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Dead or Alive 2021: Love vs. War #5 (by mizfan)

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  • Dead or Alive 2021: Love vs. War #5 (by mizfan)

    Round 1, Match #5: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins vs. Scarlett Bordeaux & Karrion Kross

    Written by mizfan

    The round, mirrored glasses of the man known as Kross reflected nothing but pure madness as he looked out on his creation. Kross, known to some as Karrion but a killer at heart, had constructed nothing less than a murderous maze for his opponents to travel through.

    Piercing blades hidden in walls, floors, ceilings. Swinging axes, rooms that would collapse in on themselves slowly with no hope of escape, red stone piled high to mark the walls and stain even the sky to an oppressive crimson haze. Coffins laying open, ready to snap up more victims. Dark creatures lurking around every corner. He even had imprisoned a god inside, a god of death who was used to imprisonment thanks to another place where Kross used to work his evil.

    What rabbit could traverse such a deathtrap unscathed? Kross grinned from ear to ear and rubbed his hands at the mere thought of his enemies scurrying.

    None, of course. No one would be able to make it through.

    Kross let out a bark of laughter, then looked around for his dear partner Scarlett. Surely she would want to share in his triumph? But she was nowhere to be seen.

    A seed of doubt festered in the mind of Kross. Was he worried his partner might have slipped off to perform some act of infidelity? Of course not! A bond such as theirs couldn’t be broken by such actions, what made their love true was that they killed and fucked with impunity. Indeed, the only concern in the mind of Kross was that Scarlett might win the battle before his delicious murder maze could be broken in!

    And indeed, far on the other side of the twisting passages of death, smokey eyes watched from the shadows as Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins slowly approached the looming, spiked stone gate that marked the entrance to the labyrinth. Around them was nothing but desolation, a flat, cracked plain of sunbaked red clay, interrupted only by the jutting ridges of rock that could be hiding anything and everything. The sky above them was a haze of clouds tinged with a sickly purple, and the occasional flash of lighting, but not a hint of rain.

    “Ugh… Becky, it’s too far! I’m tired of walking. I don’t want to go in a maze. It’s not faaaaair…”

    Becky trudged on wearily as her husband complained, trailing behind her.

    “They should just let me win, I’m the best… don’t they know I’m a genius…”

    Becky held her tongue. It was all she could do at this point. It was one thing to have Seth home in between travel, or if they were on the road working together, but spending time with him when things were not going his way was proving to be taxing. He wasn’t much for standing up to criticism, let alone actual hardship.

    “This is so not fair… like, like remember when those people were mean to me on twitter? This is even worse than that!”

    “Hey Seth,” Becky whirled around and snapped. “Remember when I had to literally break my face in order to for the company to notice that I existed? Remember how I had to scratch and claw and actually bleed my way into the spotlight, while you got everything handed to you? Do you remember that I became a bigger deal than you’ll ever be in spite of that? Do you, huh? Then maybe you could shut up for a few minutes so I can think about our strategy so we don’t die, and so I don’t kill you myself!!”

    Rollins sniffed at this outburst, lip trembling, and sat down on the ground, clutching his knees to his chest.

    “Oh what, now you’re just not gonna walk anymore? You’re just gonna stay out here in this weird freaky desert and pout?”

    Seth turned his head away and sniffed again.

    “Jesus, you’re lucky you’re hot… fine, just stay here, keep an eye out, I’m going to check out the entrance and try to figure out what we should do next. This is tough on both of us so just try to cool it, will you?

    “Can’t cool it. I’m gonna buuuuurn it doooooooooooown!!!” Seth suddenly screamed petulantly.

    Becky rubbed her temples, turned away, and walked off. Apparently they both needed a minute.

    The wind howled as the crunch of Becky’s boots faded in the distance. Seth sniffed again. “I will burn it down. I WILL burn it down.”

    “Oh, I bet you will, big boy…”

    Seth leapt to his feet upon hearing the sultry voice suddenly in his ear. He raised his hands to fight but found himself facing a scantily clad Scarlett Bordeaux. And her sly smile didn’t exactly convey a violent thought… or did it? Seth couldn’t quite tell her intentions, but he felt the bulge in his pants begin to grow.

    “We’re- we’re supposed to fight to the death, right? Bring it on, I’m the best!”

    Scarlett started to slink around him as she spoke, her hips shifting back and forth as Seth tried to keep alert for a possible attack. “Oh Seth, I know you are. That’s why I’m here. Who really says we have to fight anyway? What will happen if we don’t? I can think of something a lot more fun to do. A lot more fun that what you probably get to do with your little partner, that is.”

    “My partner? You mean Roman, or Dean? I dunno, they’re pretty fun guys.”

    Scarlett stopped short for a moment, and her normally silky smooth forehead wrinkled in pain for a moment. “God, you really are luck you’re hot,” Scarlett said, and started undoing Seth’s belt.

    “Uh, didn’t your husband build a murder maze? Doesn’t he want to kill us?”

    “Oh Seth,” Scarlett moaned, “Kross is as much a lover as a killer. Let him keep his toys, maybe we can play with them later. Right now let’s do something else…”

    “I… oh wow… oh, yes…”

    What Scarlett was doing down there was making it hard. To maintain the conversation, that is. She used her free hand to stroke Seth’s face, then pushed him playfully down to the ground, following him down without letting go. Seth groaned with delight as Scarlett mounted him, lowering herself down to him.

    Seth was so overcome with the throes of pleasure that he at first didn’t notice his body had begun to smoke. Tendrils of dark vapor started to leak out from inside his gloves and his shirt, from his shoes, and of course from the opening in his pants. Even in his current state, Seth couldn’t help but notice that Scarlett’s writhing form was now wreathed in smoke, and an orange glow was beginning to emit from him as well. The purple sky grew darker as the clouds roiled and Scarlett undulated on top of him. Even as he started to dissolve into smoke, his very body starting to fade away into a cloud of mist which was slowly being drawn inside of Scarlett, Seth threw out his arms above his head and screamed, in pure ecstasy!


    Just before the climactic moment, a flash of red! Becky Lynch flew out of the gathering smoke and darkness and, seizing Scarlett by the hair, dragged her off Seth and hurled her to the cracked desert floor! Dust flew up into the air, mixing with and tainting the smoke, which slowly settled back into Seth, making him whole again. Panting, Seth scrambled back to his feet and pointed the accusing finger at Scarlett.

    “Thank god you’re here, Becky! I distracted her, now take her apart! Use the Dis-Arm-Her!”

    Becky gave her husband a withering look, then considered his suggestion. Nodding her agreement, she grasped the outstretched arm of Seth and ripped it out of its socket. Seth stood frozen, staring at where his arm used to be, as Becky marched after a cowering Scarlett and proceeded to beat her to death with her husband’s arm. Seth heard the screaming, the squelching strikes slamming against meat and bone until they finally subsided, but saw only the empty space protruding from his shoulder.

    Becky returned from the gathering darkness, splattered with blood and still holding Seth’s arm over her shoulder. As she passed Seth she tossed him the arm, which bounced off his still frozen chest.

    “Thanks for the suggestion, Seth. Now pick yourself up and let’s go.”

    Becky marched on down the path. Before she was out of earshot, she finally heard the scream.

    Miles away, Killer Kross heard the scream too. He smiled for a moment, but when the heard the crackling announcement from the speakers, the smile fled from his face. Kross dropped to his knees and screamed at the sky.

    “It can’t be! Now… now nobody will use my murder maze! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”
    WINNERS: Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins!
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    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!

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    Wow, this was a tough one to call. Saw who was fighting and was surprised to see one of these two would be going so soon.

    Kinda surprised that Karrion and Scarlett lost, I figured there quasi-magic aura would be the perfect fit for the island.

    Loved Seth's character in this, definitely suited him, I reckon he dies of blood loss before the next round gets here though.
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      Mizfan, this story is absolutely brutal at its pinnacle. Ripping out his arm as a weapon to smash Seth’s lover. That’s quite something, and we need more of these violence in DOA. I literally had to clenched jaw a little at the thought of it, when Becky threw the arm back at Seth. Like Sam’s story, I think you make the most out of the outrageous moments. Classic DOA.


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        Zak! Indeed, this was a tricky one to decide the winner for. Thought a lot about putting Kross through but decided to go with the bigger names in the end. Though Kross is still fine, and he could theoretically pop up again in later rounds... I suppose the Island will have to keep Seth alive until he can be killed properly, right? Thanks for the read and feed!

        JWG! Wonderful to see you around these parts. Brutality and violence, both gritty and over the top, is the bread and butter of DOA. I hope you can just hear the splat when the arm gets thrown back.

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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          Finally got around to reading this and am so glad I did. Even though I am still a Rollins fan, your characterisation of him was utterly hilarious and grounded in just enough truth for it to work.

          My favourite line was when he thought Dean and Roman were his partners, just brilliant stuff there. Becky telling Seth that she had to break her face just to get noticed came a close second.

          Am a bit sad we didn't get to see Karion's death maze in action but that really is a bit of a metaphor for his WWE run thus far, all incredible set up and presentation but he gets screwed over before he can deliver anything.

          I think the right team won here, while Kross and Scarlet are a great pair the potential with Becky on The Island is irresistible.


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            It's the Dis-Arm-Her, not the Dis-Arm-Him. How dare you disrespect Rollins' preferred pronouns!?!

            Suitably deranged for what I'm coming to expect from DOA and a joy to read. Well done!


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              Wow, I don't know if you dislike Rollins but he was portrayed as a whiny little bitch here haha. Becky bossing the shit and I never realised that Becky may very well be a bigger deal than what Rollins is. Kross was also portrayed very well here. Very believable from how he's perceived on TV. I certainly think you nailed the characters here. Loved the ending too! Great job.