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Columns Forums Rules (Must Be Read Before Posting)

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  • Columns Forums Rules (Must Be Read Before Posting)


    Table of Contents

    Column Content
    What should go in your column.

    Discussion and Feedback
    How to reply and what you can say.

    The Sub-Forums
    What they are there for.

    Other Information
    Various other rules and tips that don't fit any other category.


    - The Columns Forum is dedicated to wrestling. That's what we're here to write about. Wrestling. Columns on other topics would be better suited to other forums.

    - We strongly encourage all new writers to read The Ten Commandments to Not Getting Hated in the Columns Forum, located atop the main CF page. Written by Forum legend, Hall of Famer and former main page columnist, BC, it is a very informal but extremely informative piece on how the Columns Forum works, well as some basic etiquette ideas we like for everyone to follow.

    - While some lighthearted in-column banter is acceptable, the general rule of thumb is that you SHOULD NOT bash or otherwise discuss your fellow posters. If you feel that you simply must do so, that’s what the Free-For-All forum is for. If you do feel that you've been flamed, we encourage you to attempt to discuss and settle the matter privately with the other person before involving the moderators. Most folks around the CF are pretty polite and stuff, so simply telling them that you took offence to what may have been intended as a lighthearted jab will, in many instances, squash the problem before it ever begins. We don't like banning people over simple misunderstandings, though if you do attempt to resolve things and find a cold shoulder, we will gladly drop the ban hammer upon the offending party's head if deemed necessary.

    - There is a 10 image limit per post, so be mindful of that when putting your column together. This isn't a rule, it's quite simply a limitation of the board. So don't complain that your column with 13 images wouldn't post.

    - Any posts that really aren't columns (e.g. too short, too centered on non-wrestling subject matter) will be locked and deleted in two days time. The poster will be allowed, even encouraged, to try again, but repeat offenders who continue to post with no apparent desire to improve will be asked to cut it the hell out. Eventually, they may be subject to disciplinary action.

    - We know that some of you really enjoy this writing lark, but we've got to share this tiny forum between all of us. Please do not write more than one column every 48 hours. Two days. Two. One, two. We can all count to two, right? If you write one Monday, at 1:37pm then don't do it again until Wednesday at 1:37pm. So forth. So on. Get it?. Once you've written a column, enjoy the discussion and give other people a chance to get some space up at the top of the forum. This rule used to be three days for years but people complained incessantly, as though their rights to free speech were being trampled or some such titty baby whining bullshit. So this rule is adjusted as of February 2016 to appease the skinned knees while still protecting the CF from monopolization by any one poster. I'm curious to see how long it'll be until someone notices, as nobody ever bothers to check these rules before either just doing stuff or complaining that they can't do stuff.

    Collaborative columns are an exception to this rule. If you post an organized collab, meaning not just your usual fare with some other dude tossing in a few words, you don't have to wait two days to post a solo effort. Let's not go crazy with it, though, kids. Another exception to this rule is when you're competing in a competition and have posted a column in the Competitions subforum. You need not wait the two days to post in the main CF section, as there would be no issue of one person unfairly monopolizing the prime real estate atop the page.

    Violators of this rule will have the offending column deleted until the two days have passed, at which point they will be restored by the moderators. Repeat violators of this rule will be banned.

    - If you really, really just have to break the two days rule above, be it for a daily series or whatever, you may post all the columns in a single thread. Just make sure to note as much in the title so as to clue people in that they should continue checking out the thread for new material. If you have any questions concerning this, please feel free to contact a CF mod and we'll gladly help you out in any way that we can.

    - Main page columnists for are not to post columns on both the main page and the CF, with the sole exception of Column of the Month winners. If you're competing in a competition and thus post in the Competitions subforum then that's just fine, but you’ve already got your chunk of the spotlight up top, so let some others soak it up down here.

    - No banned poster will be allowed to take part in any column whatsoever.


    - Columns are mostly opinion pieces. As a result, the best columns will leave readers agreeing or disagreeing with various points. This will naturally lead to discussion and debate. Feel free to talk at length. That's what we're all here for.

    - Leaving feedback and constructive criticism is strongly encouraged for all columnists here. If you write columns here, you should help out your fellow columnists by telling them how it's done. If a new person shows up and they haven't quite got the idea, pop into their column and give them a few pointers in the right direction.

    - Discussion may get heated every now and then, but please keep flaming to a minimum. Play the ball and not the man, as they say. You can cross the line if you so wish, but if someone doesn't like it, the moderators will sort things out. This will probably result in warnings and maybe even a ban or two.

    - When posting a reply in a column's thread, try to make sure that it is on topic and not just general conversation. While there will obviously be some leeway granted on this front, column threads and the feedback within should be predominantly dedicated to the column and the topics that it discusses.

    - Any posts of a negative nature with no merit or relevance to Columns Forum discussion will be considered spam or flaming. Warnings or bans will be handed out.

    - This is a public forum and everyone is going to have an opinion on your work. If you get a lot of harsh criticism, take notice and do better next time. Do not delete your posts just because it was criticized. This goes for feedback posts, as well. It's not exactly against the rules, but it's extremely poor etiquette.

    - If you have any issues with another columnist/reader, please PM YourAyatollah, mizfan or any other moderator or administrator. We'll take it from there. You can also report the offending post by clicking the small, triangle shaped Report button found on the bottom left of each post. DO NOT pick a fight or start a flame war with anyone, regardless the circumstances. All you’re doing then is putting your own ass in the firing line, as well.

    - Do not bump your own thread unless you are replying to someone else's post or feedback in that column's thread. If you are double posting due to the length of or amount of images in your column exceeding the forum’s ability, that's fine, but there is no excuse for bumping your own column just so that it gets back to the top of the front page. This is considered spam and will be treated as such.

    - Please do not bump any thread longer than one month after the last post was made. Unlike the other boards of LopForums which require you to search for older topics and in some cases bump extremely old threads, the Columns Forum is full of writers trying to get noticed. Please let the dead threads die. Extreme bumping will result in the column being locked and possible disciplinary action being taken. If you have something to say about an old column, send a PM to the author. They'll appreciate it.

    - Do not campaign for CotM or any other CF contest either via your sig or any other method. This shouldn't even have to be a rule, as such actions are fairly blatantly douchey, but it has come up a few times over the years. Just don't do it, okay?


    - At the top is the CF History thread. In there you'll find the entire history of the Columnist of the Month competition, as well as many archived COTM voting threads. The History subforum is also where you'll find reference threads for various competitions that have occurred over the years, as well as threads featuring classic columns from some of the writers who helped build this place.

    - Next up, we have Columns Central. This is a place for you, the columnists, to use for whatever columnistic reasons you might have. You might have a poll you're carrying out for research. Or you might want to discuss something wrestling-related to get opinions for a future column. You'll also find the Writers' Block in there, which is basically the thread in which we all unwind, talk about incredibly random stuff and call each other names from time to time. It's somewhat like the neighborhood bar of the Columns Forum and we invite everyone who frequents this place to come in and chill. There are also various Ask threads and whatnot that you can participate in.

    - Finally, we have the CF Competitions Forum, where we have all the up-to-date information and discussion about current and future tournaments concerning the Columns Forum.

    Below the CF on the main Forums page you will find the LOP Columns Hall of Fame. This is the place where we remember writers of a bygone era. The trail-blazers, without whom we wouldn't be here today, doing all of this. Every so often (usually once every couple years), we'll induct certain people into the Hall of Fame. This sometimes includes a People's Choice where you guys get to bestow the honor upon your favourite veteran. You should definitely take the time to check it out.


    - If you want to be a part of this forum, you will have to accept these rules. We mod folk don't like having to get on people's asses, but know that we are required to when necessary. Don't try us. You will be dealt with accordingly.

    - As with the rest of the board, the overall rules of LOP Forums apply at all times unless otherwise specified.

    - Plagiarism is not allowed on or its forums. Plagiarists will be expelled from the site, permanently banned from the forums and exempted from the flaming rules so that they may be roundly mocked and ridiculed.

    - If you have an issue with your column's title, (like a misspelling or something of that sort), just let one of the Forum mods know and they can clear that up for you quite easily as soon as possible.

    The Columns Forum is held in high regard by the posters who post here. Please keep the integrity of this place intact by abiding by the rules and using common sense. It's that simple!