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CF End of Year Awards 2020 - Results!

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  • CF End of Year Awards 2020 - Results!

    Greetings, mizfan fans! Or rather CF fans, because it's time once again for the annual Columns Forum Awards. 2020 didn't kill us, so what better way to celebrate it's demise than to show appreciation for the writers who made it a little easier to survive? I am the mizfan and I was the only who had time to do this, so you're stuck with me! You're at my mercy! Bwahaha! Ah who am I kidding, y'all have already scrolled down to see if you won anything.

    Seriously though, I have nothing but love and appreciation for everybody who contributed to this community over the course of the past year. It may not be as bustling as it used to be, but I still look forward to logging on here multiple times a week and see what's going down. We have maintained a great sense of community here, it's not just anywhere you can go on the internet and flesh out your thoughts in a place where folks are happy to have in depth and enjoyable conversations about the wide world of wrestling. Whether you win an award or not, your contributions are very much appreciated.

    Alright, enough waffling, let's get on to the awards!
    Most Improved Columnist
    Winner: The Cook

    When I think of The Cook's most recent contributions to our forum, I think of his highly entertaining and somewhat painful series with Zak as they run down some of the absolute worst PPVs that wrestling has ever produced. But beyond the great fun of that series he's also posted plenty of solo columns this year, and while he was no slouch in the past I think he's well deserving of recognition for how much he raised his personal bar. Also getting votes in this category were Dynamite Billington, Cook's partner in crime Zak, and funny enough CF Hall of Famer RIPBossman!
    Best Social Media Presence
    Winner: The Implications

    If you have a heart, you probably love Imp. That's about as plainly as I can put it, I think! Sharp as a tack, witty but also good natured, it's been a time and a half since he posted a column around these parts but he's a highly active member of the LOP social media scene, as well as an invaluable contributor to our circle of podcasts (more on that a bit further down). Also getting votes here was SirSam, who is always a great pleasure to interact with on or off social media.
    Most Missed User
    Winner: Steve

    Perhaps the most overwhelming winner of the whole awards show is going to our dear Steve, who was once the heart and soul of this place but sadly due to ridiculous real life busyness hasn't popped up in the forums in many moons. One day we hope to see him return! Bear and Plan also received votes in this category, two legends of this forum.
    LOP Radio Personality of the Year
    Winner: The Implications

    The man who I tied with in this category now takes the victory cleanly! As I mentioned before, Imp is probably the single most valuable member of the LOP Radio network, from his tireless efforts to promote the channel to the hats he has worn behind the scenes, not to mention an almost fanatical drive to produce high quality content. Hats off to Imp, who ruled this category like none other!
    LOP Radio Show of the Year
    Winner: WWF: The Legacy Series

    For the third year in a row, I am truly honored to accept a win in this category on behalf of Shane and myself. I really can't give enough credit to Shane for being an incredible partner who pushes me to be better and comes up with insights from what must be another plane of existence. But not the same on the Warrior comes from, obviously. The Sensational Sherri universe, perhaps. Also receiving votes here was Imp and his NXT Review show, a faithfully clever and interesting show that is always worth a listen.
    Columns Forum Best Series
    Winner: Maz Debating / Dead or Alive (TIE!)

    When lockdown first hit it brought a lot of familiar faces back to this corner of the internet, and among the most welcome was Mazza. This cheeky Ponder is another one who can lay claim to once being right at the heart of the CF and is a big part of why I got into writing myself, so when I saw him dust off the old Maz Debating series I couldn't have been more pleased, and the results were grand. Sharing the top spot is a personal favorite of mine, and not just because I organized and contributed to it, the Dead or Alive creative writing series never fails to be a real blast for the forum. Zombies, aliens, emotions, and blood by the bucket full, what could be better? Also getting votes here are Rob's WCCW series and Benjamin Button's series on the early years of Ric Flair, two stupendous looks at some times and places in wrestling that are all but forgotten now.
    Main Page Best Series
    Winner: Sam & Imp do the G1

    For the second year in a row, SirSam and The Implications nab top spot in this category with their highly informative and always interesting breakdown of New Japan's G1 Climax. Bravo boys, well done! Also receiving a vote was the full run of Don's "The Main Event", well deserved on both counts.
    Column of the Year (Standard)
    Winner: A Wrestlemania Story, by Pennycook Mills

    Even with the forums not being as active as they once were, there was still fierce competition for this category as a wide variety of columns received votes. In the end narrowly coming out on top was this poignant column by the all too infrequently seen PCM, relating his own personal experience with a Wrestlemania of the past and cutting deep into the emotions of the readers. Also receiving votes were pieces by Don, Skul, and Skitz, among others. Bravo to all those who received votes!
    Column of the Year (Creative)
    Winner: Dead or Alive: Rhodes Brothers vs. Inner Circle, by JacobWrestledWithGod

    Yet again, JWG walks away with this award! Once a common sight in the forums, like many he has bowed to real life circumstances, but so far we have always been able to count on a return for DOA. This year instead of creating an ambitious puzzle, we got a story of family, blood, and zombies to chill your spine. We also received votes for the DOA finale, written by yours truly, as well as columns by Sam, Benjamin Button, and Skitz (again!), among others. Keep that creativity coming, folks!
    Main Page Columnist of the Year
    Winner: Sir Sam

    Once again, Sir Sam is sitting on top of the mountain on the main page! I believe this is the third consecutive victory for Sam in this category, and I have to say I think nobody deserves it more. The contributions he makes to our community, both in the forums and on the main page, really can't be overstated. Also receiving votes here are Don and newcomer Andrew Ardizzi, who rocketed up to the main page and has fit right in ever since.
    Columns Forum Columnist of the Year
    Winner: Benjamin Button

    Last year he was the runner up, but there was absolutely no denying Benny this year. Button's columns can take on almost any shape. Many are surreal and open to interpretation but they have a way of crawling under your skin and up into your mind until you can't stop thinking about them. He's also capable of busting out comedy, as we saw in the Wrestlemania Casino, and he's more than capable of digging deep into the past and showing you things you never knew you didn't know, as he did with the wonderful Fragments that Formed Flair series. Runner up this year is our own KingZak13, who has been the very model of consistency and dedication from one end of the calendar to the other this year.

    Thank you to both Benny and Zak for great contributions, and congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone who voted! Here's to what I hope will be a much better 2021, for us and for everyone!

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!

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    Congrats to all!


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      Thank you for voting for my column, didn’t expect anything and happy to still have a place here. Life’s been too busy with my younger boy now over 1 year old , while my elder 5 year old boy is slowly having some young boy rebellion and learning needs. Life’s good, and I hope everyone is doing well this year too. Will be back for DOA again!


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        Awesome to have these again, even in a quieter year. Thanks Mizzie for picking them up at the last minute, some idiot forgot he had over-committed himself, you sure came through for that joker.

        Cook was my vote for most improved, it has been great to see him really get stuck into Forums. If nothing else he deserves a win for putting himself through the worst PPVs of all time.

        Certainly, Imp deserves the award for best social media presence, I call him the most chipper guy in the IWC and the amazing thing is that it is 100% authentic, he isn't pretending for one moment.

        It is very sad that Steve can't be around these days, he was an absolute pillar of the community and I certainly second Plan and Bear getting mentions, both have always been incredible contributors to this corner of the internet.

        Imp has done so much for LOP Radio this year, not just on air with his NXT, RAW and PPV reviews but also in setting up and producing the Youtube channel. All the presenters put in tons of work but Imp took it to another level this year.

        Congrats to Mizzie & Shane, The Legacy Series has been a monolith, a love letter to wrestling and deserves all the praise it gets.

        Columns Series are big deals when they are done well. I don't think this forum felt more alive this year than when Maz was posting dailies and we were going wild on the Island of life and death.

        WE DID IT IMP!!!!! The G1 series nearly didn't happen this year, we literally decided to do it while watching the first nights action and boy was I glad we decided to push ourselves and get it done. Thanks for the votes.

        I voted for A Wrestlemania Stoy and Pennycock Mills smashed it on that column. Hopefully, I can see plenty more where that came from if you're out there Penny.

        I also voted for JWG's DOA effort, he always goes above and beyond with those and the visual effort this year was fantastic. Thanks to those that voted for me, I'm guessing it was also my DOA piece, I really enjoyed writing it.

        This is the third year in a row Mizzie, thanks so much to everyone who voted for me. Thing are heating up on the MP though, I'm going to have my work cut out for me chasing The Doc's five in a row with Andrew and Hustle smashing it out sometimes multiple times a week. Maybe I shouldn't have brought them on board.

        Lastly big ups to Benny, for two years he has been the standard here in my mind. While some others may be a little more regular than him, when he lays something down it is always extremely high quality.

        Congratulations on another year guys, really love that we have continued this tradition!


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          Thanks for all who voted for me. And really, congratulations to all the winners and runners up: Cook, Jacob, Sam, Legacy Series, imp, Kingzack, and Maz

          I love the legacy series and it’s truly added quality to my life in some dark times. Maz really brought a great spirit to the CF this year and it was a bright spot. Sir Sam is a great contributor in every way to the forums and Main page. Great writer as well.

          Thanks guys, been the soberest year I can remember and man, life’s tough and places like the CF make it easier.
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            Wow, I don't really know what to say apart from a massive thank you to everyone that voted for me. It really does mean a lot.

            And congratulations to ell the other well deserved winners.


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              I want to say a big thank you for anyone who voted for or listens to TLS. That show has been a consistent good in my inconsistent life. Mizfan is a friend and a broadcast partner who makes it worth doing every week, and the conversations that extend from it are so rewarding.

              Props to everyone who won or who contributed this year. Big fan of Imp, so I'm glad to see that. Also very happy for Button. There are some folks who have certain runs that are magical and he's had one.

              Thank you to everyone who keeps this space open.


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                Damn, not gonna lie but I am very mixed on second place, I thought I did pretty good. But then again, second place is pretty good all things considered and Ben did have a lot of top quality columns throughout the year so if I'm gonna be beat by anyone, I'm glad it's someone at the top of their game. Congratulations Ben, you deserve it.

                Congrats to everyone on the wins, it was a quiet year but the winners are no less deserving.
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                  Well done to the best of 2020! Here's to keeping this place going for another year.