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The King and The Cook presents: The worst PPV ever of all time Dishonourable Mention

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  • The King and The Cook presents: The worst PPV ever of all time Dishonourable Mention

    Kingzak: What’s up guys, we are back for another round of the worst PPV ever. Elimination Chamber 2021 and AEW Revolution have passed us by and I think it’s safe to say that neither show will be making it’s way to this list any time soon. Today we take a break from the bottom of the barrel to look at some of the shows that didn’t make the list but still deserve to be rightfully mocked. But first I’d like to introduce my cohost and fellow sufferer TheCook, you excited to take a look at some shows with a positive or two?

    TheCook: It wasn’t easy whittling down my original list to the 10 worst that we’ve been looking at so I’m glad, I think, that we get to go back and have a look at some of those that just weren’t bad enough.

    Kingzak: As am I, but before we get into today’s topic we have a little bit of leftover from the last part. We initially put it as Uncensored, HIAC in second and Judgement Day in third, however the audience has thrown a wrench in by balancing the opinions out. I went with Hell in a Cell for second place, while you were of the opinion they were interchangeable, which now leaves you with the deciding vote. So which gets the higher place Hell in a Cell or Judgement Day?

    TheCook: Both were undoubtedly bad shows but Judgment Day didn’t really have any long lasting effects, apart from pissing off the people who’d forked out for it, whereas the repercussions of the Hell in a Cell main event are still evident today. Instead of Seth Rollins being one of the leading babyfaces he’s a distant second or third heel to Roman Reigns who spent the last 9 months trying to extract Rey Mysterio’s eyeball. And the direction The Fiend has gone in since that fateful evening has been one of the most talked about disasters of the last couple of years.

    Kingzak: I’m taking this as Hell In a Cell being the worse of the two. Which means our updated ranking looks like this …

    30. WWE Survivor Series 2013
    29. TNA Victory Road 2009
    28. WCW Starrcade 1999
    27. Bash at the Beach 1995
    26. Hardcore Justice 2010
    25. Battleground 2017
    24. Backlash 2018
    23. Great American Bash 2004
    22. Bash at the Beach 2000
    21. Road Wild 1999
    20. Destination X 2009
    19. Crown Jewel 2019
    18. AWA SuperClash III
    17. No Mercy 2017
    16. King of the Ring 1995
    15. Halloween Havoc 1999
    14. New Blood Rising 2000
    13. WrestleMania 32
    12. Judgment Day 2003
    11. Hell in a Cell 2019
    10. Uncensored 1995

    And with that sorted, we head back to the dishonourable mention, and kicking us off we have …

    Mizfan’s Dishonourable Mention
    NWA/TNA Weekly PPV #24 - December 4, 2002

    What an incredibly bad show! A Roddy Piper surprise appearance quickly deteriorates into an uncomfortable rambling shoot with Russo about the death of Owen Hart which seems to serve no purpose. A decent but forgettable tag match later, and Russo is back again! And this time he has his own rambling promo, this one mainly built around physically abusing the female ring attendant and shrieking in her face that she's a whore. Two lackluster singles matches, then the one semi-redeeming match on the show thanks to the X Division 4way, but truly even that isn't very good as it's brutally overbooked and structured very badly so that nobody really comes out looking very good. And hey, it's time to beat up a woman again! This time in a bullrope match. What the hell is wrong with Russo anyway? Main event is kind of just a mess, the finish is Jarrett pinning one Harris twin while the other one stands a foot away trying to pretend he doesn't see it happening. The final "twist" of Road Dogg turning heel is as predictable as it is stupid. Russo is in full effect on this show.

    Kingzak: I’m looking at this and my immediate reaction is that the only reason this didn’t make the list is because NWA/TNA weekly PPV’s don’t really count for a fair amount of people (I’ve seen actual filters to remove them from PPV stats count on a couple sites). Honestly this does not seem to be too far removed from the stuff we’ve been covering lately, it’s got all the hallmarks of it, woman beating, old people doing non-sensical bullshit, crap matches, the only thing that’s missing is Hulk Hogan. My god this is just crap.

    TheCook: I remember reading Mizfan and Spinmaster’s column about this show and thinking that it sounds like one of the worst shows of any kind I’ve ever heard of so I’m surprised to see him not include it in his ‘Top 10’ but mention it here. Perhaps it’s the fact it’s an hour shorter than the PPV’s he did list, as length of PPV’s is something I took into consideration when curating my list. Since that column I’ve watched bits and pieces of this show and it really is atrocious, the whole Russo/Piper segment is worse than anything we’ve seen on Raw in the last year. But what do you expect from Russo, the man may be partly responsible for some great stuff but he’s solely responsible for some of the worst wrestlecrap the business has ever seen.

    Kingzak: a bold claim about Russo/Piper being worse than anything from the last year of Raw. Actually they’ve not been that bad just generally bad now that I’m thinking about it. I think that perhaps the only thing that stopped it making the list was it’s status as a weekly PPV, because this honestly looks a bit worse than some of the stuff we covered early on.

    Kingzak’s Dishonourable Mention #1
    Elimination Chamber 2020

    With modern WWE, you can technically argue it having four world titles, with both men’s and womens from both brands being considered the top prize, so to have none of them defended on a PPV does send out the message of this being a low tier show. Initially this was on my list, however after finding all the shows I wanted to be on the list, this one didn’t make the cut. I don’t expect much from the PPV’s between the Rumble and Mania, give some good wrestling and build towards WM and you’re golden. This came at a bad time, only one week after a Saudi show, and one week is not enough to build a decent PPV in. Aside from Daniel Bryan vs Drew Gulak there is nothing on this card worth checking out, all very middle of the road and honestly deflating when we should be getting hyped for WrestleMania. The fact that this is the last PPV before Covid hit is a sore mark with the show being skippable at best and crap at worst.

    TheCook: I remember thinking going into last year’s Elimination Chamber that it was going to be decent, at best. And things started off well with a very good Daniel Bryan/Drew Gulak match but the rest, aside from the two ok Tag Title matches, one of which was an Elimination Chamber, was very underwhelming. I get what they were going for in the main event but it doesn’t often make for a good match, and had they followed through with Shayna Baszler at WrestleMania then perhaps I’d excuse the way this show finished but they didn’t which made the presentation here totally redundant. This show is an example of why having two PPV’s in between Royal Rumble and ‘Mania is a bad idea as it normally results in two poor-to-average shows when they could have just one good one.

    Kingzak: Honestly the whole thing was underwhelming for me, Gulak/Bryan aside. The tag chamber wasn’t too bad but I’m not really sold on the tag chamber concept if I’m honest. The US title match that followed was match 107 in the Andrade/Carrillo feud and had no real hype to it. AJ Styles vs Aleister Black was surprisingly flat considering the talent in the ring. The IC title changed hands in a handicap match in an overall messy segment, all leading to the main event where Shayna Baszler destroyed everyone, and while a cool idea, it does not make for an entertaining match.

    I think what bothers me about the show is something I alluded to in the intro for this one. A good PPV between Rumble and Mania should offer good wrestling and build to the grandest stage, the only two of the matches that built to Mania where the women’s chamber and AJ/Black, the tag chamber did briefly do it as well but you know how Vince is with tag wrestling. So much of this card just felt like filler and more or less added nothing to the build that couldn’t have been accomplished on Raw or SmackDown.

    TheCook’s Dishonourable mention #1
    TNA Sacrifice ‘11

    There’s possibly some other TNA PPV’s that could be here but this show is a mixture of average at best and complete and utter filler that wastes everyone’s time on a PPV. The first 2 matches were entirely unnecessary, as was Abyss & Crimson going 10+ minutes. Kazarian and the now Matt Jackson had a good X-Division Title match and Beer Money do their absolute best to drag something decent out of an out of shape Matt Hardy and an even more out of shape Chris Harris but the rest isn’t good. Sting looked worse here in the main event than he had done in years and was yet to go through his mini-revival as Joker Sting, and in the semi-main we were ‘treated’ to Karen Jarrett/Angle ‘wrestling’ a returning CHYNA.

    Kingzak: I honestly can’t fathom either of The Young Bucks having singles careers so that is just weird to me. Usually we look at things that stand out as bad or the rare positive, but this card just seems to be all meh all the time. Nothing standing out as worth watching, even Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles in a no DQ match fell flat, and honestly that sounds alright as a match. The main events are a mess too, with the Jarretts vs Kurt Angle and Chyna, with everyone past their prime. The world title match wasn’t atrocious, but it wasn’t great, and made worse by the fact that Ken Anderson was on commentary throughout, just nothing good here.

    TheCook: Had Angle & Jarrett just had a one-on-one match there’s a chance this PPV wouldn’t have been mentioned as all the matches they’d had against each other were very good-to-great, and while I get that they did the Intergender Match so they could hold off on the blowoff to Slammiversary it had a detrimental effect on the show’s quality. And as bad as Chyna is the match probably wouldn’t have been much better had someone like Velvet Sky taken her place. Dreamer & Styles had a decent I Quit Match about 9 months earlier but this one was not good, and the finish saw Dreamer hit one of the worst Piledrivers you’ll ever see through a dilapidated table that had half collapsed whilst trying to be set up. Like a lot of the TNA PPV’s of this era they had the roster to put on a good show but just didn’t match them up well and had this been a special episode of Impact as opposed to a $45 PPV I still think it would’ve been a disappointment.

    Kingzak’s Dishonourable Mention #2
    WrestleMania 2

    I can only imagine the reaction that a WrestleMania this poor would produce nowadays. WrestleMania 2 was an interesting experiment, but ultimately it was shit. Each individual show had maybe one bright spot a piece and when combined the utter deluge of crap you have to sift through becomes something truly awful.

    TheCook: I watched WrestleMania 2 for the first time during lockdown no.1 last year and yeah…it wasn’t good. And I wouldn’t even blame it on the unusual gimmick of having it be an amalgamation of three cards from three different cities, it just had nothing of any redeeming quality. The Tag Title match between British Bulldogs & Dream Team was the best thing across the shows but nothing else could be described as better than average. I get why they brought Mr. T back to face off with Roddy Piper in a Boxing Match but it was way too long, and actually the longest match on the card. The overall main event Steel Cage was a reasonable Hogan match, and was better than the infinitely more famous Andre bout the following year but a reasonable Hogan match isn’t good. Obviously, I was watching this, a mid-80’s wrestling show in 2020 so that had to be considered but even at the time I can’t imagine this was thought of as being any good.

    Kingzak: Don’t worry too much about when you watched it, I watched it in the early 2010s and it was shit then too. Mr. T vs Roddy Piper is ranked as one of the worst wrestling matches of all time, and the rest of the card struggled to get out any sort of quality going, as Cook mentioned, the tag title match was alright, another tag match between The Funks against JYD and Tito Santana were the only matches to have a real go at it, the rest were somewhere between meh and just bad. Nothing from the show is worth going back for; just give it a skip if you’ve not seen it.

    TheCook’s Dishonourable Mention #2
    WWE Bad Blood ‘03

    When a show opens up with Rodney Mack & Chris Nowinski beating The Dudleyz you know you’re not in for a great night of wrestling. There are decent bits and pieces on the show in Goldberg/Jericho and an oft-forgotten Flair/Michaels match but Kevin Nash had no business main eventing PPV’s in 2003, let alone going 20+ minutes with an injured and almost as immobile Triple H. Plus you had the Austin/Bischoff Redneck Triathlon sprinkled throughout the show, something that would’ve been decent fare on an episode of Raw back then but not on a PPV that costs money.

    Kingzak: Bad Blood, one of the few old timey PPV’s I don’t see being asked for a return. Ironically it was basically the Hell in a Cell PPV with a different name, as the main event of all three was a cell match. Has nothing to do with the show at hand but I like little bits like that.

    As far as Bad Blood 03, the show is something of a mix of good and bad, Triple H and Nash was somewhat saved by the fact that they were in the Hell in a Cell and it was the early 2000s where violence and blood were rife, masking some of their shortcomings. A surprisingly not terrible match between Test and Scott Steiner and Booker T vs Christian also feature on the card, the Redneck Triathlon is definitely something of an acquired taste, being a belching contest, a pigpen match and a competition to see who is more willing to go down on Mae Young. That horrific idea could be enough alone to get this show on the list, but a lot of meh matches do not help.

    TheCook: Even the first one in ’97 was headlined by the very first Hell in a Cell, so I’d actually be all for the Hell in a Cell PPV being renamed Bad Blood and then if there isn’t a feud that feels like it warrants a HIAC then you’re not forced to do one. The HHH/Nash feud probably did suit HIAC but without Michaels & Flair to help distract from the in-ring inadequacies it has to go down as one of the worst of the 45(!) there’ve been. Even shoehorning Mick Foley in as Special Referee couldn’t salvage this. Big Sexy had proven he just couldn’t go anymore the year prior when he wrestled 6 matches in 4 months and suffered two serious injuries but that didn’t stop them being given 21 minutes as opposed to the 8 that Booker T & Christian were given. As for the Redneck Triathlon, I really dislike segments on a PPV and while there was some entertainment involved it took up way too much time.

    Kingzak’s Dishonourable Mention #3
    SummerSlam 2010

    I think this is the first case of complete and total disappointment I felt in wrestling. I had moved to a more laid back viewing of wrestling following WrestleMania 26, and a few months later this show came along and left me looking at it thinking “that was a bit lacking”. The first thing I imagine you remember is Team Cena beating The Nexus, and while that was a good match, the outcome did leave The Nexus looking a bit weak. Elsewhere you had Sheamus getting a DQ over Randy Orton in a WWE title match and those two have never been good opponents, and Kane vs Rey Mysterio for the Heavyweight Championship. The only positive from this one is that The Undertaker returned at the show.

    TheCook: The 7-on-7 main event was a big match but nothing else on the card screamed ‘SummerSlam’, the 2nd/3rd biggest show of the year. Then when the opener is just interrupted and the combatants, Kofi & Dolph in one of their best of 57 series, are beaten down just so that Wade Barrett could cut a generic heel promo it really does feel like this could be any random PPV. This may as well have been Fatal-4-Way. The next two matches would’ve looked out of place on that PPV too. Then the WWE Title match ended in a lame DQ victory for the white hot Randy Orton, only for him to win it the following month in a 6-Pack Challenge. By this point the show was even more reliant on the main event delivering, which it did from the re-debut of Daniel Bryan to Bret Hart looking better than he did against Vince to Heath Slater getting the rub of pinning Jericho & Edge in the space of 33 seconds. But then Super Cena arrived and killed The Nexus dead in one of the biggest booking atrocities of the last 2 decades.

    Kingzak: I think I did have Fatal Four Way (the PPV) down for one of my choices, but while a dumb PPV concept, it did have some solid matches, which SummerSlam sorely lacked. The main event had it’s positives but ultimately the ending is what people will remember, an important lesson that I’m still not sure wrestling has learnt yet. Would it have been better if The Nexus had won, maybe. My latest thought on the ending is that it should have been Cena and Bryan that were the sole survivors, at least retrospectively it would look a bigger moment, also would have added a little bit more to Cena vs Bryan a few years later.

    TheCook’s Dishonourable Mention #3 & #4
    WWE Bragging Rights & Survivor Series ‘10

    I’m including these as one entry as they were both headlined by very average Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett matches, one with Cena in Barrett’s corner and the other with him as referee with the first one suffering from the always awful DQ ending to a PPV. Across the 2 shows the only match that could be considered better than average was the excellent Bryan/Ziggler opener to Bragging Rights, but from there it’s just average-to-awful stuff for 5.5 hours. Kane’s matches against Undertaker & Edge are probably in the latter two’s worst 15 matches ever and Natalya’s matches against Michelle McCool/Layla weren’t any better. The two shows prior to these, Hell in a Cell & Night of Champions weren’t much better than these and there’s perhaps an argument to be made that those 4 PPV’s equate to the worst stretch of shows WWE have ever produced. None of them were absolutely awful but none of them were better than average.

    Kingzak: I’m with you on Bragging Rights, outside Bryan/Ziggler that show really didn’t offer anything worth a damn. The multi person tag was solid but the rest was just filler to build out a feud, or the incredibly bizarre angle of The Nexus burying The Undertaker which to this day I have no idea why that happened. The whole show could easily have not happened and we would have lost nothing of importance (in the grand scheme of things Bryan/Ziggler didn’t do much, especially since they rematched on both Raw and SmackDown after if I do recall).

    Survivor Series on the other hand I’m actually going to defend. The main event half of the show is garbage and should rightfully be called so, but the first half is actually good. Daniel Bryan gave Ted Dibiase Jr one of the best matches of the latters career. The following midcard feuds were solid, Sheamus vs John Morrison was alright while Kaval/Ziggler was kinda just there. The Survivor Series tag match was solid, not all time great but enough to be down as 3.5 stars on my stat table. The rest of the show is trash but I don’t think the badness would run deep enough to warrant it making an appearance on the list.

    TheCook: I would agree that Survivor Series on its own probably has enough going for it that it making a list like this does seem harsh but when combined with Bragging Rights I feel it does. And a lot of it stems from the disappointment coming out of the show we just covered, SummerSlam. As I stated in my initial spiel the two PPV’s in between that and these two, Night of Champions & Hell in a Cell, combine to make one of the worst stretches of PPV’s in company history. Maybe worst is a bit harsh, maybe disappointing is more accurate when you consider how hot everything was when The Nexus debuted and in the build-up to the ‘WrestleMania of the Summer’.

    And for my money Bragging Rights & Survivor Series are the worst two, probably because they were the last two. I’d say Bryan/DiBiase was decent, while Ziggler’s match with Kaval was just a poorer version of the match the former had with Bryan and Sheamus/Morrison would follow their bout with two superior ones in the following month. And as you mention Zak pretty much the whole of Bragging Rights was made redundant by immediate rematches and storylines going nowhere.

    Kingzak’s Dishonourable Mention #4
    RoadBlock: End of the Line 2016

    2016 was a weird year for WWE, on the one hand you had SmackDown being a magical revival of that sort of fun wrestling that we all knew was an option. Meanwhile Raw was a dumpster fire (and continues to be to this day but that’s beside the point), Roadblock would pretty much summarise everything wrong with Raw at the time. The top feuds for the show were Reigns/Rollins vs Owens/Jericho, and honestly the matches were fine but the feud had dragged on since September and they had faced off in some way every week. Charlotte vs Sasha Banks would continue on having started some point in June and ended in October with their Hell in a Cell match, and somehow it happened here too because highlighting anyone other than the same couple people would be sacrilege.

    TheCook: We’d seen combinations of the feuds mentioned above virtually every week from SummerSlam, and some of them continued past Roadblock so absolutely nothing felt special here. Having said that the show opened with The New Day’s record-breaking 483 day title reign ending at the hands of Cesaro & Sheamus but what should’ve been a huge moment fell flat. Whether that was because of the short 10 minute runtime of the match or the fact that while the soon-to-be Bar had been teaming for a couple of months by this point they didn’t feel like a proper team and felt more like New Day’s incredible accomplishment had been being ended by two singles wrestlers. It didn’t help that the new champs lost the titles the following month. I think had the Strowman/Sami Zayn Last Man Standing from Raw a couple weeks later and the Owens/Reigns match from the Rumble taken place here this show wouldn’t be on this list but as it is it’s a largely forgettable and unnecessary event.

    Kingzak: swapping those out would do a lot for the show, honestly I feel like those two added in place would make this more of an underrated card than the endlessly dragged on show that really could have been completely cut with no real change to anything. The card as a whole just feels meaningless, nothing of note would happen, the only big thing to happen was Neville returning after the cruiserweight match. The worst of the show was relegated to the pre-show, with Big Cass vs Rusev in a feud that started after Enzo Amore started making unwanted advances on Lana, which given the events of the next few years makes this angle even worse than it was. Overall this is the most pointless and skippable show in a year with 20 PPVs.

    TheCook’s Dishonourable mention #5
    WWE Armageddon ‘04

    Unlike Bad Blood ’03 the best thing about Armageddon ’04 is the main event as JBL defended the WWE Title against the three opponents he’d scraped by during his reign in Eddie, Booker & Undertaker. The preceding Funaki/Spike Dudley Cruiserweight Title clash was also pretty decent but the rest of the show is a mix of average at best (the two tag matches) and awful (Dawn Marie vs. Jackie Gayda, Cena vs. Jesus and the current WWE champion Miz vs. eventual Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder in a Dixie Dog Fight). Also Kurt Angle was forced to pull double duty as they just had to get a match between him and Santa Claus on the card. This is 3 months before he wrestles Shawn Michaels in an all-time classic at WrestleMania 21 mind.

    Kingzak: if there is anyone I can believe going from filler feuds to five star classics in three month, it’s Kurt Angle. I don’t think we can describe Cena’s street fight as awful, it wasn’t good but the crowd was into it and ultimately it was better than most of the fillery crap on the card. Honestly there isn’t much I can say on the card, the span from WM20 to 21 is one of WWE’s weaker periods and is in that area just before I started to follow wrestling so I've not heard much of the show and that is probably for the best. Definitely makes sense being on the list.

    TheCook: It's even funnier because Angle’s other match on the show was a 3-on-1 Handicap loss to Big Show, who’d go onto have a Sumo Match against Akebono while Angle tears it up with HBK. The Cena Street Fight may have been better than some of the other dross on the show but it was the culmination of the ‘Cena stabbed in a nightclub’ storyline, and because Carlito had a busted shoulder his henchman (who admittedly is the one who did the stabbing) took his place. I’m not sure if it would’ve been better or worse had ECW’s New Jack been in Jesus’ place but when you’re considering that it might be better what happened can’t have been good. Anyone that says they saw Miz being WWE champion 16 years after this is lying more than politicians and Pinocchio. I believe I’ve mentioned it in another column but these ’04 Smackdown exclusive PPV’s were not good, and honestly you could probably mention all of them here but this, along with Great American Bash that actually made my 10, are the worst.

    Kingzak’s Dishonourable mention #5
    TLC 2017

    This was a mess of a show. The main draw being the reunion of The Shield in the main event, which ended up not happening because of a small outbreak of a disease among some of the superstars (glad to see they had a covid preparedness drill in 2017), Roman was replaced with Kurt Angle and suddenly the whole thing felt meaningless, like whats the point in The Shield conquering every heel on Raw if it’s not The Shield. Elsewhere Alexa Bliss had a chokehold on the Raw women’s title that was so firmly entrenched that Mickie James was the only fresh challenger, and Enzo Amore would win the Cruiserweight championship again.

    TheCook: I was never into The Shield destroying the top heels anyway so Angle replacing Reigns was a good thing to me but unfortunately the year or so out of the ring caused him to lose the little he had left in the tank during his last days in TNA and it was a bit sad, and scary, watching him here. Whether it would’ve been as sad or scary as the planned Demon Balor vs. Sister Abigail Wyatt is thankfully something we’ll never know, and the replacement of Wyatt with AJ Styles vastly improved the quality we’d have gotten and ended up being the best match of the show. The Cruiserweight Title regularly produced MOTN candidates whilst Neville was involved but with Enzo Amore now champion the quality took a massive downturn in his effort against Kalisto, while the other cruiserweight match on the card was the definition of filler. Just a year earlier Mickie James had a great match with Asuka in NXT but Alexa is no Asuka and so this also wasn’t good.

    Kingzak: A couple entries ago you said you’d call the four PPV stretch of Autumn 2010 as one of the worst, I’d personally offer up the four PPVs from fall 2017, I’ve already got No Mercy 2017 on my main list, this and Hell In a Cell and Survivor Series offer up a truly uninspiring run of PPVs, the latter two I mentioned being barely saved by one or two matches.

    TLC 2017 was and is a massive waste of time. I’d have rathered we got Bray vs Finn because at least there is a story there, and we could have got an early attempt at cinematic wrestling. AJ vs Finn was good but I don’t care in the slightest about it, could have been Finn vs Bo Dallas for all I care. The TLC match was a mess and sadly I don’t think it would have changed with Roman in it, Dean and Seth et beat down for most before the third member comes in and saves, bleh. The only thing that went well on the card was Asuka’s debut but even that pales in comparison to her previous matches. My thoughts on Enzo Amore and his Cruiserweight title run have remained the same, in the sense he did damage that has only been fixed recently by Santos Escobar. Nothing here is redeemable, just a needless PPV that you’d be better off skipping.

    Kingzak: And with that we reach the end of our Dishonourable mentions, a lot more crap than was expected from me if I’m honest. After looking through a lot of this I’m honestly thinking whether I made the right call in my number ten spot, just looking through I’m thinking of swapping Survivor Series 2013 out for SummerSlam 2010. How about you, questioning any of your choices Cook?

    TheCook: To be honest I probably could’ve put TNA Sacrifice ’11 in for one of my 10-6 but I’m happy to leave thing as is. However last night’s Fastlane was shaping up to be in the conversation for this list until Drew McIntyre and Sheamus tore it up. That and the main event just about kept it off in my opinion.

    Kingzak: Yeah, Fastlane was very not good to start, but I’d honestly say that everything from Shinsuke/Rollins onwards was actually pretty solid. I know opinion differ on The Fiend but I like the mystical stuff myself, it’s something different. I’ve given it a bit of thought and I’d be happy to swap SummerSlam in for Survivor Series, if it is okay with you and the audience of course.

    TheCook: I can’t disagree with that Zak, but the whole show did feel superfluous. And as long as the audience is good with it then I’ve not got a problem with you swapping those two shows.

    Kingzak: Well then I guess it’s up to the audience now, Should we swap Survivor Series 2013 for SummerSlam 2010, which is more deserving of the list or are you indifferent. What shows would make your dishonourable mention? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be back soon as we enter the final three entries, as always we hope you have enjoyed today’s column and we’ll see you next time.
    Survivor Series 2013
    SummerSlam 2010
    The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
    Send in your top 10 to help us find out what the worst PPV ever is.

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    I think Survivor Series '13 is mostly pulled down by the terrible main event, but it had more redeeming qualities overall than Summerslam 10, so I think that's a change to the list that is justifiable.

    Glad to see the Bryan/DiBiase match get a little bit of respect when it came to Survivor Series 2010. I just covered that for my OPR series, and you can definitely do a lot worse for a midcard title opening match to a PPV.

    Man, it's crazy to think that there have been 45 Hell in a Cell matches, though I guess since it's been over a span of 24 years, that number's not as terrible as it could be. I do wish they'd go away from doing multiple Cell matches on the same night. If they're going to shoehorn the Cell into feuds that don't deserve it, the least they could do is only have that happen once rather than twice on the night.

    Armageddon '04 is an interesting one. The main event is a lot of fun, but since it involved four of the best talents on SmackDown's (at the time) limited roster, it naturally was going to come at the detriment to the rest of the card. I honestly think it's a similar phenomenon to what makes December to Dismember '06 so terrible. I suppose it was justifiable to do as a Fatal 4-Way since JBL had already beaten Eddie, Booker, and Taker in his title reign to that point. But I do think the show overall would have been better served by having JBL defend 1-on-1 against Booker in a rematch from Survivor Series and spread Eddie and Taker to somewhere else on the card.

    Good work, guys! Looking forward to the next one.


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      Random fact: I have been to two of the PPVs on this list.


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        For me, if a PPV has at least a couple of great matches I can't look too badly on it, and many of these shows at least have some redeeming matches on them (though definitely not the one I pitched!). None of them are anything much to write home about though. As for the final choice, I went with Survivor Series 2013 because I can remember my interest in WWE waning badly at the time, in just a couple months I'd pretty much sign off as a WWE regular forever, and Summerslam 2010 didn't push me that far.

        Love this series, can't wait for the final run!

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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          Feedback time

          @Mavsman: Bryan/DiBiase is actually one of the better openers in Survivor Series, me and a few other Columnists created an ultimate Survivor Series a couple years back and that ended up our opener. I'd argue it's Ted Jr's best match in WWE, not a high bar but still.

          I think they've done alright with the Cell usage the last few years, the first few years were a mess but I'd say 2014 onwards they've got something that is at least plausible to the cell.

          I reckon they could have cut it to a triple threat and it still would have saved the PPV from the list, one more worthwhile match would definitely help it a lot. though it does still have a lot of rubbish on card, so who knows.

          @T.O: My condolences, I'm sorry you had to sit through that. Out of curiousity, which two were you at?

          @Mizfan: I'd argue that for this it's more about avoiding the truly awful, if a PPV went by with just ok matches then it definitely wouldn't make the list.

          I get your logic for your choice, I don't personally agree with it but I get where you are coming from.

          Thanks to everyone for reading, glad you enjoyed.
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