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What AEW must NOT do with CM Punk

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    While I could see them making an angle out of it, I also see it as their way of dealing with a hostile audience especially since they can’t talk so good.

    Either way, it sucks. It’s not good story telling.
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      This also shines a spotlight on the fact that there is little to no oversight from Tony Kahn. At the end of the day he is responsible for the company and whether his defenders want to admit it is not he is at fault for the escalation (misinformed leaks to Meltzer, Adam Page’s rambling shit throwing interview, and any other backstage drama) that led to the Punk scorched earth interview after All Out, he could have and should have shut down the Punk interview before it got out of hand, not punishing guilty parties equally, and is now letting the Elite air their dirty laundry in this passive aggressive manner. If he buys into all this shit and it’s not a matter of him not having a spine, then, this really is “All Friends Wrestling” as Cornette has called it in the past.

      I have stopped watching the contemporary product all together and I’m angry AEW lost me as a fan after I gave them every chance to give me something to watch. It wouldn’t have been super hard to keep me engaged but the leadership is enough for me not to want to bother.