae.Rhea gets Candice up and nails a fallaway slam.

    9 minutes later

    LeRae in control, she locks in a quick armbar on Rhea, but Rhea starts to get to her feet, LeRae releases the hold and goes for a hurricanrana, but Rhea stays standing. Ripley gets LeRae up and nails her with a powerbomb, Candice hits the mat hard and rolls to the outside. Rhea takes a few seconds to rest up before heading out after LeRae.

    LeRae sends Ripley into the steps, she gets her back up and goes for a DDT on the outside, There is a chair underneath she is looking to hit it on, but Ripley resists. Rhea lifts Candice and drops her onto the apron and returns to the ring.

    9 more quality minutes later

    Candice is in control once again, Ripley with a headbutt to knock LeRae back, Ripley takes LeRae down by the legs, and locks in the standing cloverleaf on LeRae, LeRae screams as the hold is locked in but she is trapped. She struggles but can’t get to the ropes. Candice with a shot to the gut, and then another and she is able to counter with a rolling headscissor esque move, sending Rhea to the outside. Candice is showing injury to the leg.

    As the referee checks on Candice, Eve Torres appears at ringside, blindsiding Rhea with a strike from behind, Eve grabs the chair from earlier and nails Rhea across the head with it. Eve rolls Rhea back in. Candice gets Rhea up to the centre of the ring and nails a neckbreaker before quickly transitioning to the Garga-No-Escape. Rhea refuses to tap out but doesn’t have the energy to move towards the ropes. After about thirty seconds, Rhea passes out and the ref calls for the bell

    Winner: Candice LeRae @ 21:07

    Candice celebrates her win as the medical staff come down to check on Rhea, Eve has left the area

    With only the world title situation left in question, Shane makes his way out for the final time of the night. World title in hand

    Shane: Without further ado, Allow me to introduce our first ever RWF World Champion, ADAM COLE.

    The Undisputed Era music hits as Cole makes his way to the ring to receive his title.

    Adam: let’s be honest, this is the only sensible solution, saves everyone the effort of having to lose to me, the greatest NXT Champion in the brands history, the one and only Adam Cole Baybay.

    Cole enters the ring and shakes hands with Shane, however before the title is handed over, Neville’s music hits and out comes the King of Cruiserweights.

    Neville: Greatest NXT Champion, Cole you’re looking at him, I reigned over the brand in the first years of the brand, Takeover was built for me and the wrestlers around me, Shane, if you want an inaugural champion that will take the brand far, look no further.

    Cody Rhodes is out next, mic in his hand and no stupid tattoo on his neck.

    Cody: If we are talking about building a brand on your back, there is only one man on the roster that should be in the contest for champion. I built a brand from nothing into the greatest wrestling show on television.

    Adam: sure, let’s get everyone out, who’s next Heath Slater? Rhyno? Dave the camera man? The fact is that Shane has chosen me, I’m the fitting choice to be Champion.

    Shane: I don’t know, fans if you want me to hand the belt to Cole, make some noise.

    The fans boo.

    Adam: Fine, we’ll do this the hard way; I’ll do what I do best and beat the best. I’ll see you at the big show.

    Cole takes the title from Shane and raises it at the two but suddenly he is struck from behind. It’s Jon Moxley. Moxley lays Cole out with the Paradigm shift and grabs the RWF title, he raises it over Cole as Cody and Neville look on. Moxley hands the belt to Shane and it looks like our world title match is set.

    The stream fades out and ends.
    To be Continued at Birth of a Kingdom (When I finish writing it)
    Booking by Committee 2: SummerSlam is coming soon, let me know if you're interested.

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    Ha. Thanks for keeping the default name I gave your promotion!! Birth of a kingdom is going to be a tough PPV theme to beat. I like it! Again, like with Dynamite, I'll read and feed this more thoroughly when I have time!


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      Feedback time

      @Type: I did say I was gonna use it. Though as it turns out I did it wrong, in the heading I called it Royal Wrestling Federation, while the rest of the column is Royal Wrestling Force. Big oops on my behalf.

      Look forward to hearing from you more later.

      And now, not the PPV, but one last bit before the PPV, because what else am I supposed to do when a PPV is on the horizon.


      What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column right here on With Birth of a Kingdom right around the corner I have never been more excited to be a wrestling fan. As RWF’s Social Media lead and head analyst for the RWF podcast (every two weeks on Thursday’s #CheapPlug) I figured it would be a great time to take a look at the show and preview the monumental PPV coming this Weekend. So without further ado, let’s begin.

      Damien Priest vs Akira Tozawa vs Marko Stunt vs Dave Mastiff
      RWF Silverweight Open Championship

      Kicking us off we have the Silverweight Championship. The Silverweight belt is better known as the fighting man’s belt, with it’s always on the line stipulation, doesn’t matter what the situation, singles or tag, if you are pinned or submitted, you lose the belt, taking a unique spin on the classic Hard-core or 24/7 belt rules. And what a collection of talent looking to prove themselves the top fighter of the brand.

      Damien Priest has long aimed for his name living forever and being the inaugural champion for the division is definitely going to go a long way in helping that goal. He has always been a tough customer in the ring and should definitely put up a big fight in the name of glory.

      Dave Mastiff is the biggest man in the match and on the roster, he has been very vocal on Twitter about his want to win the belt and prove himself the hardest man in RWF, you gotta respect a man with simple goals.

      Stunt and Tozawa both have very similar reasons for wanting to win the belt, prove that classic adage of “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it the size of fight in the dog” There is a part of me genuinely worried for their health though, given the size of the competition, at what point is an underdog just an underdog. It’ll be interesting to see the strategy going into the match.

      £10,000 battle royal

      Fame and glory are nice, but at the end of the day they don’t necessarily pay the bills. The motivation for this one is simple, who doesn’t want more money? The match is open to all RWF talent and honestly this could be chaos, you’ve got a lot of talent on the roster all vying for that prize and while the money would be nice, standing tall at the end of a match is going to send a message to the rest of the roster and put you in good position for whatever belt you’re after. There is no telling how this one’s going to go because we have no idea who’s even competing, but ultimately battle royals are always a nice bit of fun and with a prize like this on the line, you know they are gonna pull out all the stops for victory.

      Finn Balor vs Ted DiBiase

      DiBiase was part of the first wave of RWF’s first announced signings and the fan reaction was pretty negative to say the least. Since then he has gone on a small undefeated streak, by some less than legal means and has been calling himself the future RWF World Champion. However before he gets there he’s got Finn to deal with. Finn’s signing came a few months later and in contrast was pretty much universally praised. Finn’s taken issue with the Fortunate Son’s mouthing off and looks to shut his mouth at Kingdom. This is the biggest test of DiBiase’s career to date and it’ll be curious to see how he deals with truly world class talent.

      The Hardys (C) vs Jurassic Express
      RWF Tag Team Championships

      Holy fuck it’s the Hardy’s, RWF’s tag division was shaping up nicely and speculation on who would be the inaugural champions was rampant, the surprise announcement of The Hardys joining as champs caught everyone off guard. This was followed immediately by challenges from The Fashion Police and Jurassic Express. JE would pick up the win at the press conference a few weeks ago and the match was set, can Jurassic Express win their first ever tag title at the expense of one of the most decorated teams in all of wrestling, or are they destined to go extinct at the hands of Team Extreme

      Eve Torres vs Rhea Ripley
      Hardcore match

      Oh dear, this isn’t going to be pretty. Eve was fairly quickly beaten by Ripley a few months ago in the opening round of the women’s title tournament, and Eve has been vocal about that loss to say the least. Last month she would cost Rhea the chance to challenge for the Women’s title with a vicious chair shot to the head. The next night Rhea gave an interview exclusively to to basically say that Eve has her attention now, and revealed that GM Shane McMahon agreed to let the two settle their differences in a hardcore match. things are going to get brutal and I hope both women can still walk away from this one.

      Lucha Dragons (with Ricardo Rodriguez) vs Osirian Portal

      A pretty simple one here, Lucha Dragons signed early, along with Rodriguez and he was happy to be reunited with former tag partner Kalisto, though in a less physical manner. The two have had modest success, including a win a few months back over now #1 Contenders, Jurassic Express. Osirian Portal have issued the challenge to the duo and was promptly accepted, given the athletic gents in the ring, this should definitely be a high paced chaotic match.

      Nikki Cross vs Dakota Kai or Tegan Nox

      Following her loss to Bayley a few weeks ago, Nikki Cross has been outspoken wanting an opponent for the big show, a challenge that was answered by Team Kick. The duo have yet to announce which of the two will actually be taking on Nikki, trying to play some sort of mind games with Cross, but ultimately you can’t play mind games with Cross, she’s a whirlwind of chaotic energy and no matter which of the two end up in that ring, they are going to be getting a hell of a fight.

      Candice LeRae vs Bayley
      RWF Women’s World Championship
      Lita as guest referee

      Onto the first of our two main events. The women of RWF have given there all in this mini-tournament, Bayley getting the win over Dakota Kai and then Nikki Cross to get her spot, while Candice LeRae got her wins over Tegan Nox and Rhea Ripley. The two face off for the right to be the women’s champion. Both women have fought hard to get to this spot and honestly I can see either of them raising that belt when the dust settles.

      But that’s not the only big news to come from this match. Announced just a few days ago, the final women’s Champion of the old Royal Wrestling Federation from the Late 90s, Lita has been announced as the special guest referee, and there could be no more fitting person to call it given the situation.

      Jon Moxley vs Adam Cole vs Cody Rhodes vs Neville
      Elimination Fatal Four Way
      RWF Men’s World Championship

      And rounding out the evening, four of the best male talents in wrestling face off with the grandest prize on the line. Shane McMahon initially planned on awarding Cole the belt at the Press Conference, however following objections from Neville and Rhodes, he would announce a title match to take place here for the belt, this was followed by Moxley laying Cole out and raising the belt himself, signaling his intention.

      I don’t know where this one is going to go; there is any number of possible ways for this to go. This is going to be pure pandemonium in the best way. Any one of these four could leave the show with the belt and no matter who it is this match is going to leave fans with a smile on their faces.

      And that is all for our preview. The show will be live streamed here in a few days on at 8:00PM GMT Wednesday the 21st of October. For those of you attending I hope you enjoy the show, I am buzzing for this one and will be cheering along with the rest of you. But for now it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. I hope you have enjoyed today’s preview and look forward to bringing you more on the events of Royal Wrestling Force: Birth of a Kingdom, after the show. Until then.
      Booking by Committee 2: SummerSlam is coming soon, let me know if you're interested.


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        Zak! Finally got around to reading what you have so far. And I have some thoughts!

        I thought it was interesting that you tried to flesh out the in ring action, or at least parts of it. I really liked how you included match times, though some of those are loooong matches and I think it's easy to burn people out on that. Personally I'm not the biggest fan of actually trying to describe the move by move stuff unless it's something important to the story. My opinion, wrestling matches never "read" well, but that could be just me. I'm also not the biggest fan of booking crowd reaction, trying to say what gets a pop or what the crowd chants, because even if you're the booker you never know for sure what the crowd will do. I say let the reader judge for themselves.

        I like some of the matches you've set up here, but I did think many of these feuds seemed very similar. One person comes out, then another person comes out and says hey, let's prove who's better by fighting. Not the most compelling setup ever, though it gets the job done.

        I also think you're nuts to push Ted Jr, who never got over a lick, but if he's just here to do the job for Balor that's ok. I wouldn't have even put him over Atlas though, at least he's fresh and has untapped potential!

        I'll say this, I really like the idea of the battle royal though. Making it for a big cash prize is old school and gives wrestlers a chance to fight for someone besides just wanting to be champion, which is overused these days IMO. Plus you can do something fun with the winner.

        Like the idea of the Silverweight title and that's a good name for it as well. I do think it's silly to put Tozawa and Stunt in the same category though. Tozawa may be small but he's athletic, muscular, and he looks very much like a wrestler who can go toe to toe with anyone. Marko looks like a little boy who might die at any minute. XD

        As a major non-fan of Cole, I'll say thank god some AEW talent came out and stopped that idiot Shane McMahon from handing him the title. If I was a fan having Cole in the main event would be a big anti-draw for me, though I know that's just personal taste. Even so that fourway looks pretty good and definitely shows your world title scene is pretty stacked. Shame not to let Moxley talk though, since he's so damn good at it. Oh and major bravo to taking Cody pre-neck tattoo, LOL.

        I forgot you figured out a loophole to get an extra woman on your roster, but I won't complain about it! A lot of talented women out there and in my opinion that's the division you've booked the most interestingly. I'm not sure Eve even at her best would be up for a hardcore match with Rhea, but the idea is definitely an interesting one!

        Looking forward to the show itself, Zak, whenever it may be!

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!