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  • Dynamite's Jet Saloon - Unfinished Business

    As it’s a long time since I posted, there’s a lot of unfinished business so I’m stealing the format for this one…..

    I never posted the results of my WrestleMania prediction column, so here’s a quick rundown:

    Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair
    Prediction: Bianca Belair.
    Result: Bianca Belair

    Bobby Lashley vs Drew McIntyre
    Prediction: Bobby Lashley
    Results: Bobby Lashley

    Bad Bunny and Damien Priest vs Miz & Morrison
    Prediction: Rabbit Man & Damien Priest
    Result: Bad Bunny & Damien Priest

    New Day vs AJ Styles and Omos
    Prediction: AJ Styles and Omos
    Result: AJ Styles and Omos

    Brawn Strowman vs Shane McMahon
    Prediction: Brawn Strowman
    Result: Brawn Strowman

    Cesaro vs Seth Rollins
    Prediction: Cesaro
    Result: Cesaro

    Women’s Tag Team Turmoil match
    Prediction: Surprise entrants win.
    Result: Natalya & Tamina

    Roman Reigns vs Edge vs Daniel Bryan
    Prediction: Edge
    Result: Roman Reigns

    Asuka vs Rhea Ripley
    Prediction: Rhea Ripley
    Result: Rhea Ripley

    The Fiend vs Orton
    Prediction: The Fiend
    Result: Randy Orton

    Big E vs Apollo Crews
    Prediction: Apollo Crews
    Result: Apollo Crews

    Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn
    Prediction: Sami Zayn
    Result: Kevin Owens

    Riddle vs Sheamus
    Prediction: Sheamus
    Result: Sheamus

    Women’s Tag Team Championship match
    Prediction: New champions / Previous night’s winner
    Result: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

    That gives me a score of 9/14. As I’ve done this a few times now, here’s the history:
    WM34 – 45%
    WM35 – 50%
    WM36 – 63%
    WM37 – 64%

    Main Event

    My predictions for the year need concluding too....

    1 – Raw & Smackdown Ratings will improve by around 0.5 million each.
    30th December 2021: Raw has been fairly stable. Last year ratings were around the 1.5-2 million mark, they still are for the most part. Although they’re tending to be lower in that range than they were a year ago.

    Similar story with Smackdown, with ratings staying around the 2 million mark over the past year. Still beating Raw on a regular basis, but I presume Vince still thinks it’s the B show.

    2 – NXT & AEW ratings will stay around the 0.7 million mark they currently achieve.
    29th March 2021: This one has become unpredictable in recent weeks. There’s no doubt they’ve been sharing viewers as they are essentially marketing to a similar audience, essentially the fans of the glorified indie promotion. However, with the recent news that NXT may be changing nights, this prediction basically becomes impossible to predict. It also means that the so-called ‘Wednesday Night Wars’ (which in my opinion were never a thing) have ended. Maybe now people can shut up about them and simply try to enjoy wrestling again?

    30th December 2021: Following the theme from Prediction 1, NXT has remained fairly stable for most of the year, sticking around that 0.7 million mark for the most part. Could be bad news for next year though, as the past couple of months show a slight downward spiral beginning. Not enough to affect the result of this prediction, but enough to make me think next year might not be a good one for the promotion.
    AEW though does show a glimmer of hope. They do seem to have increased viewership ever so slightly, so although there are occasional weeks they’re around the 0.5 million mark, they’re getting more weeks where they beat the 1 million statistic. A quick look through the years ratings gave me the impression they’ve improved to around 0.9 million, so although it’s only a small growth Dynamite has done better over the course of the year than any other show.

    3 – One of the better known third tier promotions goes out of business
    30th December 2021: When I wrote this prediction a year ago, I really didn’t expect it to be ROH that made it come true. I know, officially they’re going on “hiatus” so it’s always possible the promotion returns, but being realistic you have to question whether there’s room for ROH these days.

    4 – Baron Corbin returns to something similar to his original gimmick.
    15th December 2020: As this is being written a year before it will be posted, to refresh your memories Corbin recently started using Cutler & Blake (formerly two of the Forgotten Sons) as backup muscle. Even though he’s still in his King Corbin gimmick, apparently they are to be referred to as “The Knights of the Lone Wolf”. If that doesn’t hint at a return to his original gimmick, I don’t know what will.
    The trouble is, that name instantly made me think of the infamous rock band The Lone Rangers.

    30th December 2021: I have no idea what’s going on with Corbin as it’s so long since I watched, but I’ve seen recent reports about “Happy Corbin”. I’m guessing that makes this prediction a total miss.

    5 – Ronda Rousey or CM Punk will make a comeback
    30th December 2021: There weren’t many comments to last year’s predictions column, but almost all who did comment thought there was absolutely no chance in hell of this happening.

    I guess you all know it came true in Chicago.

    6 – The Rumbles will be won by Edge & Charlotte
    29th March 2021: I guess I could have done this update a few weeks ago, but my thoughts on it haven’t changed and even though I only got the male Rumble right I believe my predictions for the Women were probably the better answer.

    I’d say Charlotte winning as per my prediction then going on to lose to Asuka at Mania would have been the better overall story. Bianca Belair has potential, but is a victim of the lack of depth in the women’s roster. If you compare her to where a man would be at this stage in her career, she’s at the stage where a potential trial run with the Intercontinental Title would be in order. Certainly not a WrestleMania main event. But that’s a discussion for another column.

    As for the men….the fact is people seem happy about the returning Hall of Famer Edge winning the Rumble. After years of moaning that these so-called legends all too often dominate the main event scene come WrestleMania time. OK, at least he seems to be appearing on a weekly basis. For now at least. But that doesn’t change my thoughts on the general reaction: You bunch of fucking hypocrites. (Meant in a loving and caring way of course...)

    I do believe they missed a chance to do something unique and potentially legendary with this Rumble though. As soon as Orton and Edge came out first, I had a feeling they were going to go the distance (albeit with a different winner). Then once they started fighting outside the ring, I actually thought they were going to do something similar to the Piper/Goldust match at WM12 where they kept showing clips of them fighting all around the arena (and elsewhere) before bringing them back to the ring as the last two competitors.

    Having any wrestler be carried out due to injury should count as an elimination, and they’ve done the whole last second comeback from outside the ring after someone thinks they've won thing so often in recent years it holds no more entertainment value.

    But adding that cinematic element to a Rumble Match could have been a unique way to have put this year’s match in the top few of all time.

    7 – Randy Orton will equal Flair/Cena’s record of 16 World Titles.
    29th March 2021: OK, so he still needs two more. This one was sort of dependent on him winning the title at Rumble and having a short pre-Mania run with it. Two more in the year is still not impossible, but I suspect it’s less likely.

    30th December 2021: Still stuck at 14… but I definitely think it’s a record he’ll equal or beat eventually, they just didn’t pull the trigger yet. Worth noting that he beat Kane’s record for the most WWE PPV appearances this year though.

    8 – Big E’s solo push will peak at a mid card title run
    4th January 2021: Well, he’s won the Intercontinental Title. I think he could be a solid IC guy if they let him, hopefully he has a good run with it. I still think it’s his ceiling though.

    30th December 2021: I guess this one was completely wrong. As noted elsewhere in the column, I’m out of touch so haven’t seen any of his reign, but at 105 days and counting does this make him the most successful MITB cash in? My recollection of things is that MITB cash ins have always tended to result in a fairly short reign.

    9 – Kurt Angle will appear in AEW
    30th December 2021: As far as I can tell this never happened. According to google all the results are about him turning down an offer from them.

    10 – Reign’s “Head of the Table” gimmick will quietly end without resolution
    30th December 2021: I’ve actually got no idea to what extent this is still being referred to, but the general impression I get from reading headlines etc that the overall gimmick is still in place?

    Final score: I’m going to claim 3 out of 10 based on:
    • NXT ratings (half a mark)
    • ROH’s hiatus
    • CM Punk’s comeback
    • Edge’s Rumble win (half a mark)

    Dark Match

    It truly saddens me how dead this place has become. And I have to accept some of the blame for that; even though I was never the most prolific writer here you could always rely on me to get something posted every few weeks. This year though, I believe this is only my 5th column. And even though it most definitely is not a retirement column, I also don’t see myself coming back to writing on a regular basis in the foreseeable future unless something significant changes.

    The thing is, I’ve always been a supporter of WWE. Throughout the past few years a large proportion of people in whatever the IWC is have complained more and more about WWE’s bad booking, bad storylines, lack of character development, no long term vision and so may other justifiable complaints. I’ve always stayed positive and seen the good in what they were putting out.

    I don’t know if it was related to my own personal circumstances which changed that positive outlook, but that positive outlook towards WWE definitely changed somewhere between the Rumble and WrestleMania.

    Every other year, I’ve usually rewatched the Rumble match within a couple of weeks of it happening. This year that urge didn’t hit me. Similarly, there’s always been at least one thing about WrestleMania that I’ve always felt deserved a rewatch. Again, that didn’t happen this year.

    To be honest, I actually believe year’s WrestleMania felt less like a WrestleMania than last year’s, even though there was an audience present. Last year, when it was studio based, you understood and although it had a different feel, you could accept it given the circumstances. And like them or not, things like the Funhouse & Boneyard matches were the sort of genuinely special things that made it feel like a WrestleMania.

    This year’s WrestleMania had none of that. It was just a show. When I went back over the results for the Pre-show part of this column, I had pretty much no memory of any of it happening. That’s something that should never be the case for what is supposed to be the biggest show of the year.

    So what happened after WrestleMania? My WWE Network account sat dormant, £9.99 being taken each month for a service I never logged in to.

    Eventually something had to give. So the first thing I watched after WrestleMania was Summer Slam. That should tell the mathematicians among you how much money I gave WWE for absolutely nothing. Summer Slam was obviously presented as the big show of the year WrestleMania wasn’t allowed to be, and you know what? I still didn’t care. Even as I watched it, I knew I wasn’t interested. I still can’t remember anything at all about the show.

    So at the end of Summer Slam, I unceremoniously closed my account on the WWE Network for the first time since it launched here in the UK.

    But no matter how sad that may be, the saddest thing of all is what I started this section of the column with; the fact that this forum has become virtually dead. In the 10+ years I’ve been a member here there has always been a thriving community of writers, some with the ambition to get to the main page, others (like me) who were just writing for pleasure, but all of us obviously doing it because we loved doing it and we were proud to have people to discuss our love of wrestling with.

    And even though for me that love of wrestling has subsided, I’m sure at some point it will return. I just hope that when it does there’s still an LOP for me to return to as well.
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    You and me both are quite saddened by how empty this place has become... there are many reasons, of course. Forums are an antiquated way to interact online, for one. This place has always been heaviest on WWE, understandably, and with folks like yourself giving up on the promotion there's no much to talk about there. I've been getting on well with AEW but that community of fans is almost all on social media there days. Ah well, as long as this place is here I'll live in hope that folks like you will stop by and at least check in.

    Indeed, Kurt Angle never showed up in AEW so far. I wouldn't mind if he showed his face but please god, don't let him wrestle a match, he's been cooked for years.

    As for MITB cash ins, longest reign I think is Seth Rollins in 2015, wiki says 220 day reign. Definitely mostly short reigns though.

    Nice to see you pop through DB, hope you find something that sparks your interest again.

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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      Unfinished business, the story of many vaginas, at least the ones I’ve cum across. Good to see you back.
      See the latest of my Ric Flair saga click here. View my story inspired by colorful wrestlers I've come across in my fandom.


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        Love seeing you pop in here mate. Interesting how well you did with some of your wilder predictions, the promotion going out of business one in particular.

        I've gotta say that I am also sad at how dead this place is but I don't blame anyone, least of all the guys still here like you, who for multiple years genuinely tried with numerous strategies to bring this place to life again. By now I've accepted that sometimes things like this do just fizzle out, it sucks but we simply couldn't fight against the giant prevailing trends that stood against us. It's like someone trying to be a horseshoe fitter in 1920, you can be as good as you can be at your job, how many gimmicks you can come up with to bring in business, sooner or later everyone is gona get a car.Love seeing you pop in here mate. Interesting how well you did with some of your wilder predictions, the promotion going out of business one in particular.

        Your WWE fandom went the way mine went in 2019, I was fortunate to jump onto the NJPW and AEW train, the later of which has made me more invested than ever but I understand where you're at with it. I believe from what you've written previously you aren't too keen on AEW but I'm curious if you've checked it out since Punk and Danielson debuted?

        I've gotta say that I am also sad at how dead this place is but I don't blame anyone, least of all the guys still here like you, who for multiple years genuinely tried with numerous strategies to bring this place to life again. By now I've accepted that sometimes things like this do just fizzle out, it sucks but we simply couldn't fight against the giant prevailing trends that stood against us. It's like someone trying to be a horseshoe fitter in 1920, you can be as good as you can be at your job, how many gimmicks you can come up with to bring in business, sooner or later everyone is gona get a car.


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          Got to say, when I posted this I wasn't actually sure anyone would be here to read, let alone reply. The fact that you guys are still around is awesome. But, as Miz & Sam said, forums are a dying breed. Social Media has well and truly taken over the particular niche places like this once ruled, which is sad. A Tweet can never explore a topic in the same way an in depth column can, and the saying "a picture tells a thousand words" is proven wrong by Instagram.

          I guess podcasts should get a mention here as well. Personally I've never bothered with them, but I think we lost a few guys over the years to that sort of outlet.

          How could I forget Seth? One of only 3 good cash-ins in the history of MITB.
          But even though it hasn't happened yet, you can bet good money on Angle turning up in AEW with a cameo appearance at least. I think even he realises now that he shouldn't be wrestling anymore though.

          I've come across a lot of vaginas in my time. Too many to count. But there are definitely some I consider unfinished business and would like another go at. And many more I'd like to sample for a first time. But that's most certainly a discussion for another forum.

          Got to be honest, that promotion going out of business prediction was aimed more at the likes of NWA, MLW or GCW etc. Arguably because I said a "3rd tier" promotion I wasn't even considering ROH as a company that counted, considering them a 2nd tier company alongside AEW & Impact. But it's happened, and it's equally arguable that AEW are the only 2nd tier promotion these days as they're definitely a step ahead of Impact/ROH & the others I mentioned probably now count as 4th tier. Then again, VKM would probably say AEW are the leading wrassling promotion because WWE are in the entertainment business....

          Talking of AEW, I've given them a couple of tries in the past and even though I enjoyed 3/4s of it, I never became addicted.

          I had promised myself some time ago that once audiences were back I'd actually give Impact another go, but I changed my TV package a few weeks ago and no longer have access to the right channel. So AEW is going to get another try starting this week.

          And possibly NXT UK if I have time each week. I did watch that one for a few months and never really stopped enjoying it, I just fell too far behind so it fell off the radar.
          New Column: Unfinished Business


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            Nice job on the predictions. You getting better every year. Don't slip up this year!

            Main Event

            1. At least the ratings didn't get worse!
            2. Disappointed in NXT's downward spiral but I'm legit happy that AEW is improving in that regards and hope that it can only get better in 2022.
            3. Never watched ROH before but they appear not to be the breeding ground for future stars any longer. You know you've got a problem if TNA is bigger than you.
            4. Total miss. Corbin even has an associate so he definitely far from the Lone Wolf. Happy Corbin is such an annoying gimmick.
            5. CM Punk finally returned and although it's been good, he's only now found something to sink his teeth into with the MJF feud.
            6. I completely forgot Edge won the Rumble. But I will say Belair was a good choice, although, like many others before her, they could not sustain her momentum.
            7. I do believe this will happen eventually with Orton/Cena facing off in the main event of 'Mania for a vacated title for the record.
            8. LOL. Brock hates New Day.
            9. Hasn't happened yet, but they like legends as managers so it may happen yet.
            10. Gimmick still in place from what I've seen and it does not appear to be dying down anytime soon.

            Dark Match

            This is SAD bro. I hate seeing this place in ruins like this and ironically it feels like WWE are in a similar situation. It's extremely hard to get motivated when you writing for nobody but I got the itch I intend to scratch. Hopefully your positivity toward WWE will return and I'm even more hopeful that there will be an upturn in the Forums fortunes.

            Oh, and I wonder where you stole the format from haha.