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Kingzak Presents: WrestleMania 37 Predictions

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  • Kingzak Presents: WrestleMania 37 Predictions


    What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another round of predictions. It felt like just hours ago we were discussing Takeover and now WrestleMania is here, where does the time go. I think it’s safe to say that the build to WrestleMania has been abysmal at best, so many of the top stories just kinda left to plod along with little to no effort in making it feel big. The only thing making this WrestleMania is the big time matchups we’ve got dotted across the two nights. But it’s time to dive in and take a look at the shows, so without further ado, let’s begin.

    WrestleMania Night 1 Predictions

    Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs. The Miz and John Morrison

    For a celebrity feud, this has been pretty alright, I like that they have actually given Damien Priest a storyline instead of just leaving him to do whatever, The Miz has had a weird 2021 so far, he went from Money in the Bank to world champion back to Celebrity feud so quickly, honestly prominent midcard heel feels like the perfect role for The Miz, he makes a good sub-boss for people to face off against and get the big push from it.

    This probably isn’t going to be great, but I’m ready to be proven wrong. Bad Bunny has been working on his wrestling since January and I’m genuinely happy for him. The standard rule for a celebrity appearance should always be do they give a shit, if they actually like wrestling then more power to them and they should absolutely have fun with this. Bunny is a fan of wrestling and honestly having high profile fans is only going to help wrestling, especially as we’ve lately become more and more entrenched in angry twitter trolls being the main demographic for wrestling.

    As for winner, its obvious the Bunny and Priest are going to be winning this one, the celebrity never loses (unless they are a heel of course), so Bunny and Priest are going to win this one. A small part of me is hoping they let Priest get the pinfall just for the big moment for the guy but that’s unlikely, Bunny pins the Miz I reckon.

    Zak: Bad Bunny and Damien Priest
    Brother: Damien Priest (and his mascot)
    Dad: Johnny Morris, Animal Magic
    Dog: Bunny and Priest

    The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. AJ Styles and Omos
    Raw Tag Team Championship

    This is a bit out of the blue but honestly it would be a crime for AJ to miss a WrestleMania, he’s had a hell of a WrestleMania record since joining the WWE, some great matches and some fun stories he has had. I don’t mind him adopting a lower card position while new talent are swapped in at the top, he can be phenomenal wherever. Also The New Day getting a featured match on WrestleMania is good too, they’ve only had two actual tag team matches at WM since their formation (32 and 34, both disappointing matches) so something fun and entertaining is definitely in the cards.

    The obvious unknown quantity is Omos, he’s big and that’s about all we know about him so far. Watch him bust out a shooting star press or something, just to really fuck with us. I am optimistic for Omos, he’s huge and we all know that huge works in wrestling, if he doesn’t find himself too injury prone or lacking talent then we have ourselves our new 7 footer, since Big Show “retired” we haven’t seen that sort of super giant, there’s plenty of big guys but none that you can look at and go “holy shit that’s a human” if you get what I mean.

    As for the winner, I think Styles and Omos as tag champions would be genuinely quite interesting to see, The New Day have faced everyone in WWE, and everyone else worth facing is in AEW, so having them as champions isn’t going to do much in the long term, so Styles and Omos at least offer up a new foe for the division, which I’m sure isn’t just The New Day, though I have no idea what other tag teams exist. Anyway, Styles and Omos get the win

    Zak: Styles and Omos
    Brother: AJ Styles and Omos
    Dad: Omos (If he does well he can get a second name)
    Dog: The New Day

    Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. Lana and Naomi vs. Natalya and Tamina vs. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott)

    I don’t give a shit who wins this one, WWE flushed their one good storyline they had with the women’s tag team titles and are now scrambling to put some filler in place, fuck that. Liv and Ruby are my pick because they are an actual team but honestly any of the options are equally plausible because WWE just don’t give a shit.

    Zak: Riott Squad
    Brother: The Riott Squad
    Dad: Nutella and her friend

    Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon
    Steel Cage

    I’ve never expected anything good from a Shane McMahon feud, but even by the incredibly low bar set, this has failed. Braun Strowman was a fearsome destroyer a few years back, and now he’s more or less a joke character, does anyone take him seriously anymore? I don’t care at all, the match isn’t gonna do anything for either man, except put Shane on a few days of bed rest after he gets thrown off the cage, or gets put through it … actually Strowman’s done both those already to people, so now I’m curious if they are going to actually do something new, or if they are just gonna repeat the old tricks, either way Braun wins.

    Zak: Braun Strowman
    Brother: Braun Strowman
    Dad: The one that isn’t Vince’s son
    Dog: Shane McMahon

    Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

    I remember initially everyone was expecting this to be Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins based on their initial returns coinciding, and had the Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns story not picked up I imagine this probably would have ended up being Bryan/Rollins, but honestly this should be just as good. Cesaro’s push this year has been great to watch unfold and here’s hoping it continues, it’s great to see him finally get another big singles push.

    Give this match the chance to and it will steal the show, the two both are fantastic in the ring and this should be a great match regardless. As for the winner, I think realistically Cesaro needs the win since he’s literally not had a singles PPV match in years, Seth had a solid 2020 and spent the majority of it beating the Mysterio’s so he’s got plenty of momentum to him, Cesaro getting the win would be huge for him, while a win for Seth doesn’t really mean much to him.

    Zak: Cesaro
    Brother: Seth Rollins
    Dad: Seth Rollins
    Dog: Seth Rollins

    Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre
    WWE Championship

    This has been a mess to get to, but this is the right choice for the WWE title match, Drew has been a constant in the title scene the last year and has done some stellar work, and Lashley has had the sort of career resurgence that most could only dream of. I remember Backlash from last year and honestly Lashley vs Drew was a reason I skipped predictions for it, it just felt completely forced and pointless. What a difference a year can make. The Hurt Business run built Lashley into the beast they wanted him to be.

    I’m not expecting a great match here, the two are both solid in the ring but they need the right sort of opponent or environment to bring out that next gear, so ultimately I think we get a solid match but the crowd should be really into this one so it shouldn’t matter.

    As for the winner, Drew’s run at the top has been great, but at this point he’s beaten everyone that matters and needs to find a new challenge, Bobby as the monster heel on top just makes sense, and also there is that potential match for Lashley vs Lesnar that has been hanging over us, I think right now that match would be genuinely exciting as opposed to every other point where my reactions been “I mean you could do that I guess”. Lashley winning just makes sense here.

    Zak: Bobby Lashley
    Brother: Drew McIntyre
    Dad: Drew McIntyre
    Dog: Drew McIntyre

    Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair
    SmackDown Women's Championship

    Well this has been utterly abysmal. There was such high hopes for this to be a good face vs face feud given the natural charisma of both women, and somehow they get lumbered with having to work with Nia Jax and Carmella for the first month, taking some big notable losses and overall doing little to actually make there seem any sort of feud at all. The only reason I have this in the main event slot is because the Rumble winner gets the main event.

    This should be a good match, both women should be going all out here, and when they are all out these are two of the best. This should be a perfectly good match if they are given the right time to work with and don’t get injured this should be a perfectly enjoyable match.

    As for the winner, Sasha is 0-5 at WrestleMania, naturally you’d think that it’s her time this year but honestly this has been built for her to lose here, she’s had a good-ish reign with the title, when compared to her previous reigns it’s positively Sammartino-esque, however I feel like they are setting this up for a Bianca win. This is a shame for Sasha but she’s had a decent run but I think Bianca Belair deserves a run with the gold.

    Zak: Bianca Belair
    Brother: Bianca Belair (Rumble winner)
    Dad: Sasha Banks (Two outstanding pornstar names)
    Dog: Bianca Belair

    Dog Predictions

    We are using the last of the chicken roll for this, so onward we go.

    Slightly bit my hand picking The New Day,
    A quick and angry grab for Drew McIntyre.
    A reach for Shane missing Braun completely,
    A fast grab for Seth Rollins
    Missed Bunny and Priest, tried taking it but missed it, he went again and took it.
    A quick and immediate snatch of Bianca Belair

    And that is our first half of WrestleMania, a lot of good, a bit of bad but that should hopefully be nice and easy to skip. I’m genuinely not sure who’s going to win a lot of these matches, maybe that’s because I’ve been writing for a couple days now and my brain can no longer make sense of wrestling, but honestly unpredictability is a good thing, give me a couple sensible surprises in my wrestling and I am happy. And on that note, it is time I bid you all a fond farewell , as always I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.
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    Johnny Morris, Animal Magic!!!!

    I'm not sure how many others will get that reference, but I popped for it
    New Column: Pre WrestleMania Thoughts & Predictions


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      Interesting that your predictions are all pretty much the same. I haven't been watching at all and still don't know if I'll watch Mania but I feel like everything you said was pretty logical.

      Does your whole family watch Mania?


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        Not sure if watching this show live in a couple of hours is smart seeing as I have work 3 hours after it should finish but I expect a good show.

        I agree with all your picks Zak except the WWE Title Match and Shane/Strowman. The latter is clearly set up for a face victory however if Shane does get thrown off the top or through the Cage then he'll hit the floor first and win...they had that finish with Strowman/Owens a few years back and I can see it happening again so Shane gets his comeuppance but still wins. Unfortunately I expect this to result in Shane continuing to call Strowman stupid and thus the feud continuing to Money in the Bank where Strowman will actually beat him.

        McIntyre/Lashley not being the main event does make me think there's a chance Lashley retains but I think they're committed to giving McIntyre the moment he missed out on last year. There isn't any sufficiently built opponents for him after but you can do a rematch or 2 with Lashley and then we could see McIntyre/Strowman and by that point Lesnar may return or possibly Damian Priest will be elevated.

        Didn't realise Sasha Banks was 0-5 at 'Mania and with them going on last there's no way Bianca doesn't win and extend that to 0-6. I'd actually keep having Banks lose at 'Mania until she wins a Rumble, which she will do at some point, as a face and then a heel can use that against her heading in.


        • #5
          Feedback time

          @Dynamite: I genuinely had a discussion with dad when he made the joke that no one would get it. I'm both glad and disappointed that he was right.

          @Sam: The family does not watch WrestleMania, the rest of the house don't watch wrestling unless I've been left in charge of the TV. my parents used to watch a little before I was born, but stopped when schedule changes meant they weren't up at one in the morning (or I guess were trying not to be).

          @Cook: I wouldn't recommend watching live, sleep is really important. I don't think anything is going to happen that we aren't already expecting.

          I did think of that for Strowman/Shane, but I think it would show smarts from Braun if he went to throw Shane through the table but remember the Owens experience and changed course, that would be as satisfying an ending as we can hope for from this one. I really hope it doesn't continue, I thought The Miz/Shane feud from a couple years ago was bad but this is a new level.

          I see your point on McIntyre but I don't think you an stretch out another Drew title run at this point, he needs a change before another title run.

          I like your story for Banks and I can honestly see that being the route they go with for this year. Admittedly that is literally guessing at this point

          Thanks to everyone for reading, time for the other half of the predictions.


          What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. The amount of times I misspelt my own name just then is more than I am okay with, the wrestling is getting to me and suplexing my brain into soup. But at the same time we are so close to the end, this could get weird and I am excited for it, so without further ado, let’s fucking do this.

          WrestleMania Night 2 Predictions

          Riddle vs. Sheamus
          United States Championship

          Who had Sheamus being one of the best wrestlers of 2021? He has been on fire this year, the feud with Drew was fantastically brutal and he’s had a fair share of pretty great matches thus far this year, I did not have that being the case but with all the part timers away for a year, the midcard has clearly started its uprising, this is what happens when you don’t have a bunch of over the hill old people holding everyone down, midcard titles get defended and young talent get a chance at WrestleMania. It’s fucking disgusting.

          I am hopeful for this one, Riddle and Sheamus both can have great matches in the right scenario, so hopefully the gods are favourable here. As far as the outcome I can see this going two ways, firstly Riddle gets an immediate KO win, in parody of Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus from all those years ago, though that’s only likely if this is Sheamus’ last WrestleMania. I am honestly hoping that Sheamus gets the win here, he’s had a great run and since moving to the main roster Riddle’s been a bit off if you ask me. Sheamus would make a good US champion and I’d hope for a nice long run since he is getting near the end of his career.

          Zak: Sheamus
          Brother: Matt Riddle
          Dad: Gingers can’t take as much pain, so the other one
          Dog: Matt Riddle

          Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

          The feud has been shit, but Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn at WrestleMania is just a feud that makes sense. I am happy for the two of them that they are getting a chance to compete on the grandest stage, even if they do have to work with Logan Paul. I’m sad that they’ve gotta do that, but it’s two great rivals getting a chance on the grandest stage and you can be happy about that. It’s a bit odd to think about the fact that Zayn is the heel and Owens is the face given their history, but fuck it, might be interesting.

          I doubt that this is going to be their best match, it’s probably not gonna get the time we’d hope it would but it should still be a solid match and entertaining enough. As for the winner, I think Kevin Owens is the likely winner for this one, whether that be by Logan Paul turning on Zayn or just a normal win, I can’t see Sami walking out of this one with a win.

          Zak: Kevin Owens
          Brother: Sami Zayn
          Dad: Kevin Owens
          Dog: Sami Zayn

          Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Tag Team Turmoil winners


          Even if we don’t get Becky Lynch or Ronda Rousey returning, at least we got a return of the puppies, it was all worth it.

          Zak: Riott Squad
          Brother: Challenging team
          Dad: The first two
          Dog: New Champions

          The Fiend vs. Randy Orton
          I can’t believe that this is both still going, and that I don’t hate it yet, I think the time off and new horror monster Fiend helped. I will say that I am shocked this isn’t some sort of cinematic match, the situation seemed perfect for it, and Orton and Wyatt have never really had that great an in-ring chemistry, so why not let their personality shine through with another Firefly Funhouse match or something. There is the chance this still goes cinematic but so far I’ve seen no indication of that aside from the fact that The Fiend does a lot of cinematic matches.

          Honestly the winner is kinda obvious, Orton won the inferno match a couple months back and thus has been on the more in charge side of things the whole feud. I think between the time off and the new variation of the Fiend, Bray needs the win here or burnt Fiend is going to seem like a pretty pointless addition

          Brother: Wait, who’s the Fiend?
          Zak: He’s Bray Wyatt after he got set on fire
          Brother: oh … We are getting Bray vs Randy at WrestleMania again, I thought they were banned after last time.

          Zak: The Fiend
          Brother: Randy Orton
          Dad: The Fiend
          Dog: The Fiend

          Big E vs. Apollo Crews
          Nigerian Drum Fight
          Intercontinental Championship

          I am incredibly nervous about this one. Nigerian drum fight is the sort of thing I can see some poor executive having to remove from the WWE Network in 20 years. My hope is that it is just drummers surrounding the ring and knock out a rhythm to the match, that would be safe and the drumming would drown out the crowd which Big E draws energy from, so it neutralises that advantage, in theory anyway.

          I do hope we get a good match here, the two fell apart at FastLane and we know they are both capable of better. I do like that this one had been built and stretched this long, the feud has been going all year but doesn’t feel all that long, the turn was well timed and teased enough that it didn’t feel too drawn out, and honestly Apollo has had a great year to this point, a solid US title reign and this feud, this is the first real storyline and build he has had since coming to WWE and I am excited to see him flourish.

          I don’t know who wins this one, Big E winning would be great and would be good to see him standing tall on the grandest stage, but same can be said for Apollo, and theoretically Big E could find himself moving up the ladder with either a Money in the Bank or straight up challenging for the world title in the event one of the heels wins the main event. I’m gonna go high risk here and say Apollo wins, he’s got the math advantage and things are too split for me to call it.

          Zak: Apollo Crews
          Brother: Apollo Crews
          Dad: The one that’s not Apollo Crews
          Dog: Apollo Crews

          Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley
          Raw Women's Championship

          You know what, I’m not to bothered by the lack of story here, Ripley vs Asuka is one of those matches that just seems too big, I’d argue it bigger than Banks/Belair if we are talking name value. I do like they gave a go at a feud but really this just works; Asuka is the unbeatable champion going up against an all-conquering foe. I’d have loved a proper build to this one, but ultimately the rumoured plans had to change between Charlotte getting Covid and Lacey Evans being pregnant. Let’s be honest this is the better option.

          I’m calling it right now, this is the match most likely to get the short end of the stick, the Raw women’s championship has been kinda neglected the past several months so I can see it being shorted here if there is a need. I am hoping that it isn’t because this could be a hell of a match based on the talent involved.

          As for the winner, I’m actually torn on this one, Asuka winning makes sense because Ripley’s only been up for a couple weeks and that would be a bit quick to get the title, but realistically Ripley has been around longer with the feud with Charlotte last year and the Rumble appearance, she’s definitely a more familiar name than someone just brought up from NXT. Ripley winning works because it gives a fresh breath to the division that is stagnant at the moment, and the big matches of Ripley vs Baszler or Charlotte are just too good to pass up if you ask me, I’m going with Ripley wins

          Zak: Rhea Ripley
          Brother: Asuka
          Dad: Rhea Ripley
          Dog: Rhea Ripley

          Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan
          Universal Championship

          This is not the way I saw this match coming about; honestly I was expecting Edge to be over on Raw back in January, based on the lack of obvious story for Drew and Reigns vs Bryan seeming like a lock since their feud began back in November. This has been a lot of fun to watch unfold and honestly the fans online seem divided on who they are cheering here, I’m curious to see who the live audience are pulling for, I’d imagine Bryan since he’s the pure face here, while Edge has gone a bit tweener with the return of his ultimate opportunist persona, though honestly I can see any of these three being cheered here.

          This is going to be a lot of fun, Reigns has been on fire since turning heel, Edge has done surprisingly well and Daniel Bryan continues to be Daniel Bryan. And with this being the main event this is going to be a hell of a match, it’s going to be interesting to see the mash up of pure wrestling these three could easily manage and the chaotic energy that a triple threat usually brings in.

          This is the most difficult match to predict of the weekend, any of these three could walk away with the gold and it would feel right. Edge definitely feels the least likely thanks to his part timer status, but then again he has been fairly consistent in his vow to not be a part timer and has wrestled at more than just the big shows, it’s still not often but that more an age thing than part time. I would say that Daniel Bryan should win because he’s retiring soon and should get a good run with the belt before he goes, but honestly right now I can’t see either of them stopping Roman, so I reckon Roman wins, leading to Edge vs Daniel Bryan at the next PPV to decide who gets a one on one.

          Zak: Roman Reigns.
          Brother: Daniel Bryan
          Dad: Edge
          Dog: Edge

          Dog Predictions

          Ran over and quickly picked The Fiend, took the paper but gently placed it on the floor.
          Missed Asuka, grabbed Ripley instead.
          Riddle immediately
          A very fast grab for Sami Zayn.
          An immediate grab for Apollo Crews
          A sniff for the ladies tag, then Nia and Shayna fell on the floor while he got the tag team winner.
          He almost grabbed Edge and Roman’s ham at the same time, but he definitely got Edge first.

          And there is night 2, oddly weaker on the storyline front but offering up as much or maybe more quality than the previous night. WrestleMania definitely looks different without all the usual big names clogging the card but honestly this is the right way to go, this looks like a WrestleMania of old where the hardest working got their chance to showcase on a grand stage. I am happy with the WrestleMania we have gotten because it could easily be worse, and also it’s not gonna take 8 hours to watch, that’s another positive. On that note it is time I bid you all a fond farewell, I’ll be back with the Recap’s in their normal format over the next couple days, but until then I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.

          The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
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          • #6
            I didn't do particularly well for night one predictions and for night two I'm in agreement with all yours Zak except the main event, I think we'll see either Edge or Bryan walking out as champion. Really not sure who though, but with Cesaro winning and potentially Owens too that's two faces coming out with momentum and we've seen neither wrestle Edge before so I'm going to go with the Rumble winner.


            • #7
              Feedback time

              @Cook: I can see the logic you put forward, but in counter to your match ideas, Cesaro vs Reigns. Edge isn't totally heel yet so we could get a feud with Rollins after Rollins threatened to break his neck a few years back and honestly that is the most compelling for me right now. I can see anyone winning but Reigns feels like the safe option, that's probably just WWE conditioning me to think that.

              Thanks to everyone for reading, time for the Royal Recap for night one.

              LET’S GO A LITTLE BIT MORE

              What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. WrestleMania is half over with as Night 1 is in the books. After some running diary recaps for Takeover I am back to the more traditional format of just sharing my quick thoughts on the show with you and thoughts on the show. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

              WrestleMania Night 1 Royal Recap

              Bobby Lashley beat Drew McIntyre (Submission KO)

              I fucking love the KO submission finish, it’s just so good. This was the right choice for the one to open the show, it’s something the fans cared about and that was a guaranteed passable match. I don’t think this is going down as an all-time classic, but it gave us a great open and just felt enjoyable. So far Drew’s last two PPV loses were to Lashley’s Hurt Lock and Roman’s Guillotine choke, I like that there seems to be a weakness there, it feels right.

              Zak: 8-3 (Bobby Lashley)
              Brother: 4-7 (Drew McIntyre)
              Dad: 6-5 (Drew McIntyre)
              Dog: 5-5 (Drew McIntyre)

              Natalya and Tamina beat The Riott Squad, Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, Billie Kay and Carmella and Lana and Naomi

              This was about what you’d expect, this was a mess. I think it would be better had this just been the Woman’s battle royal and had the Andre Memorial in place of the tag title match. At least then it would be a fun mess instead of this. the big thing from this one is Mandy Rose slipped on her way to the ring (I foresee a team with Titus O’Neil being set up in the future with the two bonding over falling over), also she was dressed like a stripper. I am not shaming her on this, just her and Dana looked like strippers. That’s about all I remember from this one.

              Zak: 8-4 (Riott Squad)
              Brother: 5-7 (The Riott Squad)
              Dad: 7-5 (Nutella and her friend)

              Cesaro beat Seth Rollins (Pinfall)

              Not a lot to say on this one, which is a shame because it was so good. This was as good as you’d think it would be, my only wish is they could have gone longer, I think the rain storm did hamper this one but this is definitely one of the best 10-15 minute matches you are going to get.

              Zak: 9-4 (Cesaro)
              Brother: 5-8 (Seth Rollins)
              Dad: 7-6 (Seth Rollins)
              Dog: 5-6 (Seth Rollins)

              AJ Styles and Omos beat The New Day (Pinfall)
              New Raw Tag Team Champions

              This went almost exactly as I thought it would go, AJ took the bulk of the match before Omos tagged in and beat the crap out of The New Day. One positive is that Omos apparently is allowed to swear as much as he wants as he called both opponents bitches at one point or another. AJ’s forearm from atop Omos was kinda expected but I figured that’d be the finish. A good match and the terrifying prospect of Omos has been unleashed upon the WWE.

              Zak: 10-4 (Styles and Omos)
              Brother: 6-8 (AJ Styles and Omos)
              Dad: 8-6 (Omos)
              Dog: 5-7 (The New Day)

              Braun Strowman beat Shane McMahon (Pinfall)

              Can I just say how much I hate pinfalls or submissions in a cage match. Sometimes it works but ultimately those are few and far between. Shane got thrown off the cage and Braun won, it’s everything we expected, now please get Shane the fuck off the television please. Braun could be a decent opponent for Lashley next if they want to make Bobby looks even better, Braun did beat him in a feud a couple years back, I think it makes sense.

              Zak: 11-4 (Braun Strowman)
              Brother: 7-8 (Braun Strowman)
              Dad: 9-6 (The one that isn’t Vince’s son)
              Dog: 5-8 (Shane McMahon)

              Bad Bunny and Damian Priest beat The Miz and John Morrison (Pinfall)

              We have had a wave of very good celebrity wrestlers the past few months, Pat McAfee was brilliant, Shaq had a good match and now Bad Bunny had a thoroughly entertaining match. You can always tell when a celeb is into wrestling or not by how hard they try and their overall commitment, Bunny had a great match and honestly if he wanted to keep going I don’t think I’d oppose it. Bunny/Priest vs Styles/Omos for SummerSlam anyone?

              Zak: 12-4 (Bad Bunny and Damien Priest)
              Brother: 8-8 (Damien Priest)
              Dad: 9-7 (Johnny Morris)
              Dog: 6-8 (Bunny and Priest)

              Bianca Belair beat Sasha Banks
              New SmackDown Women's Champion

              This was everything we hoped and a little bit more, I guess they had to go that little bit extra to get rid of the abysmal build up, these two had one hell of a match and on the quality of it, it deserved the main event spot. I am excited to see what’s next because right now Bianca could solidify her place in the upper echelon of women’s wrestling with a good run here, she’s done good so far but this is going to be the most important part for her. As for Sasha, I imagine a rematch is in order, and maybe a few weeks holiday, she’s been carrying SmackDown’s women’s division for about a year now (with Bayley’s help of course) and I think that she deserves a little break right now.

              Zak: 13-4 (Bianca Belair)
              Brother: 9-8 (Bianca Belair)
              Dad: 9-8 (Sasha Banks)
              Dog: 7-8 (Bianca Belair)

              That was a hell of a first night, I’m gonna have a quick go at ranking the show.
              1. Bianca/Sasha
              2. McIntyre/Lashley
              3. Cesaro/Rollins
              4. Styles/Omos vs New Day
              5. Bunny/Priest vs Miz/Morrison
              6. Rewatch Takeover Stand and Deliver
              7. Braun/Shane
              8. Women’s tag

              I think that’s about right, The Raw tag and Bunny/Priest could easily swap around but I’ve always gone on long term importance as well as quality, I think that list perfectly balances that out and I stand by every word of it. We’ve only got one show left, and I am definitely out of clever ways to do an outro, so on that note it is time I bid you all a fond farewell. As always I hope you have enjoyed today’s column and I will see you next time.
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                LET’S GO TO SLEEP FOR A FEW DAYS

                What’s up guys, Kingzak is back in action with another column. WrestleMania 37 is officially over, and I am out of clever intros to write, so fuck this, let’s just dive into the review shall, so without further ado, let’s begin.

                WrestleMania Night 2 Royal Recap

                Randy Orton beat The Fiend (Pinfall)

                This was about what was expected, this felt kinda cinematic-y and it went minimal time, and it was better than their WM33 match. The thing I didn’t expect is Bliss costing The Fiend the match, I honestly have no idea what the idea behind that could be but I remain open to ideas on it. Maybe The Fiend being a spirit is now possessing Alexa and Bray Wyatt is just a zombified vessel at this point, that’s my logic for it. I’m prepared for WWE to let me down on this.

                Zak: 13-5 (The Fiend)
                Brother: 10-8 (Randy Orton)
                Dad: 9-9 (The Fiend)
                Dog: 7-9 (The Fiend)

                Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler beat Tag Team Turmoil winners (Submission)

                Somehow WWE had three and a half face teams in the tag turmoil and instead went for Heel vs heel, I don’t understand, it’s like they are trying to make the belts feel pointless. Nothing, I got nothing.

                Zak: 13-6 (Riott Squad)
                Brother: 10-9 (Challenging team)
                Dad: 10-9 (The first two)
                Dog: 7-10 (New Champions)

                Kevin Owens beat Sami Zayn (Pinfall)

                Kevin Owens giving Logan Paul a stunner is definitely a highlight for me, well and truly deserved. This was about what was expected, these two could probably wrestle a good match out of the other in their sleep so that was to be expected.

                Zak: 14-6 (Kevin Owens)
                Brother: 10-10 (Sami Zayn)
                Dad: 11-9 (Kevin Owens)
                Dog: 7-11 (Sami Zayn)

                Sheamus beat Riddle (Pinfall)
                New United States Champion

                Fuck yeah, go Sheamus. This was the right move for the title, Sheamus feels like a proper fighter right now and I am excited to see some proper matches for the US title again. Riddle kinda felt like an afterthought, since joining the main roster he’s basically gone from Stoner MMA Fighter to Stoner with a Scooter, and that lethality was part of the draw, he may as well be Santino at this point. Here’s hoping we get a good run from Sheamus because like I said I don’t know how long he’s got left for WWE.

                Zak: 15-6 (Sheamus)
                Brother: 10-11 (Matt Riddle)
                Dad: 11-10 (not ginger one)
                Dog: 7-12 (Matt Riddle)

                Apollo Crews beat Big E (Pinfall)
                New Intercontinental Champion

                Who the fuck is Dabba Kaito? I’ve successfully not watched Raw for several years and have no idea who this guy is other than him being a big motherfucker. I am not gonna lie this was getting good before the ending, much like their FastLane encounter this felt way too short. I would love to see these two get a real match at some point, at least 15 minutes, they’ve had a good feud and they deserve a real match.

                Zak: 16-6 (Apollo Crews)
                Brother: 11-11 (Apollo Crews)
                Dad: 11-11 (not Apollo Crews)
                Dog: 8-12 (Apollo Crews)

                Rhea Ripley beat Asuka (Pinfall)
                New Raw Women's Champion

                I don’t know if this was everything it could have been, but it was enough and it was the right move. The problem with having someone on top for a year is that by the end of that time they will have faced everyone and you’ll want it to end no matter how good they are. Asuka is one of the MVP’s of the Pandemic era of wrestling but this was the right move, we get an exciting new champion and hopefully Asuka doesn’t fall through the cracks too much.

                Zak: 17-6 (Rhea Ripley)
                Brother: 11-12 (Asuka)
                Dad: 12-11 (Rhea Ripley)
                Dog: 9-12 (Rhea Ripley)

                Roman Reigns beat Edge and Daniel Bryan (At the same time)

                Of all the possible endings, I did not see this one coming, I had Roman narrowly escaping, but this was dominance in its purest form, it’s a good run to beat Edge and Daniel Bryan on their own, but Roman did it at the same time. Honestly this was a fantastic match and I’m glad to see Roman’s Reign continue, as far as who is next, Cesaro and Big E immediately spring to mind, there unfinished business with Shinsuke, and a rematch with Edge or Bryan wouldn’t go amiss, there is a lot of potential opponents out there for our tribal chief and I am excited for all of them.

                Zak: 18-6 (Roman Reigns)
                Brother: 11-13 (Daniel Bryan)
                Dad: 12-12 (Edge)
                Dog: 9-13 (Edge)

                Once again match ratings
                1. Reigns/Bryan/Edge
                2. Asuka/Ripley
                3. Sheamus/Riddle
                4. Big E/Apollo
                5. Owens/Zayn (Good but lacked importance)
                6. Fiend/Orton
                7. Women’s tag
                I’m going to be doing one more column based around the week so I‘ll have a completed watch list then. WrestleMania 37 is in the books and it was one hell of a show, I like the two night format, it has its problems but it makes six hours of wrestling so much easier to enjoy instead of six hours all at once. On that note it is time I bid you all a fond farewell, as always I hope you have enjoyed this week’s columns and I will see you next time.
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                  I wouldn't say Reigns was completely dominant - he definitely needed Jey's help to avoid losing! But yes, pinning both opponents was the ultimate display of superiority.

                  The triple threat match was definitely my favorite of the night. It was so good - wish it had gone 5-8 more minutes, time which they easily could have taken from the women's tag match. That was such a slog - who thought it was a good idea to give those four the second most time of any match on the night?!?!

                  Owens vs. Zayn was a delight, as was Cesaro vs. Sheamus. I loved the booking decision to give both Rhea and Belair the titles. Hopefully they can hold their own at the top of the card, because the women's main event scene definitely needed some breaths of fresh air.

                  I liked your point about Drew's last two PPV losses being to the Hurt Locker and the Guillotine. While it's probably just the WWE trying to protect him from a pinfall or tapping out, it would be great if they could incorporate that potential "weakness" into the storyline between him and Lashley going forward.

                  The pictures of the puppies made me wonder, what kind of dog do you have?


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                    Feedback time

                    @Mavsman: I get what you mean but in the end he still pinned two people, that is something you don't get everyday.

                    Completely agree on the women's tag title match, definitely could have been shorter to no ill effect. I do disagree with giving the time to the main event, I'd personally have given more time to Big E/Apollo since they only got about 6/7 minutes.

                    I'm excited to see how Rhea and Bianca do in their respective spots, I completely agree that they need some new talent in the upper echelon of women's wrestling, right now it's just the four horsewomen and Asuka.

                    My dog is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he's quite a big boy and is getting up there in age having turned 10 this past December.

                    Thanks to everyone for reading, hope you enjoyed the weekend.
                    The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
                    Send in your top 10 to help us find out what the worst PPV ever is.