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Dead or Alive 2021: Love vs. War #1 (by Kingzak13)

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  • Don Franc
    Your knowledge of previous DOA tournaments is impressive as I always love when someone harkens back to a previous event that occurred. I'm not sure if a ghost story was done before but this was great. Nice character development with Charlotte and also a tragic ending. Loved the Viking bits. Fantastic job, Zak.

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  • kingzak13
    Feedback 2

    @Mavsman: I do really like writing these sort of pieces, It's a shame there isn't really an audience for it, glad you enjoyed it despite never having checked out DOA before. (I'd recommend going back and reading the 2019 DOA columns if you are looking for more of the same, that's a favourite of mine)

    @Sam: I agree, I did get about half way through and started thinking, wow I've brought up a lot, I kinda need to wrap this up.

    I wrote this as Andrade was being released. I started and the rumours were swirling and about half way through he was granted his release. I'm not gonna lie, it affected this way less than you'd think.

    @Jacob: Jacob! It's been a while since I last saw you around, hope you are keeping well. I'm assuming that since you've popped up you've got an entry coming perhaps.

    I think the idea of a multiverse is interesting in any aspect, but DOA definitely needs one with all the people returning after dying elsewhere. I'd be curious to see a death tally across DOA of who has died the most times, my money is on Rusev for some reason.

    Thanks to everyone for reading, Glad you enjoyed.

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  • JacobWrestledGod
    Zak, what a tremendous tribute to past DOA battles. Incredible stuff. All I want to say is that my piece will dwell in the concept of a multiverse and I hope moving forward the concept multiple timelines becomes a big part of DOA.After all, that’s the only way it make sense.

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  • SirSam
    That was a very fun entry Zak. Like the others I love all the little Easter eggs you put into this from DOAs past.

    I would day between the spirit of Charlotte, and The Miz there is quite a but going on but you managed to pull all the strands with a suitably grim climax.

    I think the right people won here too, their character's are just far more interesting than Erik and Sarah. Also I'm curious if you wrote this before or after Andrade's release news. I wonder if that will figure into the future rounds too.

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  • Mavsman
    I don't think I've ever read a single DOA piece, so I kind of had to figure it out on the fly. Thus, I'm unable to comment on how well you did or did not stick to the universe that's been built.

    But as a singular piece of writing, I think this is the best thing I've ever read from you Zak. You filled the column with a wistfulness that served as an extremely effective emotional punch. As a piece of creative writing, I also think you did a good job with the descriptive writing for setting the scene, which isn't an easy thing to do.


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  • kingzak13
    Well it appears to just be us three left here, so time for feedback.

    @Rob: I've really enjoyed the DOA series over the years and it is pretty memorable, I remembered the whole thing when Charlotte was in DOA last, I think she was taking on Mizfan and Steve who had somehow ended up on the island. I would have loved to go back for reference on that one but it's been lost to time.

    The only difference in formatting I can spot is I used the Horizontal lines as separators instead of the *******. The bolding of the time/location was also Mizfan's doing but I like that addition and wish I'd thought to do that.

    @Mizfan: Thank you, to both of you, this is high praise considering your two's history with the series, I'm glad you enjoyed.
    You got the format as good as you could, the forums do a bit odd when you copy from word these days. But this was exactly right for what I was expecting as a format, so it's all good.

    Thanks to both Rob and Mizfan for feeding back and creating the series, and I hope everyone else out there enjoyed it too.

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  • mizfan
    I have to applaud you as well Zak, this was as chock full of Dead or Alive history as any entry I can recall! Some perfect connections here, and some reminders of pieces still on the board that may come into play later...

    The format did come through a bit funny, I tried to clean it up so hopefully nothing looks too weird. Battle #2 coming soon!

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  • Rob S.
    Man, you really remembered a lot of the history of DOA. Color me impressed. There are so many references to past battles. It brought a little tear to my eye. The battle was good, and at times kind of sad. When you brought up Reid Flair I was kind of shocked. That really is something that Charlotte has said sticks with her every day. Andrade is tough because he doesn't speak great English, so I liked that instead of trying to fake something you just went for full English instead. It worked better than any other option I think. The formatting is kind of weird. Not sure if that's the way it was transferred into the forum or not. Mizzie might be able to look into that.

    Nice job. Winner was a good choice. Way to start DOA

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  • mizfan
    started a topic Dead or Alive 2021: Love vs. War #1 (by Kingzak13)

    Dead or Alive 2021: Love vs. War #1 (by Kingzak13)

    Scales whispered over hair and flesh as the new proprietor of DOA Island watched his screens. The massive spinning wheel towering behind him, waiting to decide the fate of the lovers who would do battle in this year’s tournament. The eyes of his followers watched patiently in the dark, some vacant, some terribly alert. Would love triumph, or would war? The battle was about to begin…

    Round 1, Match #1: Charlotte & Andrade vs. Erik & Sarah Logan


    Written by Kingzak13


    The sound echoes through the abandoned castles walls as Charlotte and Andrade enter the main hall.

    “Wow, this room’s huge,” Charlotte remarks.

    Andrade looks at his fiancé “Can you not? There were enough traps on the way in and I’d rather not set off any more.”

    “We’re in the main hall, no one’s gonna set traps up in the main hall,” Charlotte replies. “See? There’s a throne over there.”

    Across the room sat a gold plated throne. A skull sits atop the throne. The couple approach the chair, looking around the hall. Tables laden with fresh food, fires still burning on the torches lining the walls. The
    only sound being waves gently lapping at the edge of the cliff the castle sat firmly upon.

    “For somewhere abandoned, this place seems to have been used recently,” Andrade observes “Maybe our opponents are already here.”

    “This doesn’t really look like somewhere Vikings would hang out,” Charlotte say as she steps up to the throne. “But this place does look fit for a queen and her king.”

    Andrade rolls his eyes at the joke. “This Island is no joke. We’ve both been here before and know what it can take from you.”

    “Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood a little,” Charlotte replies “I barely remember what happened to me last time, maybe I got off easy. I know this can’t be easy being back here.”

    “Sometimes when I close my eyes, I’m back there, that strange place. All I remember is the name Colt Iken,” Andrade solemnly replies. “At least I made it back.”

    Charlotte pulls Andrade into a tight embrace. “And we’ll make it back again,” she says softly.

    Andrade hugs her back before turning away. “I’m gonna take a look around and see if I spot anyone, maybe they’ll have something we can use.” Andrade leaves Charlotte alone in the main hall.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere on DOA

    The sound of metal grinding against metal, as Erik sharpens his prized war-axe. Sarah Logan emerges from the trees with a large bundle of wood.

    “This should be enough to keep the fire going strong all night,” she says as she drops the logs next to her husband.

    “Excellent,” Erik replies, “should be enough to cook tonight’s feast.” As he says this, Erik lifts a boar carcass with one arm, presenting his catch.

    “I don’t think the two of us are going to get through a whole boar in one night,” Sarah replies.

    “It won’t be just us, I’ve got some friends to help,” Erik says. As if on cue a horn is sounded. The couple gazes out to sea as two Vikings long ships approach the island. Erik takes out a horn and hands it Sarah, she blows it in response to the ships, the two boats seem to speed up in their approach.

    Back at the castle

    Andrade enters the castle kitchen; there is a slab of meat in the middle of a counter, still bloody with a cleaver standing in it. As Andrade approaches the meat slab, the fireplace lights. Andrade recoils and grabs the blade ready to defend himself. But there is nothing. Andrade approaches the window and looks out, checking for anyone that maybe there. Nothing. A door creaks open and a small clatter of something falling alerts Andrade. He slowly approaches the door, cleaver firmly grasped.

    He pulls the door wide open and swings the blade. Hitting nothing but the shelf, the containers on the shelf bounces a little. Andrade looks at them, spices; a small container of an orange spice had fallen to the floor. Andrade pulls the cleaver from the shelf, reaching down to pick up the spice. A loud clang of metal alerts the already tense man; he spins and throws the cleaver in the direction of the sound. It smashes into a jug of water, splitting it open. As Andrade tries to regain his composure, he spots something terrifying; a pot was floating in the air. Andrade is about to turn and run when he hears a sigh from the pot.

    “Really? Really?”

    In the throne room

    Charlotte has wandered the room checking for traps, weapons or any sign of who lives here. The place seemed to be alive with the usual hustle and bustle you’d expect of a castle, but no one was here. She returns to the throne, looking at the design, the patterns before finally taking a hold of the skull. The skull had some sort of an aura to it, something of a menacing look to it, and a large crack above the right eye, going from the eye socket all the way across the top of the head. Charlotte traced the crack with her finger, the skull felt warm, and then it started to burn Charlotte’s hand. She dropped the skull.

    The skull stopped just short of hitting the ground, Charlotte took a step back and looked as the skull began to rise up and a dark aura oozed from the skull. The darkness radiated around the skull, the skull and darkness began to approach Charlotte, gazing into her eyes.

    “Who dares intrude on my castle” a voice booms in Charlotte’s head.

    Charlotte, for the first time ever, is frozen in fear. All she manages is to stutter out “W-what are you?”

    “A chambermaid, what does it look like blondie?” the spirit responds indignantly. “You’ve never seen the ghost of a dead monarch before?”

    Charlotte couldn’t believe her eyes, ghosts were not only real, but also kinda assholes. “I’m sorry for intruding, let me go get my fiancé and we’ll leave” she stammers out.

    “Relax wench, I’m not going to kill you,” the dead king replies.

    Charlotte lets out a sigh of relief. “Don’t get me wrong, I very easily could choke the life from your body where you stand, but I’ve got a deal to honour so I’m not allowed to kill tournament participants,” the spirit adds.

    “Who are ... were you?” Charlotte asks.

    “My name matters not,” the spirit replies. “I also haven’t used it in a couple centuries. You can refer to me as my liege.”

    “Well I’ve taken enough of your time,” Charlotte says. “I’ll just get out of your hair.”

    “Haven’t had that in even longer,” the dead king chuckles to himself Charlotte begins to walk away, but she is stopped and lifted into the air by the throat.

    “Just checking that you are actually a part of the tournament,” the spirit says as it gazes into her soul. The skulls eyes glow red as they peer into Charlotte’s soul.

    “Hmm, interesting,” the dead king’s ghost says. “Your soul is already here.”

    Charlotte falls to the ground and gasps as the spirit releases her from the choke hold, she looks up to see the spectre raising another ghost from the aether.

    There in front of Charlotte stood herself.

    Meanwhile in the kitchen

    “Madre de Dios!” Andrade exclaimed as he stared down the apparition.

    “Dude chill, you’re acting like you’ve never seen the undead before.”

    “How are you here Miz?” Andrade asks. “Last time I saw you was before I...”

    “Fell into a multiversal wormhole?” The Ghost of The Miz replies. “Well a couple years ago me and my beautiful wife Maryse and I took on this island as you know with the help of our brand new demon baby Charlie.”

    Andrade nods, “yeah.”

    “Well basically we arrived to the final battle, ran over Zelina with the Dirt Jet, sorry bout that BTW, and then Lana of all people pulls out some sort of god bomb and Charlie was forced to leave the mortal plane. However because I’m an awesome father I did everything to try and rescue him from being returned whence he came, and unfortunately I was sucked in too.”

    “From whence he came,” Andrade says questioning, “don’t you mean Maryse’s...?”

    “Details aren’t important,” Ghost Miz continues. “Now I had sold my soul to the devil in exchange for help with my success in the WWE, so with my death my soul was ready to be claimed. However, the contract was set to expire on my death, and technically I didn’t die, I was unbirthed. So my spirit was returned to earth to find my body, and with it inside my wife’s vagina somewhere and with her nowhere to be seen, I’m kinda stuck here. So I looked around the island and found this castle, turns out it’s full of a bunch of other ghosts, so I spend my time here and occasionally go out to torment some of the contestants when I’m bored,” The Miz finished explaining.

    “Does that really work?” Andrade asks.

    “You’d be surprised how much stuff can go unnoticed on this island,” Ghost Miz responds. “There’s some half alien chick that used to be a contestant running around the island, eating livestock, and people have
    completely forgot about her.”

    “Mierda, this place is fucked up…” Andrade says.

    “You bet it is,” The Miz says taking a bite out of a sandwich that appeared from nowhere.

    “So you’ve not tried to leave the island?” Andrade asks.

    “I’ve tried but some mysterious force keeps pulling me back, I’m guessing I need to find Maryse and my original body,” Ghost Miz says.

    “She’s gone, hombre,” Andrade says. “She left the island and went home. She’s made another series of Miz and Mrs, had another kid.”

    “WHAT?” Miz exclaims. “Did she remarry or something, how the hell is she having kids when she should be grieving her dead husband?”

    “Well, she’s still with you,” Andrade says.

    “How can she still be with me unless ... JOHNNY YOU ASSHOLE!” The Miz exclaims. “YOU ABANDONNED ME AND NOW YOUR SLEEPING WITH MY WIFE DISGUISED AS ME!”

    “Damn, that’s messed up. He stole your wife and your career,” Andrade says.


    “He won the WWE title,” Andrade adds. “Not that long ago either, like a month.”

    Miz let out a guttural roar and the water on the floor began to boil in response. “That tears it, you can play dress up, you can sleep with my wife, but the second you steal my world title,
    that’s when you cross a line you aren’t coming back from! Johnny, wherever you are, I swear my revenge.” The Miz turns back to Andrade “Ok, we need to get back to civilization.”

    “We?” Andrade asks.

    “Yes we, if you help me escape this island, I’ll help you win the tournament,” Ghost Miz says. “I’m assuming that the winning team can leave anyway, so If I join you I’m set.”

    “What’s the plan?” Andrade asks. “You haunt our competition to death and then go watch John Morrison have sex with your wife?”

    “Well I’m assuming I’ll be able to possess someone,” The Miz replies “I’ve not tried it but I’ve seen enough ghost films to know how it should work.”

    “This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” Andrade says. “Let’s just go find Charlotte and sort out a plan.”

    In the throne room

    Charlotte looked into the eyes of her ghost. Her ghost looked back at her.

    The two stare wordlessly at each other for a moment before finally the ghost speaks.

    “So this is what I become,” Ghost Charlotte says.

    “How?” Charlotte says softly. “How are you here if I’m here?”

    “I’m guessing some sort of multiverse sort of thing,” the ghost responded. “This island is a hub for the occult.”

    Charlotte took a breath as she contemplated her next question. “What happened?”

    “I was tired of being used and abused by the men in my ... our life,” the ghost replies. “Years upon years of bullshit took its toll, so I went to the only man that loved me back.”

    “Reid,” Alive Charlotte said in an almost whisper. “Is he there, how is he?”

    “He’s okay,” the ghost replied to her counterpart. “He’s happier than I’d seen him in a long time.”

    “Can I see him?” Charlotte asks.

    “Sorry, he didn’t die on the island so his ghost can’t manifest here,” the ghost replies. “I know you must miss him.”

    “Not a day goes by when I don’t think about him,” Charlotte says, “but this is a bit extreme.”

    “Is it?” Ghost Charlotte responds. “Between Riki abusing us, Thomas cheating on us, Dad using us for the spotlight, is it so wrong to want to feel like you’ve got someone that actually cares about you? This island
    was the last straw and I knew it was time.”

    “I’m sorry,” Charlotte says, “I know how you felt. But things get better, I’m the best women’s wrestler on the planet and I’ve found someone that loves me back.”

    The ghost lets out a laugh. “You can’t be serious. He’s using you just like the rest of them.

    “He’s not like that,” Charlotte responds.

    “They all are, sweetheart,” Ghost Charlotte retorts. “If you weren’t keeping his career afloat do you really think he’d be with you?”

    “No,” Charlotte says quietly as she looks away.

    “Yes,” the Ghost responds. “History has a habit of repeating itself and he’s using you. Luckily for you, there is a way out.”

    Charlotte looks up at the ghost, “What killing myself? I don’t think I can do that.”

    “You don’t have to,” Ghost Charlotte responds. She opens her arms and a ball of dark energy forms in front of her. The ball slowly forms into a dagger and falls gently to the floor where alive Charlotte picks it up. “Only one of you needs to die for the other to go,” the Ghost continues as Charlotte looks at the dagger.

    “You think I should ...” Charlotte says, but trails off.

    “It’s for the best,” the ghost replies, placing a hand on her shoulder.

    “Charlotte, you in here?” A voice rings from outside the hall.

    Charlotte whips around, hiding the dagger in her pocket, to see Andrade walk back in followed by the ghost of The Miz.

    “This place is haunted,” Andrade says. “There’s a bunch of ghosts here, apparently.” Charlotte turns around to look for her ghost, but it had faded away. “I know it’s a lot to take in, but it is safe to stay the night,” Andrade says as he gestures to the window where the sun is setting. “Have you come across anything weird?”

    “No,” she responds as she turns back to Andrade. “Nothing at all.”

    “Fair enough,” Andrade says. “I’m gonna go see if I can set up any traps in case we get attacked in the night.”

    Andrade hurries from the room, Ghost Miz following behind. Charlotte pulls the dagger out and looks at it. She looks up from the dagger and her ghost is across the room. The ghost nods at her before fading away.


    Charlotte sat alone in front of the fireplace. At least she assumed she was alone. Andrade was asleep upstairs but who knows how many ghosts were around now? Charlotte pulled out the dagger and just stared at it. Was Andrade really using her? Could she really kill him? With a deep sigh, she got up and headed for the bedroom. The halls of the castle dark and cold as she approached the room.

    She entered and there lay Andrade, sound asleep. Charlotte looked at the dagger once again, deciding whether to undertake this grim task. She took a deep breath and approached her fiancé. It was time.

    The next morning

    The war horns sounded as the Viking boats arrived on the shore. Erik and Sarah disembarked the ships followed by a small battalion of hairy shirtless Norsemen and women. Erik raises his war axe in the air and lets out a battle cry. His fellow warriors follow suit. The Viking army charges the castle main door and begins hacking away at the raised castle door. As they do, Charlotte looks on from atop one of the castle towers. She lets out a sigh before turning away from the invaders.

    The Vikings’ weaponry makes quick work of the door, tearing it open with great ferocity. The Vikings charge inside and begin looking for signs of where the two may be, the only sign being a door that has
    been left wide open. The Vikings enter an unlit hallway. As they enter the torches in the area light. This startles the Viking army.

    “Onward!” Erik yells. “Their sorcery cannot stop our steel!”

    The Vikings charge forwards, the torches continuing to light the way for them. They soon reach the main hall and the lights go out, except for a faint glow coming from a set of stairs out of the room. Erik cautions his army and approaches alone. He signals for them to follow when there is nothing. Sarah hurries to him and the two proceed up, followed by their troops. A lone candle lights a single doorway and the Vikings approach. Erik gently opens the door. The room was silent and cold, and in the middle of the room was a bed. And on that bed laid the body of Andrade, still and motionless.

    Last night

    Charlotte approached slowly, dagger in hand. Andrade was usually a deep sleeper so she knew this would be the time for it.

    As if on cue, Andrade stirred from him sleep. Charlotte quickly hid the dagger under some clothes.

    “Couldn’t sleep, got a lot on my mind,” Charlotte says.

    “What’s wrong?” Andrade asks as he sits up.

    “Just been thinking about the future and how we get out of this,” Charlotte says.

    “I’ve been thinking about it too,” Andrade replies. “I actually have something I wanted to say.”

    Charlotte turns to look at her fiancé. “What is it?”

    “I think I’m done being in the WWE,” Andrade blurts out.

    Charlotte looks surprised at her partner. “Wait what?”

    “I’m tired of not being used,” Andrade says. “I want to wrestle, not just sit in catering.”

    “I can try and talk to Hunter about getting you something,” Charlotte says, immediately realising that she was offering to be used. She turns away hoping Andrade hadn’t seen her surprise at herself.

    “No,” Andrade replies. “That isn’t fair to use you to get my career ahead, I want to get there on my own talent.”

    Charlotte turned back to her fiancé. “Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be fine, probably head back home and work around there for a little while before making any big moves,” Andrade says with a little chuckle. “Once we get off this island, anyway.”

    Charlotte looked at him and smiled. “Sounds great. Best of luck in your future endeavours.”

    Both let out a small laugh at the joke.

    “Hey, since we are both up and in bed, how about a little warm up?” Andrade says as he takes up a suggestive pose.

    “I don’t think it’s a good idea to tire you out before we have a big fight,” Charlotte says. “Besides, the ghosts in the castle might be watching.”

    “No I ain’t,” comes a voice.

    “Get out of here Miz!” Andrade yells out to the room.

    Ghost Miz leaves the room as Charlotte cuddles up next to Andrade. The two share a quick kiss before falling back to sleep.

    Back to now

    Andrade groggily gets up to see himself surrounded by the Vikings. He begins to rub the sleep from his eyes when Erik spoke.

    “Your time has come Andrade. It’s time to die like a warrior,” Erik says.

    Andrade looks to the side of his bed to see it empty, with Charlotte nowhere to be seen.

    “Where is she?” Andrade says as his anger rises. “If you’ve hurt her I will end you!”

    The Vikings all look to each other murmuring before Erik speaks. “We don’t know where she is, all we know is that it time for us to fight.”

    The Vikings grab Andrade and he tries to fight them off but they are too powerful, they begin to drag him away. “I saw a spot in the courtyard that would be perfect for a duel,” one of the Vikings says as they
    begin to lead the way. The Vikings and Andrade reach the courtyard; the area is empty save for a table covered with a variety of weapons.

    “Choose your weapon,” Erik says.

    “Come on, can you at least let me go get dressed?” Andrade says, as the Viking captors release him and push him towards the weapon table.

    “He’s right,” Erik says. “Clothing is for cowards,” he continues as he begins to strip.

    “Ay no, dude no one wants to see that!” Andrade exclaims at the already nude Viking, he turns away and looks at the weapon table, before picking up a sword. “What are you picking?” Andrade asks.

    “My axe has seen me victorious through many battles, and will see me victorious once again,” Erik says as one of the Vikings hands him the large war axe.

    The Viking army forms a ring around the area, chanting and beating on their shields in support of their chief. Erik charges in with his axe but Andrade rolls out the way and goes for a quick strike with the sword, only for Erik to block it with his shield. The two continued to trade bellows, Andrade quickly realising he was outgunned by the trained Viking warrior; his best hope was to out speed him. Andrade quickly moved to his plan, keeping distance and dodging all the axe swings coming his way. He dodged by Erik only to be backhanded with the shield knocking him to the floor. Erik went for the finishing blow but Andrade rolled out the way as the axe embedded itself in the stone below. Andrade took the opportunity to separate the big man from his weapon and nailed a big dropkick. Erik was knocked back and the axe left his grip but remained firmly in the ground. Andrade went for a big charge and swung with his sword but Erik blocked it with his shield. The sword firmly stuck in the shield, Erik pulls back and throws the shield and sword over to the weapons table.

    “Bare knuckled,” Erik commented, “I didn’t have you down as that sort of fighter.”

    Andrade went for a quick strike but was quickly flattened by a clothesline. Erik went to work with heavy shots on the former luchador. Andrade fought back to his feet and began to turn the tide in his favour and
    make towards the weapons table. Erik caught a kick from Andrade and grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him through the weapons table. Andrade let out a yell of pain, weapons scattered all around him, but his back now covered in cuts and bruises. Erik was satisfied with his work and headed back to grab his axe


    Charlotte watched from atop the Castle’s tower. She turns away. The ghosts should make short work of them, Vikings were always superstitious, she assumed.

    “So you didn’t kill him,” a voice says to Charlotte. She turned to see her ghost self, stood with arms crossed glaring at her.

    “He’s not using me,” Charlotte says. “He treats me with respect and wants to see us both home safe.”

    “And you believe him?” The ghost asks doubtfully.

    “I do,” Charlotte replies, “I know what we’ve been through but for all the bad we’ve taken, there’s as much good in the world too. I’ve met a lot of people and experienced so much of the world since I was you. Sure, things have been hard to get to this point, but if they weren’t then they aren’t worth doing.”

    “You’re in over your head, history repeats itself and this island has a way of destroying a happy ending,” the ghost replies. “Everyone in this castle had a reason to fight on but everyone fell soon enough.”

    “And we may fall too,” Charlotte says, “but it will be on our terms, and you know as well as I do how much it can take to keep a Flair down.” Charlotte takes the dagger that her ghost self had given her yesterday. “You can take this back.”

    “Keep it, you never know when you’ll find a use for it,” ghost Charlotte said before disappearing.

    Charlotte felt like she’d turned a corner, now all that was left was to go deal with the Vikings

    “Hey, you know your boytoy is getting his ass kicked by a hairy naked dude?” The Miz says as he appears alongside Charlotte.

    Charlotte turns around startled by the sudden appearance. “Where?”

    “Just over there in the courtyard,” Miz says as he points over his shoulder to the courtyard. The two look down from the tower to see Andrade slammed through a table.

    “Crap, I need to get down there and help him,” Charlotte says.

    “No time, looks like he’s down for the count,” The Miz says.

    “Not yet,” Charlotte says as she spots a cannon just a few feet away. She quickly runs over to it and starts loading it.

    “Shit, we need some sort of gun powder or something to fire this,” Charlotte says as she looks at the cannon.

    “Here, use this,” The Miz says as he tosses a can of hair spray.

    “Why do you have that?” Charlotte asks.

    “My stylist didn’t die with me, so I’ve gotta make the magic happen somehow,” Ghost Miz says, gesturing to his body. Charlotte loads the cannon with the can of hair spray and rolls a cannonball in. “Locked and loaded, captain,” The Miz says as he aims the cannon at Erik and Andrade below. Charlotte grabs a torch from a nearby wall and holds it to the fuse.

    And with a shattering bang the ball was fired. The Vikings creating the makeshift arena turned as the projectile careened towards them. Erik made to move out the way but the projectile struck the floor of the
    Arena, sending debris and smoke flying.

    “Ok we need to get down there now,” Charlotte says as she runs for the door to the stairs.

    Charlotte quickly arrived at the battlefield. Sarah was tending to the downed Erik, who was still breathing but definitely hurting and dazed from the cannon. Charlotte looked around the courtyard for Andrade and she quickly found him laying there, still and motionless. Charlotte quickly ran and fell to his side. She checked for his pulse but there was nothing to be found. Charlotte pulled his body into a hug as tears began to stream down her face.

    “I’m sorry,” she says as she looks at his body. She plants one final kiss on his lips before laying him back down and breaking into full on crying.

    “Oh mierda, mi cabeza…”

    Charlotte looked down to see Andrade his eyes open and slowly coming to after being knocked unconscious.

    “What happened?” Andrade asks. Charlotte just pulls him back in to a hug as she continues to cry, now tears of joy.

    Erik is sat up across the courtyard; he reaches for his axe and uses it as a makeshift walking stick to help stand up. “It appears our battle isn’t done yet.”

    Andrade tries to get up, Charlotte helps him to his feet. “Don’t do this, you aren’t fit to fight anymore.”

    “I promised you last night that no one is going to stop us winning this and getting home, and I am
    keeping that promise,” Andrade says.

    Charlotte pulls the dagger from her pocket and hands it to Andrade. Before he can ask, the two hear the war yell of Erik charging towards the two. Andrade quickly grabs ahold of Erik’s discarded shield and Erik goes to swing the axe. Andrade with the block before taking the dagger and driving it straight into the chest of Erik.

    Erik drops the axe as pain and shock course through his body; he collapses to his hand and knees, blood pouring from his wound.

    “Finish it,” Erik says. “Send me to Valhalla!”

    Andrade picks up Erik’s axe and raises it above his head.

    “Adios brave warrior,” he says, and then brings the axe down over Erik’s neck, beheading the Viking warrior and sealing the victory.

    Erik’s body slumps to the ground as Sarah Logan rushes over to her lover. Andrade drops the axe and falls to one knee before Charlotte helps him to stay standing. Sarah looks at the body of her husband before beginning to cry.

    “I’m sorry,” Charlotte says as she approaches the widow.

    Sarah just continued to stare silently at the body. “He was my everything,” she says quietly.

    Charlotte reaches her hand to console Sarah only to be shrugged off.

    “I’m coming with you,” Sarah says as she rips the dagger from Erik’s chest

    “NO” Charlotte yells and tries to grab the blade but Sarah was too fast, slitting her own throat and slumping over Erik’s body.

    Charlotte covered her face in shock at the gruesome scene; Andrade turns her away from the scene into a hug. “It’s okay, we survived.”

    “Wouldn’t be sure of that,” Ghost Miz says as he appears at the side of the couple. The two break their embrace to see the Viking army approaching them. The two are back into a corner as the Vikings surround them, weapons drawn. A large plume of smoke appears in front of the three, and the Ghost king appeared in between them.

    “What’s all this noise, it’s too early for this bullshit…”

    “Just wrapping up the first round of the tournament,” Charlotte says.

    “Wait, these are all competitors this year?” The Dead psycho’s spirit asked.

    “Actually, the opponents are dead already, these are just their backup,” Charlotte says.

    “That’s wonderful news!” The Ghost king replied. “I can’t hurt tournament participants, but everyone else is fair game.”

    A dark aura surrounds the Viking army, freezing them in place. “You might want to leave quickly,” The Ghost king says as he moves the Vikings out of the way. “Daddy’s feeling sadistic this morning.”

    Andrade, Charlotte and Miz’s Ghost all quickly headed to the exit as a cacophony of screams and flesh being ripped asunder fills the area.

    “Well, where to next?” Charlotte asks her fiancé as the two leave the castle.

    “I’m kinda hungry,” Andrade says.

    “You’re in luck, I had a taco truck brought here a couple years ago, shouldn’t be too far away,” The Miz says.

    “That’s kinda racist,” Andrade says.

    “It’s not racist, it’s an ingenious way of killing people thought up by yours truly,” Ghost Miz responds. “Do you have any better ideas?”

    “What do you think babe, taco’s for breakfast?” Andrade asks.


    WINNERS: Charlotte & Andrade
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