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Kingzak Presents RWF: Ultimatum (Prologue)

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  • Kingzak Presents RWF: Ultimatum (Prologue)

    RWF: Ultimatum

    RWF: Fight Knight

    Two weeks until Grand Slam 2022

    Voiceover man voice
    RWF are getting ever closer to one of their biggest shows of all time. After a sell-out tour of Japan and Australia, the superstars are back and looking to settle the score. Topping off an amazing card is possibly RWF’s biggest main event to date. Jon Moxley defends his championship against former friend, Seth Rollins. Will Moxley be able to overcome the Architect and make it to one full year as RWF champion or will Seth’s claim that he is the better wrestler of the two be proven true?

    That’s not the only championship set to be defended as Keith Lee defends his Silverweight championship in an open challenge. A lot of superstars, Damien Priest, Ilja Dragunov and Santos Escobar to name a few, have wanted to challenge the limitless one and at Grand Slam they have their chance.

    Two superstars who won’t be going for the Silverweight open are Heath Slater and Ted DiBiase Jr, after months of subjugation and financial domination, Slater finally snapped and cost DiBiase a chance at the Silverweight title, and now has a chance to set himself free and clear the debt between the two. Slater’s contract hangs in the balance in a street fight, can Slater finally be free or will the Son of Money reign supreme.

    But that’s not all as the RWF Tag Team Championships are on the line as Champions The New Day take on former champions Jurassic Express and former, former champions The Hardy’s in a ladder match for all the marbles. One of these teams is set to claim the title of best tag team in the RWF, will it be the wily veterans, the young upstarts or the Power of Positivity.

    Speaking of tag teams, RWF’s new Women’s tag championship will be unveiled and crowned at Grand Slam. Our inaugural champions will be either the Duo of Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai, Team Kick, or the unlikely alliance between Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley. One team of women are set to make history and tensions could not be higher.

    And of course rounding out the women’s division is the first time ever clash between Asuka and Io Shirai. Asuka’s undefeated streak has carried her through some of the toughest women in RWF but has she finally found an equal in Shirai? The match promises to be one of epic proportions.

    All that and more packed into one show. Be sure to order the show, available on PPV and livestream.

    And we cut back to the live show and the commentary team

    Zak: We are two weeks away from Grand Slam and it is looking like one of the biggest nights in RWF history but up next on RWF Fight Knight we have the contract signing for our World title match. Both men have been put under a no contact clause until the match but with all the explosive elements, we’ll see if that holds up


    Zak: That’s not what’s happening.

    The commentator’s bickering fades into the background as Seth Rollins makes his grand entrance.

    Rollins arrives in the ring to a sea of boos from the live audience; he grabs a microphone from the table “Ladies and Gentlemen, your future RWF champion …”

    He is cut off as Jon Moxley’s music hits to a raucous ovation, Moxley storms to the ring; Rollins quickly gets to the other side of the ring as Moxley rolls in.

    Jon immediately grabs a pen from the table and signs the contract. And picks up the mic that had been left for him

    “Three years ago, we parted ways on okay terms. I was hoping that you’d keep the memory of what brotherhood meant to us, instead you became the same treacherous weasel that you always do” Moxley says “The same backstabber, the same underhanded cheat, the same bastard that you always do when there isn’t someone there to put you in check”

    “You put me in check?” Rollins responds feigning shock “Last time I checked I’ve been the one kicking your ass all over the globe, you may have a couple wins, but nine times out of ten, when the ref raises a hand, it’s mine” “and in two weeks’ time, that will be no different.”

    “Seth, while you’ve been pretending to be a world champion in WWE, I’ve been busy being one, both in AEW and here in the Royal Wrestling Force” “I’ve faced challengers of all shapes and sizes and in the end I’m the one left standing, no amount of punishment, barbwire or cheap explosives can keep me down for long and there is nothing you can do to keep me down”

    “I’ve done it before, so what’s one more time” Seth replies with a smug grin “That title is coming home with me”

    The two get face to face as the arena starts to shake; the lights begin to flicker before going out completely. Demonic laughter echoes across the stadium as the rumbling comes to a halt. The light returns to the stadium with a cold chill in the air

    “What the hell was that” Seth demands into the mic

    As the superstars back away, the contract table is broken as someone is slammed through it. It’s Bam Bam Bigelow, after taking a double suplex from the Hardy Boyz.

    “What the fuck is this” Moxley states looking at the three. “Why do you guys look twenty years younger?”

    The Hardy Boyz gets to their feet and look at the strangers in front of them. “Wait you know us” Matt asks

    “We work for the same company with you, but you usually look a bit different” Rollins says

    “Yeah, usually you look like that” Moxley says as he points to the ramp at The Hardy Boyz coming down the ramp, looking about twenty years older.

    The Hardys slide into the ring coming face to face with themselves. Everyone in the ring takes a step back to allow the four some space.

    “Allow me to explain” a voice says from above.

    The superstars look around for the source of the voice they turn and see a figure shrouded in a dark aura floating down from the rafters

    “Greetings mortals, my name is Phantasio and welcome to the multiverse”

    To be continued
    The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
    Send in your top 10 to help us find out what the worst PPV ever is.

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    Moxley and Rollins have plenty of history to play off, though I wonder if it's a missed opportunity to set them up in dream matches from different eras. Curious where you go with it.

    Ted Jr using money to dominate Slater is a very good use of both of them, bravo. And I'm salivating at the idea of Io Shirai and Asuka, incredibly I don't believe it has ever happened.

    The multiverse stuff? I have no clue, haha. I'll be keeping an open mind to see where you take this.

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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      Nice cliffhanger you're left us with. I'm very interested to seeing how you're going to play into the multiverse concept. Mox/Rollins has enough history to see any program between them work if given good material. But I'd say the most interesting match to me would be Shirai/Asuka. That would be a barnburner!